Does smoking weed make you lose weight?


Does weed help you lose weight? Tokers and the munchies go hand in hand, and late-night meals of sweet and savory delights can’t be good for your figure. But there are numerous reports of people claiming they’ve gotten lean on a cannabis regime.

Where’s the truth?

The connection between weed and weight loss lacks sufficient explanations. Science still doesn’t know everything about the plant’s effects on appetite, metabolism, and overall body weight. The existing research and trends are promising, though.

You’ve probably bought high-THC seeds from i49 in preparation. Here’s the full explanation—there’s more than meets the eye about these thin tokers you keep seeing all over the place.

Let’s explore this connection and answer the burning question. Does weed help lose weight?

Marijuana & weight loss: The basics

‘Will weed make me lose weight?’ isn’t only a question among people looking to drop pounds. It’s a matter of great scientific inquiry.

Obesity researchers noticed a trend among stoners as early as 2011. This groundbreaking analysis confirmed that obesity rates are lower among people who consume cannabis at least three times a week. More surveys followed, arriving at the same conclusions.

Does correlation mean causation, though? Does smoking weed make you skinny?

In fact, it does.

Researchers don’t quite understand why this happens, but they use these two sets of factors to describe what they know:

  • The THC contents of cannabis crops
  • Marijuana-induced behavior changes

It turned out cannabis rich in THC induces system-level changes, which might cause mass weight reduction. Weed-driven lifestyle shifts also play a part, adding a hard-to-control variable to the overall explanation.

Let’s break down these two categories surrounding the fact that weed does help lose weight.

Why does weed make you skinnier?

Does smoking weed make you skinny? It just might.

A good diet and exercise regimen is essential for continued fat loss. Luckily, cannabis can help with this as well, albeit indirectly.

This influence boils down to the following five factors.

The role of THC

When considering whether marijuana can help you lose weight, THC is the first element to keep in mind.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. Besides generating the ‘high,’ it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors. This internal system regulates various physical processes, including metabolism.

Studies found THC can increase your appetite and reduce your energy storage potential. In simple terms, this chemical makes you eat and get your digestion moving, butthe body doesn’t store the excess calories as fat.

Note: Marijuana might help people with underlying obesity causes, like hormonal imbalances. More evidence is necessary before anybody can make definitive claims, though.

Looking past biology, the 420 way of life is another reason why weed makes you skinnier.

Increased mobility

THC-rich weed relieves pain and tension. While all-indica buds melt you into your seat, many specimens leave you with enough energy to use this mobility boost for movement.

Indirectly, smoking weed makes you skinny by encouraging fat-melting activities.

You’re not likely to hit the gym under the influence, but many people enjoy light activities while toking. Some cultivars are famous for being energy bombs to leave you light on your toes.

Lower alcohol intake

When wondering why weed makes you skinnier, you have to think about the full picture of your life as a stoner and non-stoner. People who don’t smoke weed are more likely to drink alcohol, as these two substances are often interchangeable for those consuming them for fun.

Alcoholic drinks are calorie-dense, while cannabis contains zero calories. Swapping your drink with a joint means a reduced energy intake, making you slender in the process.

Stress relief

Stress eating is a real issue. People undergoing anxiety are likely to indulge in comfort foods, which are rarely low-calorie and beneficial for your physique.

Another way marijuana can help you lose weight is by eliminating the source of this coping mechanism.

Most strains get promoted as stress-busters. Several puffs prevent the stress-binge and the body mass implications to follow.

Sleep improvements

Smoking weed makes you skinny by enabling good fitness habits. Proper sleep is another metabolism-enhancing routine in this category.

Poor and interrupted sleep can cause weight gain, especially when you’re too tired and achy to move the next day. And deep, insomnia-fighting slumber is the main selling point of many types of marijuana. Apart from raising your quality of life, these can help you shed a few extra pounds.

What about the munchies?

The final topic is the well-known munchies, which often leave people confused. Why does weed make you skinnier if it also drives you to have a kebab, coca-cola, and ice cream before hitting the sack?

The association between cannabis and unhealthy snacks is valid. Even analyses show it—‘junk food’ purchases are more common in 420-friendly states.

The key lies in the effects of THC, which:

  • Reduces energy storage in the cells, letting you indulge with fewer consequences.
  • Causes an appetite spike right after consumption but may act as a long-term appetite suppressant.

Again, the science is unclear on this. But the trends indicate lower BMIs in people who munch than those who skip weed altogether.

So, what’s the final answer? Can marijuana help you lose weight?

Weed & weight loss: A match made in Heaven?

Marijuana can help you lose weight, but the scope of its assistance is still unclear. More research is needed to explain the function of THC in this process, while the other aspects rely on generalizations.

Remember that cannabis isn’t a prescription against weight issues. A constant caloric deficit through proper diet and activity is the only way to lose fat and keep it off.

Weed adds fun to the process, though; why not use it to supplement your fitness journey?

Derek Bennett

Derek Bennett, a Cannabis Extraction Technician at I49 Seed Bank with more than 5 years experience of successful work in a weed processing field. He’s proficient in hemp products handling and familiar with separating and extracting the chemical compounds within cannabis. In addition, he has expertise in refining separated compounds to improve their overall purity.