9 Fascinating Birds of Colorado State

birds of colorado

The state of Colorado is abundant with various species of birds that relish the picturesque backdrops of nature. These birds nest and root here all around the year and can be a great sight that can be added to your sightings list for birds of colorado.

The place is perfect for birders who love to spot different species or rest in their backyard during their trek. If you, too, are a big fan of bird watching, these mesmerizing birds of colorado are a must-watch for you. Here are 12 common colorado birds that you might encounter in the state.

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9 Interesting Colorado Birds

Lark Bunting 

Any list of colorado birds is incomplete without the name of Lark Bunting on it. After all, it is the Colorado state bird. This amazing Calamospiza lives in the grasslands of North America and is the only member of its genus. These birds reside in a healthy number that keeps them out of controversy. But due to the loss of habitat, their numbers have significantly gone down in recent years.

This interesting colorado state bird is relatively small, with a length of only six inches. Their thick and short bill is very beautiful and has a blue tone. The adult males of this colorado birds specie are black with large white patches on their wings, whereas the females are commonly brown with white bottoms and heavy streakings.

The nests of Lark Bunting are shaped like an open cup and are usually found in grassy areas, so if you find a nest-like this in an open area, it could probably be of a Lark bird, and you might get lucky and spot one.

Apart from this, these birds also reside in low-lying areas with insects and seeds as their major diet.

Brown Capped Rosy-Finch

One of the endangered birds of colorado, the Brown Capped Rosy-Finch, is getting less in numbers daily. Their name perfectly describes these mid-sized birds, while the adult birds have brown-colored heads, and the color extends to their backs. These finches have rosy bottoms that are unique and are covered with pink feathers. And the unique part about this colorado bird species is that their bills stay black during the breeding season but turn yellow during the nonbreeding season. 

These finches usually reside at lower elevations in winter and breed near the central peaks of the Rocky Mountains. 

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American Dippers 

These small but stout birds named American Dippers are one of the most famous birds of colorado that feed exclusively in aquatic habitats. They are the only birds in North America to have nests near water streams. American dippers make dome-shaped nests with moss, grasses, bark, and leaves. And since they live near water bodies, their nests are usually placed at the height of 6-20 feet above the water.

These mid-sized colorado birds feed mainly on aquatic insects, larvae, small fishes, worms, flying insects, etc. they are also famous for moving the rocks at the bottom of a stream to get food.

Although American dippers usually move in groups, many choose to live alone during the winter season. Once the babies are young enough to leave the nest, they separate from their families until the breeding season comes.

Gray Jays

Also known as Canada Jays, grey jays are an omnivorous species of colorado state birds that feed on various foods. They usually eat amphibians, rodents, the flesh of other birds, and small mammals and feed on items like fungi and berries. 

Gray jakes are known for making their nests in forests across North America, which means you will be able to spot them in the Rockies of Colorado. They make their nests on trees of moderate height as this provides them with extra warmth from the sun, especially during their breeding months of February and March.

Despite their depraved feeding activities, Gray jays are known to be very appealing in their appearance. At the same time, the adults are overall pale gray and can be identified by their white head that has a small patch of gray at the back. The feathers on their tail and wings have a dark bluish grey shade, while their bills are casually black.

American Robins 

American robbins are a common worm-eating colorado state bird species. They have black-colored heads and read orange-colored chests. They usually roost in trees during winters, so you would be able to spot them during spring.

American robbins are attracted to sunflowers seeds, peanuts, suits, fruits, etc. You can scatter these things in your backyard to attract them. They feed mainly on insects, snails, and fruits.

Mourning doves 

Mourning doves are one of the most beautiful birds of colorado, with small graceful heads and long tails. These birds have soft feathers with black spots on their wings.

They can be encountered sitting on telephone wires and looking for seeds in the grasslands and backyards.

Mourning doves can be attracted by scattering millets in places like your backyard; they can also be attracted through black sunflower seeds, cracked corns, and peanuts.

Broad-tailed Hummingbirds

This specie of bird of colorado resides in the higher elevations and have green-colored backs and brownish wings with chest and belly. Males of this state colorado bird can be identified by their rainbowy rose throat, and females can be identified by green spots on their cheeks and throats.

The broad-tailed hummingbirds usually breed on open woodlands and high meadows around five thousand to ten thousand feet of elevation in the west, between late May and August near southern Mexico.

The broad-tailed hummingbirds can adjust their heart rates and lower them in colder climates to drop their body temperature.

This specie of colorado bird feeds mainly on the nectar from flowers and eats small insects and grains.

To enjoy the sight of Broad-tailed hummingbirds in your backyard, try sprinkling some sugar or putting sugar water in your bored feeder pot.

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Black-capped Chickadee

The adorable features and curiosity for everything, including human food, make the Black-Capped Chickadee one of the cutest species of colorado birds. These birds are often seen checking out anything, and everything that comes their way; their amount of curiosity keeps them busy all day. They can be spotted around the state of colorado all year-round.

The physical appearance of these birds is one of the most remarkable features; they have black-capped heads that look somewhat oversized compared to their little bodies. They have a white mask extending from under the eye to the beak and their neck.  

The bird also has a black bib under the beak and a white underpart that blends very well with the beige shade around its wings.

Black-capped Chickadees are extremely acrobatic and can be seen preaching upside down or sideways while they keep an out for food or predators.

This is one of the easiest bird species for attracting birds and is easily attracted by scattering sunflower seeds and peanuts in the backyard.

The birds are known to remember thousands of places for hiding and use this special skill to store food in winters.

American Kestrel

American kestrels can be found in the state of colorado all the year-round and are one of the most colorado state birds of all. The adult males of this specie can be identified by the blue slate cap on their heads, rusty black feathers, and black spots covering almost all of their bodies. In contrast, the females can be identified by similar spots on their bodies with a rusty color. 

These small-sized birds feed mainly on insects and small worms found in open spaces.

American kestrels make nests in the cavities of trees and nest boxes but do not do this independently. They use the nests previously made by woodpeckers or other birds by hollowing the tree. The males of the species are responsible for finding a suitable spot for the nest, whereas the females are tasked with final approval to the spot found by the male.

Cedar Waxwing

The central aand northern parts of Colorado are famous for the Cedar waxwing. And it is more likely that you’ll hear them before you see them. Their perch is very high pitched and can be easily recognized once familiar with them.

Their body has smooth markings on them that make their appearance very appealing. These birds are medium-sized, with a crest protruding from the back of their head and stretching down their neck. Their chest and heads are light browns in color with a black masks on their face. 

Cedar waxwing is a very social bird specie and is usually during winters in huge numbers. If you are looking for sighting Cedar waxwing, then be sure to keep an eye on big flocks of same-sized birds.

If you’re specifically looking to add a sighting of a Cedar Waxwing to your list, be sure to watch big flocks of similarly-sized birds.

We hope you liked this list of amazing birds of colorado state and are excited to spot these fascinating birds real soon. 

Stay tuned.

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