20+ Mind Blowing Front Hip Tattoo Ideas


Front Hip Tattoo: Everyone is looking for the best Front Hip Tattoos. There are many places to place a tattoo, whereas the best place to hide a tattoo is the front hip place.

If you are going to have this tattoo and are looking for the best ideas, then you are on the right page here. We have several tattoos that you can have and stand out from the crowd. They are easily hidden and shown off equally. It’s up to you what size of tattoo you want, either bold or light. Let us have a look at the list of tattoos:

List of Front Hip Tattoos

Have a look at some combined list of front hip tattoos:

Butterfly Hip Tattoo

Girls are always addicted to butterfly tattoos. Hence, do not think too much before having the butterfly tattoo on your front hip. Every place is better to place the butterfly tattoo. A butterfly tattoo represents hope, freedom, and life.

Lucky Front Hip Tattoos

Take out the charm of your Hip with this type of tattoo. You can show this tattoo to everyone and stand out from the crowd.

Lemon Hip Tattoo

To show some love for your favorite fruit, you can have a tattoo of a lemon or any fruit that you like to have always.

Personality Type Hip Tattoo

If you like astrological sign tattoos, you can go for this tattoo. It would be absolutely the tattoo that you want to have.

Globe Hip Tattoo

Don’t tell anything to people around you. Instead, let the Hip do this work for you. Have the globe tattoo on your front hip and show it off.

Roman Numeral Tattoo

If you want to have a hidden tattoo for any personal reason or if you want to have a hip tattoo, then you can go for a roman numeral tattoo. It is more subtle to have this attractive option in your list of tattoos.                   

Typewriter Font Hip Tattoo

If you want to have a cursive tattoo on your hips, then add this design of tattoo to your list. It is simple and a unique font to get inked.

Poetic Hip Tattoo

It does not matter which poet you like the most. However, having a permanent poetic tattoo of your favorite line can improve your choice. It is both pretty and sentimental.

Lightning Bolt Hip Tattoo

If there is any Harry Potter fan, this tattoo is for you. This tattoo is a bit different from the ordinary one. This tattoo is an attractive option, regardless of whether you are a fan. Lightning Bolt Hip tattoo comes out to be pretty if inked in the red.

Crown Hip Tattoo

If you have the personality of a queen, then this tattoo perfectly suits you. Else you can for any zodiac sign tattoo in the same design.

Elongated Script Hip Tattoo

Let the scripted hip tattoo take the real estate on your front Hip. to make it better, ask your tattoo artist to lengthen it in a stunning font style.                  

Avocado Hip Tattoo

Whether you are a fan of avocados or superfood, you are suggested to have this hip tattoo. It is the most liked cheeky and spirited tattoo.                                

Mountain Hip Tattoo

Are you a mountain lover but can not make trips? Don’t worry; keep a piece of mountain tattoo with you. Whenever you look at this tattoo, it will remind you of your serene place.              

Phonetic Hip Tattoo

To remind you of any word, getting a tattoo of that word is the best option. Many Hollywood female stars are obsessed with these tattoo styles and especially the phonetic hip tattoo design.                   

Script Hip Tattoo

You can get any script tattoo on your Hip. Either of your favorite phrase or the quote. As we have seen earlier, is the best style of Front Hip Tattoos.                                

Rose Hip Tattoo

Rose is the symbol of love, promise, and passion. You can get the rose tattoo anywhere on your body. Every place is best for rose tattoos. Hence,  have the rose tattoo once on your front hip and look at the magic. Most girls go for the outline tattoo of a rose. You can choose any one of them, either colored or outlined.                             

Fine-Lined Hip Tattoo

You can get a tattoo of a word that describes your personality. It is a delicate style of tattoo that can also be your last tattoo if you have any.                    

Matching Hip Tattoo

Matching Front Hip Tattoos fit close friends or partners. There are many words that you can get matching with your friend.                               

Colorful Hip Tattoo

Besides all the design of Front Hip Tattoos, look out for some colored Front Hip Tattoos. You can get a flower tattoo on your Hip or the whole bouquet. You can go for these colorful, cute, and large tattoos if you feel bold.                   

Feminist Message Hip Tattoo

To show feminism, you can get a tattoo with the word feminism or add any photo related to feminism.                               

French Word Hip Tattoo

Suppose you are obsessed with a foreign language, or you are a language lover. In that case, you can place small tattoos of your favorite words that excite or motivate you.                   

Cat Hip Tattoo

 Do you want to show your deep love for your furry friend? If yes, it is technically a great way to have a cute cat tattoo design on your front hip.                               

Watercolor Hip Tattoo

 If you want to go for some modern designs of tattoos, then you can choose the watercolor hip tattoo. Some people do not always like black line tattoos. Hence, they can go for this tattoo design.                               

Brightly Colored Hip Tattoo

You can go for this unique and crazy design in bright color.                  

Angel Hip Tattoo

Angel hip tattoo is a fun and playful idea to adore. For something different, you can have this tattoo design on your Hip.                    

Beach Lover Hip Tattoo

Do you like beaches and parties? But I can not go there every time. If there is any beach babe, you can go for this tattoo style.                

Power Message Tattoo

Power message tattoos are not only stunning but also give a powerful message. If you think of getting this tattoo, then you are stronger.                         

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What to wear when getting a hip tattoo

The perfect thing you can wear for a hip tattoo is a long flowing dress-like skirt. by wearing loose clothing, you can easily move the body’s fabric whenever needed. It can easily hide your intimate area and show the Hip.

What does a minimalist mushroom tattoo signify?

There are several interpretations of having mushroom tattoos. In some cultures, the mushroom is a symbol of power. You can have the mushroom tattoo to represent the power that helps or inspires you to be more powerful in your life.

What does the Hip rose tattoo look like?

Rose is the symbol of love, promise, and passion. You can get the rose tattoo anywhere on your body. Every place is best for rose tattoos. Hence,  have the rose tattoo once on your front hip and look at the magic. Most girls go for the outline tattoo of a rose. You can choose any one of them, either colored or outlined.