What was that

What was that

What was that:

“What did that mean?”means “What was your response?”

“What did you say?” is not a common question.directly on a regular basis, as “What did you say?”can be utilized when you are extremely enraged or upset by something someone has said:

A: (Silently) That is a foolish idea.

B:I’m sorry!What were you implying?

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“What did that mean?”however, clearly indicates that you wish to learn what the other person said.

How do you say, “What was that?”The word “What” should be emphasized:

What was it?

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Don’t emphasize “was.”If you emphasize “was,”

What was it?

“That was strange!” comes across in this way.You may inquire, “What was that?”this way if you notice something odd but are unsure what it was.