How To Get Zweihander Elden Ring?

zweihander elden ring

ZWEIHANDER ELDEN RING -Two-handed Colossal type swords known as “Zweihander elden ring” mainly scale Strength & Dexterity. Of all Colossal-type Swords, this one is the smallest and strikes the quickest. The construction instructions and instructions on how to obtain a Zweihander in the Elden Ring are included in this article.

The Zweihander is a traditional weapon that has appeared in all Souls games for ages. The swords in Elden Ring seem to have the smartest option set of all the Colossal swords. Owing to its scalability, Zweihander seems to have the lowest attack rating. It already has a 690 strike rating at 50 power, significantly less than a Great Sword’s 796 offensive ratings. It has the least strike rating among all the swords in all configurations.

Therefore, why utilize Zweihander? Owing to its move set. Although Zweihander & Troll Knight Sword both have nearly identical move sets, Zweihander’s far greater range tries to make up for Troll Knight Sword’s absence of an offensive rating when combined, including its move set.

PVP Build

The thrust strike, roll thrust attacks, plus wide swing attacks of Zweihander will be utilized to full effect in this PVP setup. Given the technique’s slowdown, practicing the broad swing attack pattern may be necessary. However, once accustomed, it felt great. This is a late-game PVP build, although this is basically how you ought to construct your Zweihander.

  • Zweihander – The focal point of this setup due to its portability, great reach, and light in weight. 
  • Blood Hound’s Stride, an Ash of War- gives the user movement, particularly while using Colossal-type weaponry. 
  • This incantation, “Electrify Armament,”- provides more lightning harm to your weapons and costs 15 faith attributes points. 
  • Incantation- a substitute weapon for Vyke’s Dragon Bolt that improves looks. If aesthetics are important to you, consider this option. Greater Faith characteristic points are needed, which you might utilize to boost your major attributes of power and skill or the supportive attribute of perseverance. 
  • The Talisman of Great- Arsenal Jars These talismans greatly increase the material load, which helps compensate for low durability. 
  • Erdtree’s Favour Talisman – One such talisman is ideal for this setup to compliment your tankiness and the requirement for tenacity and equip load because it increases HP, Strength, and Equipment Load. 
  • The Viridian Amber Medallion Talisman- is indeed an additional talisman that improves endurance, which would aid with transportation. 
  • Old Lord’s Talisman- If you want to keep your magic going longer, this talisman is perfect for your construction.

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PVE Build (Early)

Zweihander is an accessible initial weapon for PVE builds and is a solid starting armament. The emphasis is on power, vitality, and stamina; dexterity is minimally added in the early going. The charging attacks are the main move set, much like the PVP build. The slashing strike is changed to a slower but more damaging sword-smashing attack in Ashes of War: War Cry.

  • Zweihander – The focal point of this build due to its portability, great reach, & lightweight. 
  • Ash of War: War Cry – This alters Zweihander’s charging attack to one that deals more harm but moves more slowly. 
  • Green Turtle Talisman This is necessary so that your endurance can support your mobility demands. 
  • Axe Talisman – Because the charging attack is the focal point of the assaults, the increased damage aids in quickly trying to take down adversaries.

Feature Build 

Zweihander requires a minimum of 19 strengths and 11 skills to be equipped. Using the weapons, concentrate on increasing this stat early on. Then, concentrate the characteristic points on Vigor & Endurance to 20, allowing you to equally boost strength, vigor, and endurance. At the same time, it is also advisable to give strength top priority due to escalating harm.



The Isolated Trader is found easily in the Shack southeast of Whimpering Peninsular and sells Zweihander for 3,500 Runes. 

PVP Items 

Located close to Lenne’s Rising Site of Glory in Dragons Barrow North Called, Ash of War: Blood Hound’s Step. Beat the Significantly larger Enemy Boss for the Knights of Cavalry, which also will emerge at night. The Ashes of War: Blood Hound’s Step would be dropped as a prize.

  • Brother Coryhn at the Round Table Holds and Miriel, Pastor of Vows within Church of Vows, East of Liurnia of the Lakes, sell Electrify Armament, also known as Incantation. 
  • After fighting Roundtable Knight Vyke at Lord Contender’s Evergaol in Top Of Mountains of the Giants, you could acquire Vyke’s Dragonbolt, an alternative item with better aesthetics. 
  • After completing The Great Challenge Jar at Dragon Barrow North Caelid, the Great-Arsenal Jar’s Talisman is lootable.
  • Old Lord’s Talisman: This item may be found in Starting to Crumble Arum Fazulla, just outside the ceiling of the Dragon Temple. Beastmen guards the chest, and Recusant Bernahl may also be present.
  • After fighting Miranda with Blighted Bloom in Tombsward Cave, Crying Peninsula, you can find the Viridian Amber Medallion Talisman in various locations. South of the Outside Wall Battleground State Site of Grace, just on Alta Plateau, is the +1 variant.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give details about the “Zweihander Elden ring.” I hope the language was clear and understandable. Also, ways to obtain these are mentioned above.

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Q1) where to get Zweihander Elden ring?

Ans- The Isolated Merchant is selling the Zweihander Elden ring out of his cabin at the southern tip of the Sobbing Peninsula.

Q2) how to get Zweihander elden ring?

Ans- 1. Quick Travel towards the point of grace in the remote merchant’s shack. 

2. Visit the shack nearby and speak with the vendor there. 

3. You may see all the products you can buy from him by clicking “Buy.”

Q3) Could you provide me with a two-handed Elden Ring? 

Ans- To use it one-handedly, the player’s hero must have a Strength level that is at least 19 as well as a Dexterity level of at least 11.

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