Morning Habits That Should Be Cut Out from Your Routine


For a good day, we need to have a good start. Every morning fills us with new energy, new hopes. Try to make your mornings beautiful because for everything to have a right end, we should have a good start. Learn to opt for appropriate morning habits to start the day, followed by proper exercise; it helps us keep our body fit and healthy. Adequate exercise is a must for keeping our body in good shape and proves to be perfect for morning routine. If you don’t want any kind of push-ups or jogging, then meditation can also help you in controlling senses. Try to give your morning an appropriate start instead of wasting timing in sleeping or uselessly wandering here and there. To keep your mind fresh, try to take at least 15 minutes of fresh air. It will help you lose all your stress.

Here we have some general morning habits which should be cut from our morning routine in order to have a healthy start of the day:

Stop ignoring morning showers

People are so much packed with their morning routine that they usually skip their morning showers. And, by doing is almost daily, it turns out to be one of the morning habits to start the day, which is not at all perfect for morning routine. Well by doing so you are spoiling your new day, the entire day you will waste by having drowsiness in your eyes better start your morning with a shower especially with cold water which will help you feel fresher and energetic, your night’s lethargy mood will finally end with the help of this one of the best morning habits. Many times people shower with hot water, which isn’t of any use as it is said to make you feel all the sleepier, so try to include a cold water shower as one of the most fruitful morning habits.

A big no to phones

This crazy social media world is so much so bound with their phones that even with their half eyes open in the morning, it’s essential for them to surf on the internet, check their messages. If you intend to have a good start, then this habit needs to be cut from your mornings. Give your eyes time to open correctly. Wasting time on the phone early morning isn’t helpful in any way, but yes, it will definitely spend our precious time, which we would have instead utilized by doing something productive.

No coffee 

The best morning habits don’t include having coffee just after waking up. Don’t start your day by drinking coffee, there isn’t an absolute no on drinking coffee, but one should avoid drinking it in the initial hours of morning. Some people have a habit of drinking coffee with an empty stomach. This can cause various kinds of problems; it makes your body gassy and even slows down the production of cortisol; this, in turn, makes your body anxious.

Don’t skip breakfast 

Breakfast is the must to have a healthy start of the day; one should not leave for any work with an empty stomach. Breakfast should surely be included in your meal plan. Often people are rushing so much in the morning hour that they neglect doing breakfast. Breakfast boosts our energy level and gives us the strength to work correctly. And if the idea of doing breakfast doesn’t seem to be attractive to you, then better opt for intermittent fasting method. This involves having your meals between 12 pm to 8 pm. This is indeed very helpful has it helps in reducing weight and blood sugar levels.

Stop snoozing alarm

All of us love that 5 minutes of sleep after snoozing the alarm, but this sleep is of no use. It makes us all the drowsier as we are, again and again, disturbing the flow of our sleep. Waking up, putting the alarm off, then sleeping again makes us fatigue for the entire day. Your inactive mood won’t allow you to work correctly.

When we already know what habits can make our day dull, then why should we carry on with them better pick the ones which will help you to stay active and fresh throughout the day?