Know It All About Smiley Piercing

smiley piercing

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With the revolutionary fashion trends and adaptations, people are following as the time is passing by, several new types of piercing are being introduced. One of such types of piercing is upper lip frenulum piercing, which is also known as smiley piercing or scrumper piercing. This process is all about connecting your upper lip with smiley piercing jewelry or smiley piercing rings.

What is Smiley Piercing?

The upper lip frenulum piercing is called smiley piercing because such types of body piercings can be seen while smiling. Due to the reason that it’s done on the upper lip, the process can be painful, but most artists can do it with a drill and numbing cream.

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Another question that may come up is, how is a smiley piercing healing process done? Most people choose to have the healing process done on their own, as it is more convenient to have it done on your own. Of course, you will also need to make sure that you understand how to take care of the hole after the piercing is complete.

How Much Do Smiley Piercings Hurt?

Smiley piercing pain is an attribute that’s relative. The pain that you feel during various types of piercing and the pain you feel once the body piercings are done totally depends on your tolerance capacity. Some people have high endurance, and due to the same reason, they overpower the whole healing process and smiley piercing pain. The body piercings that are done on the stiff parts of the body hurt a lot. But the smiley piercing is done through a sharp needle on a sensitive part of the body, that’s why the needle has to cross a very thin skin’s strip. In turn, the smiley piercing pain gets minimized. Due to the area being sensitive enough, the needle doesn’t need to pierce through much pressure, which turns out to be a positive part.

Smiley Piercing Healing Process & Healing Time

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There are some crucial body piercings that ask for considerably more time to get healed. When it comes to upper lip frenulum piercing, the healing time is approx. 4 to 12 weeks. If you want to consider the maximum possible time, then piercing healing won’t take more than 12 weeks. If you follow the piercing aftercare as suggested by your piercer, then the healing time will be reduced to the most significant extent. But if you don’t follow the piercing aftercare healing process as suggested by the piercer, then the healing time will get extended. This way, you may experience slight swelling and mild pain during your piercing healing. Such symptoms will slowly decrease as soon as the healing process continues.

Smiley Piercing: Signs of Infection

Your mouth will be healed quickly, but when it comes to getting saved from bacterial attack, you need to take care of your gum lines, as well as maintain your oral hygiene for a certain period of time. When you go for an oral piercing, you have considerable chances to own an infected piercing. If you’re experiencing sum recession or any other signs of infection around your gum lines, then follow these steps to get rid of an infected piercing:

  • Rinse Your Mouth Using Sea Salt

To get rid of the gum recession after piercing, you need to rinse your mouth using saline or sea salt. The reason behind the same is that when you go with an upper lip frenulum piercing, you prevent your gum lines from conducting a saline soak. That’s why you should rinse your mouth using sea salt or saline at least three to four times a day. While doing the same in order to get rid of infected piercing, you need to spend a significant period of time while soaking the sea salt mixture at the frenulum area specifically.

  • Avoid Kissing for a Certain Period of Time

While you undergo an oral piercing, you shouldn’t avoid any sorts of signs of infection. Your mouth only will create enough harmful bacteria to get your piercing infected. If you choose to add your partner’s saliva to it, you are mistaken terribly. If you go for closed-mouth kisses or smooches, then it won’t harm you in any way. But if you choose to do French kiss as a gift from your partner as you have introduced a new look, then you will make a blunder to your oral hygiene. You should discuss your piercing aftercare routine with your piercer, and do the things accordingly.

  • Think Several Times Before You Eat Anything

When you treat yourself with smiley piercing, you may have to practice how to eat after getting the piercing done. The only reason behind the same is that it will take time for you to get used to the new change you have introduced to your body, Of course, you won’t be loving to disturb your piercing in any way. To maintain oral health adequately, you will be suggested by your piercer to eat soft foods, and most probably liquids or juices only.

  • Don’t Be Experimental with Your Jewellery Choices All at Once

When you’re undergoing the after piercing healing process, you should not experiment with it. If you have already put a piece of jewelry to embrace your piercing, then don’t touch or adjust or move hat thing again and again. Also, don’t experiment with new jewelry pieces every day. It will invite a variety of bacteria and infections to affect your oral health badly. Also, you should never play with your jewelry using your tongue.

Smiley Piercing Jewelry Styles

When you think of a smiley piercing, you think of the best factor associated with it. And what’s that? It is the jewelry piece connecting your upper lip in such a way that it pops out as you open up your lips to smile.

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  • As soon as you get pierced, you can opt for a captive bead ring, which will prove to be a comfy ring as a beginner. It looks alluring when it shows as soon as you smile.
  • Once you have started with a captive bead ring, you can experiment with other smiley piercing jewelry pieces and a variety of smiley piercing rings later on.
  • If you have spent enough time getting your piercing done, and you want to change your smiley piercing jewelry, then you can go with circular barbells. Circular barbells comprise two beads within, which look extremely attractive when you smile.
  • On the contrary, if you intend to opt for a subtle and mild option, then you can go with a seamless ring. These seamless smiley piercing rings look elegant and evergreen irrespective of the time.
  • If you intend to attain a wild vampire-like look, then you can go with piercing jewelry fangs. You can find a variety of designs when it comes to piercing jewelry fangs, and choose the best for yourself.

Why shouldn’t I get a smiley piercing?

Smiley piercing is something that is related to frenulum only. Not everyone can get it pierced.

  • One of the reasons why you can think of not getting a smiley piercing done is that your frenulum isn’t of an appropriate size for piercing to be done. In such a scenario, you’ll have to opt for other options suggested by your piercer.
  • Another reason why you shouldn’t get smiley piercing is that you are having braces fitted to your teeth. You shouldn’t get the smiley piercing with braces done because it will cause the utmost level of discomfort. So, you should wait for your braces to get removed, and then proceed.
  • One more condition when you shouldn’t go for a smiley piercing is if you’re suffering from gum recession problems or any other oral issues. Otherwise, the jewelry you’ll wear around your frenulum will rub continuously against your teeth and enhance the issues.

How much will it cost?

If you’re thinking of knowing the smiley piercing cost, then you should know the range, which begins from $30 and reaches $90 approx. While asking the smiley piercing cost, you should also ask your piercer to use completely sterilized tools while piercing your frenulum. The reason behind the same is that when you choose oral piercings, the chances of witnessing bacterial issues amplify.