4 Points to Ponder When Deciding Between Repairing or Replacing Windows


While you’re not sure what to do just yet, there’s no doubt that something must be done about the home’s windows. The question now is whether you should look into repairs or if the only real solution is to begin looking at windows Vancouver that are right for your home. Before you make a choice, do get advice from a professional. Here are some of the factors that the two of you can consider.

The Overall Condition of the Current Windows

What sort of shape are the windows in at present? Before making a decision, find out what it would take to get the windows back into acceptable condition. Depending on what needs to be done, it may not take long to have them in top working order again.

Along with what needs to be done, consider how may years of use the repairs would add to the windows. If the work will only delay the inevitable by a couple of years, spending the money on repairs may not be a good choice. You would be better off to put that money toward replacement windows.

The Cost of Repairs Versus Replacements

A contractor can examine the windows, tell you what needs to be done, and then provide a quote for the work. At the same time, the contractor can provide a quote for replacing all the windows using the same style. It’s a good idea to look closely at both quotes before making a decision.

You may find that the quote for new windows is close to the one for the repairs. In this scenario, the benefits of investing in new windows will likely be more than enough to offset the minor difference in expense. When this is the case, new windows are the way to go.

How Well You Like the Window Style

Since you’re considering replacements as well as repairs, take a moment and think about your feelings about the current window style. Are there things about the style that you never liked? Would a different style window benefit the family in ways that the current one could never provide?

If your answer to these questions happens to be yes, it does make sense to seriously consider having new windows installed. In the long run, you’ll be happier with the appearance and the performance.

The Impact on the Property’s Value

You may not be thinking about selling the property now, but that day will come. When it does, will the windows be a liability or an asset? Depending on the condition they’re in today, the answer could swing either way.

Windows that are in need of a lot of work now will likely need more work in several years. By contrast, investing in new windows made with vinyl or other durable materials will likely still be in great condition for decades. You can bet that potential buyers are more likely to agree to your asking price if the windows are in top shape.

The choice is yours. Consider which one would serve you best now and in the years to come. Feel free to ask your contractor for recommendations or to tell you more about what to expect with each choice. Doing so will allow you to make an informed decision and be happier with the choice.