Guided Sleep Meditation To Make You Fall Asleep

guided sleep meditation

Have you experienced insomnia? Do you know what sleep mediation is? If you don’t know what it is, here we have prepared guided sleep meditation techniques. Sleeping meditation helps to promote a night of sound sleep.

Sleep mediations train you on how to relax your mind to make you fall asleep. In this article, we have listed the guided mediation, benefits of meditation, and different techniques of sleeping meditations to avoid a sleeping problem called insomnia.

Before starting guided sleep mediation techniques, let’s first talk about the reason for sleep mediation.

Why Do You Need To Do Sleep Mediation?

INSOMNIA is the biggest sleeping problem where you want to sleep, but you are unable to fall asleep!

This can be caused due to various negative factors of personal as well as professional life. If you are suffering from one or the other below mentioned causes, then you may require sleeping mediation techniques to avoid insomnia.  It includes –


Lifestyle may involve the stubborn and negative habits. It may include drugs, alcohol consumption, or disturbed sleeping pattern. Try to change your practices to avoid insomnia. Take a sound sleep to remain positive and alert.

Medical condition

Medical conditions include diseases that you are already facing. It may involve allergies, stomach aches, chronic pain, lower back pain, breathing problems, and intestinal problems.  Take your medications on time to avoid sleeping problems.

 Psychological problems

The main psychological problem is depression, which will make you feel low all the time. It will lower your self-esteem and makes you think negatively. Take a prescription from psychiatric to solve this issue.  

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety may occur due to emotional breakdowns or the excessive workload at the workplace. Deal with your stress and anxiety issues acquiring positive thinking towards life. 

Sleeping Mediation Technique

You can follow these simple sleeping meditation techniques to relax your mind. It includes-

Breathing exercise technique

Breathing exercise involves the regulation of breaths by counting. At first, you must follow a slow pace of breathing and which helps bring out the peace. After slowing down your breath pace, you may start sleeping.

Visualizations technique

You can also visualize the image or a particular scene to make your mind engaged and relaxed to get you a sound sleep.

The mindful body scanning technique

In this type of technique, you are asked to lie down straight on the bed. You have to notice the breaths and the body parts touching the bed. You will be fully involved in this type of meditation and start falling asleep.

Gratitude technique

Sleep mediation requires gratitude to focus on the kindness behavior of the inner self. It will make your mind lighten.

Counting technique

To slow down your thoughts and busy mind, start counting in your head. Start from 1 and keep counting till you fall asleep.

Complete Silence technique

If you have gone for suggestions, they may ask you to lie down calmly in a quiet environment. If your surroundings are crowded and noisy, you may not get a sound sleep. Try to sleep in silent places to relax your mind.

Movement-based meditation technique

The slight movements, such as low impact postures and stretching, will help you fall asleep. These movements will help you slow down your head and ease it.

Recall your entire day

Recalling your day in full detail will be a great source to distract your mind. Start it right from the morning action by action to going for the bed. This is a fantastic way to power down your breathing procedure to ease your hectic mind.

Let’s look upon the benefits of following these meditation techniques.

Benefits of a Sleep Meditation

Sleep mediation is significant for a sound sleep. It will help you avoid sleeping disorders and insomnia. Sleep mediation will provide you sound mental as well as physical health such as-

  •       Lowers the risk of heart disease
  •       Reduces the risk of diabetes
  •       Helps to remain positive and active for the entire day
  •      Improves decision making capability
  •     Improves attention
  •      Helps in Long term memory
  •      Helps you stay focussed
  •      Reduces stress
  •    Avoid depression
  •      Mental clarity
  •      Better immune system
  •     Improves overall quality of sleep

 Final Words

Sleep mediation is necessary for mental as well as physical health. If you are mentally not sound, how will you be able to remain physically active?  Physical fitness doesn’t mean mental fitness. Mental fitness comes when you are mentally fit and taking a sound nap.

If you feel excessive stress and anxiety at the workplace or your personal life, take it seriously; it may cause you insomnia.  Here we have mentioned a guided sleep meditation technique and benefits of meditation to ease your mind. This guided mediation will help you remain active, positive, and rejuvenated for your upcoming morning.

Try the above-mentioned guide and let us know in the comment section below!