WHERE DOES KLOMBO SPAWN – Tilted Towers were back, and rare dinosaurs called “Klombo” were added when Fortnite UPDATE 19.10 was launched on January 18. If you were using Klomberries to capture such kind giants, they might even give you goods as a gift and won’t be fighting you until triggered. Keep reading the article to know about “where does klombo spawn.”

A Klombo: What is it? 

From Fortnite, Kombo- Fortnite island is home to a giant lizard-dragon beast called a Klombo. Although lethal, klombos won’t fight you until you encourage them. You will rarely need to bother about them because making them hostile toward you takes a lot of harm. You should be informed of alternative applications for the Klombos, though also about “where does klombo spawn”. For starters, you may hop up atop the Klombo’s head and launch into the air via its blowhole. It may be simple to drift away with the rest. 

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Location of the Klombo Spawn!

To find Klombo, you might want to explore a few various locations. Klombos are imposing, noisy animals which are challenging to ignore. You’ll often see these before seeing them or witnessing them wreaking havoc on buildings and trees. They prefer to reproduce in much more open areas due to their enormous size.

Generally speaking, if you come across a bunch of Klomberry trees, Klombo is probably nearby. Merely fling these like every projectile to serve it, and he will swallow them in. Once you put 5 in his mouth, the assignment is finished, and you’ll earn 200,000 XP.

  • 1st Location: There is a meadow amid Tilted Towers and Sanctuary. 
  • Location 2: On the seaside, southeast of the Daily Bugle. 
  • Location 3: Among both Sleepy Sound as well as the Daily Bugle 
  • Location 4: The desert region is where Rocky Reels and Conker’s Raceway are situated (near Haven) 
  • Location 5: Coney Crossroads is the fifth location.

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Can Klombos Be Killed? 

Klombos don’t attack until you assault them. Whenever challenged, people get irrational and snap. They’ll unwind if you give them klomberries to eat. 

Klomberries, like some other species, do not tame Klombos being fed. They, thus won’t fight alongside you or accompany you. But if you feed them sufficient Klomberries, they’ll spew useful things for you, like ammunition.

Any weapon being used to harm a Klombo would deal tremendous damage, equal to 1. So, are you able to slay those lovely yet dreadful dragons? The simple answer is that you shouldn’t, at least not right now.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you a detailed answer to the question, i.e., “where does klombo spawn”. I hope you got a clear idea of the locations mentioned above.


Q1) Klombo spawns how frequently? 

Ans- Despite setting up spawn spots around the island, klombos only occasionally appear. Only 3 Klombos have ever appeared in a single Fortnite lobby after multiple tests.

Q2) If so, does he appear in each game? 

Ans- Since there are numerous sites where you can find Klombo, their spawning rate is not 100%.

Q3) Klombo possesses how many lives? 

Ans- The Fortnite Wiki states that the Klombo possesses 2000 hp.

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