Who Invented Blow-Up Dolls?


Blow-up dolls are a raging thing in the west. However, people think they were the invention of Adolf Hitler, and there are some who doubt this fact. Who really invented the Blow-up dolls?

In this post, you will find all the details of Blow up dolls. Continue reading to clear the facts.

Who Invented Blow up dolls? 

Even though there are many facts on the internet about the inventor of a blow-up doll, the first known existence of them is recorded from the 17th century. On the long journey of the sea, Dutch sailors used the inflated dolls for their pleasure. 

The first-ever record of Blow up dolls was seen in the psychiatrist Iwan Bloch’s book named “The Sexual Life Of Our Time.” The book describes how the sailors on the ship used inflated dolls for sexual purposes.

Dutch traders further sold the dolls in Japan, which is why these are also called “Dutch Wives.” Some jilted men created a life-size replica of their lovers as done by Oskar Kokoschka and Austro-Hungarian artists.

During the sixties, advertisements about the blow-up dolls were made, prompting pictures of the dolls appearing in magazines and how the customers could buy anyone they liked. These dolls were available in different styles and hair colors. 

Did Adolf Hitler make them blow up dolls?

Several rumors spread about Hitler ordering the inflatable dolls for the German Troop during World War II. A Borghild Project was started to control Syphilis among the soldiers because, in a 1940 memo, Heinrich Himmler described the spread of Syphilis in ill-reputed houses of Paris. 

He stated that the presence of whores in Paris is the worst danger. Hitler was also among the people who accepted the memo and gave approval for the project by ordering inflatable dolls for soldiers. 

The designers hired by Hitler made Gynoid dolls. In the 20th century, people often considered this a hoax as there was no actual proof of the Blow-up dolls during Hitler’s rule.

What is the Blow-up doll known as today?

The production of Blow up dolls is still flourishing in today’s time. People use it as a tool for masturbation. These dolls can have just a face or full body, and some parts of these dolls can even vibrate. Due to advancements in technologies, these dolls can today perform complex interactions. 

Some Interesting facts

  • More realistic Blow-up dolls 

Uncanny Valley is the term used by a robotic engineer for the human look alike robots. A real-looking doll looks creepy, yet people are interested in buying these.

  • It’s Illegal to use blow-up dolls in public. 

There are several laws in the country about the usage of blow-up dolls in public spaces. However, some countries do not have any specific laws regarding such stuff; it is still considered filthy to use them in public.

  • Used in the carpool lane

Certain people use the Blow-up dolls in carpool lanes to make it look like a passenger is sitting in the car. People also use the dolls when going on long drives to make it appear as if they are not travelling alone. 

  • Expensive dolls available 

The Blow-up dolls are a flourishing business now. Companies have been selling cheap quality dolls for satisfaction. However, you can also find some high-quality dolls which are being sold by large businesses. Even certain celebrities now market personal toys. Blow-up dolls are now available in silicone blend and with advanced technology like skeletal materials. Dolls are available for as high as $10,000 and more.


So we cannot quite put the finger on who invented a blow-up doll, but these were all the facts we knew about Blow up dolls. You can find many more stories in the history of the dolls. In today’s time, they are even more popular than before and come with advanced features.