The Pros and Cons of Getting a White-Ink Tattoo

white ink tattoo

While white ink tattoo may not be as common as their black counterparts, they are indeed more distinctive and classy. They do, however, come with a few drawbacks. Because of this, we will walk you through the significant benefits and disadvantages of getting a white ink tattoo. You should know about them if you want a white tattoo. 

You can count on us to provide complete information about white ink tattoo. Do you think they’re superior to black ones? I was wondering what the benefits of white ink tattoos were. What about the drawbacks? Let’s get into it.

White ink tattoos are described as.

Tattoos made with white tattoo ink are made entirely using white ink. Because of their finesse and subtlety, identifying them might be difficult. Because the white ink beneath your skin is so subtle, the tattoos are almost impossible to distinguish. However, remember that it is difficult for the tattoo artist to create a design with white ink.

white ink tattoo

Comparing White and Black Tattoos

People seem to like white ink tattoo on dark skin and black tattoos, so comparing their merits and drawbacks is worth comparing.

There is plenty to debate when contrasting black ink tattoos with those done in white ink. To begin, the ink used in white ink tattoos is, as the name implies, white. However, black ink tattoos employ shading and sometimes include various colours in the pattern.

If you want your white ink tattoo to stand out but keep it hidden from prying eyes, white ink is the way to go. Black tattoos, on the other hand, are difficult to conceal unless you go to great lengths to do so. Like on the hands, the face, the neck, the arms, etc.

In reality, a tattoo in white ink is difficult to see, whereas a tattoo in black ink stands out equally well on people with brown skin, white skin, and black skin. Black tattoos look great for a longer time; they never entirely disappear. White ink tattoos, however, are fragile; they fade and may even disappear after a few years, leaving just scars.

Is It True That White Ink Tattoos Make Us Fairer?

Tattoos made with white ink don’t cause any more of a bump than black ones. While the white complexion does make the bumps stand out more, this is not the case. The white ink tattoo fades and leaves scar tissue after some time. Your skin may get raised because your tattoo artist placed the ink too close to the surface of your skin if they wanted your tattoo to stand out more than others.

In addition, we all have different levels of skin sensitivity. Skin issues are more common in this population. Since white ink tattoo contains potentially irritating chemicals, getting one might lead to skin swelling. You should know that the FDA has not green-lit white tattoo ink as a safe alternative for tattooing.

white ink tattoo

White ink tattoos: six benefits

Having tattoos done in white ink does have its benefits. They are one-of-a-kind, usually more refined and covert. But let’s go through the list of potential benefits.

They are covert for one reason:

There are instances when you may rather others not know about your tattoos. It might be in any setting, from the workplace to the family dinner table.

Their white ink tattoo serves them well in these situations and is difficult to detect owing to their subtlety. Those who like tattoos but dislike having black ink applied to their skin may now see white tattoo artists.

White ink tattoos are stunningly original.

White tattoos are unusual and exceptional, but black tattoos are everywhere. Furthermore, white ink tattoos are more refined.

In addition, if the ink is combined with UV ink, it will light and sparkle in the dark. Black tattoos feature various design options and colour palettes, but white tattoos are still uncommon and little known. In conclusion, white ink tattoos are rare since so few individuals have white inked tattoos.

White ink tattoos, over time, fade away.

It’s common knowledge that getting a tattoo leaves a lifelong imprint on the skin. But for some reason, this is not the case with white ink tattoos. These tattoos eventually lose their colour and become less permanent. Of course, this is bad news when you’re happy with the design, but it’s great when you’re sick or want to switch it up. Tattoos made with white ink fade away over time.

White ink is the epitome of elegance and understatement.

Tattoos with white ink are more refined, refined, and elegant. White tattoos have a calming effect on the eyes because of their light colour. And if you’re from a more traditional household, it’ll worsen things.

Those who don’t want to flaunt their ink at all times can consider getting a white tattoo. Some individuals acquire white ink tattoo because they want to have one but want to keep it a secret rather than flaunt it in public.

You will face no discrimination in the workplace

It is common knowledge that significant corporations care much about projecting an image of order and professionalism to the outside world. This is why they could think a tattoo is inappropriate for their team.

One potential upside is that having a white ink tattoo probably won’t look too awful on a resume and won’t prevent you from being hired. White ink tattoos are less noticeable than black ones, so you shouldn’t let that stop you from getting a job, but a black one can hurt your chances during an interview.

white ink tattoo

Where to Work with Tattoos: An Insider’s Guide is Another Great Resource.

By combining Ultra Violet ink with white ink, your new tattoo will glow in the dark. Let’s be honest: tattoos that glow in the dark are cool. However, those with susceptible skin should exercise caution while using UV ink. White ink tattoos work best with the UV ink concept.

Cons of White-Ink Tattoos

White ink isn’t as noticeable as black or other colors, making white tattoo art more challenging. It’s indeed difficult to create a precise tattoo design with white ink.

Most tattoo artists specialize in black ink because of its popularity and the limited demand for white tattoos. The difficulty in locating a tattooist skilled in white ink is one of the drawbacks of getting a white ink tattoo. Here are several drawbacks to getting a tattoo done with white ink that you probably haven’t given much attention to.

One, it’s something only some tattoo parlours will ink.

As discussed before, you may have trouble finding tattoo artists willing to ink a white design. To begin, getting a white tattoo requires a great deal of concentration on the tattoo artist’s part. White tattoos are more challenging to ink than black ones because of the contrast they create.

A sharp eye and a commitment to perfection are essential for tattooing. So, if you want a white tattoo, you’ll have to find a skilled artist who can create a beautiful design with intricate details.

Second, They Could Pass for Scars

White ink tattoos are hardly visible, yet they stand out from the skin and may be mistaken for scars. When white ink tattoos fade, they look like scars, which is something to remember. Your white ink tattoo will fade with time but still be legible, even if the design is messed up.

Third, White Ink Loses Its Ink

Fading white tattoos are beneficial but may be inconvenient for several reasons. They appear great when first tattooed but fade and become unsightly with time. Avoiding direct sunlight is the best way to prevent your tattoo from fading and maintain its aesthetic quality. It is wise to take preventative steps to extend your time appreciating your new tattoo. Never forget that the colour of your white-inked permanent tattoo may eventually blend in with your skin or become grey due to fading.

white ink tattoo


Does time fade white tattoos?

According to the tattoo artists in our network, white ink tattoos lose their colour or fade far more quickly than black or coloured ink tattoos. They may sometimes acquire a distinct hue as they become older. It has been estimated that 45-60 days is all it takes to see these results by the experts.

To what use do tattooists employ white ink?

White tattoo ink often softens black ink’s appearance or contrasts the two colours. It’s also helpful in covering tattoos. White ink is more costly and susceptible to fading over time than black ink. Whether one gets a tattoo in white or black ink is a matter of taste.

What about white tattoos on dark skin?

White ink will gradually disappear into the skin of most people. However, many tattoo artists do not advise getting a white ink tattoo if you have a dark skin tone because of how quickly it fades after healing.


A tattoo will generally tan along with your skin, yes. Do you wish you knew how to put a stop to it? The answer is simple: avoid exposing your tattoo to sunlight whenever possible. Protect your tattoos from the sun if you must go outside. Applying sunscreen, concealing the tattoo, or staying out of direct sunlight may prevent the white ink tattoo from fading and the skin tone from darkening.