Answers Of Afk Arena Poetic Pop Quiz


Afk arena poetic pop quiz– By completing five quizzes each day in AFK Arena, players can increase their rewards.It is a straightforward task that can facilitate breaking your team’s current ceiling and accelerate your progress.The questions and responses are listed below in alphabetical order.You can find the answer you need by scrolling down or by using the browser’s find function.

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Table of Contents

According to Pippa – The Muddled Magician, what is the benefit of learning teleportation magic?

  • Easier transportation of acorns.

After losing a battle, which of the following can improve your chances of success next time?

  • All of them

After players worked together to destroy The Devourer when did ‘The Cleansed Realm’ appear on the world map?

  • May 2021

Angelo – Song of Dawn’s best friend Harry is what?

  • A cat

At what tier can a hero move into the Oak Inn?

  • Ascended

At what tier can a hero unlock their signature item?

  • Mythic

Currently, how many times a day can players receive gifts from their friends at The Oak Inn?

  • 3

Dolly, the manageress of the Noble Tavern, is whose daughter?

  • Rigby – Brewmaster

Eironn – Stormsword exchanged swordsmanship techniques with which two heroes?

  • Thane – The Exalted & Brutus – The Blood Claw

How many articles of furniture can a hero hold?

  • 9

How many classes are there currently in AFK Arena?

  • 5

How many hours is the refresh period of the Arcane Labyrinth?

  • 48

How many marksmen does Peggy – The Precious Pearl Summon when she uses the skill ‘Royal Marksman’?

  • 5

How many positions are there on the Crystal Pentagram?

  • 5

If players are abusive in the Chat Channel, what do we do?

  • Tap the player’s avatar and select Report Player

In a hero’s Arena of Trials, there are how many Arena Guardians?

  • 12

In the Arcanists Union story, Vedan – the Demise adopted who?

  • Silvina – The Taken Breath & Isabella – The Taken Soul

In the Castellans Union, the heroes Thane and Estrilda have what kind of relationship?

  • Teacher and pupil

In the current version of the game, how many Companion Points can a player send each day?

  • 40

In the current version of the game, players cannot exchange which of these heroes at the Labyrinth Store?

  • Rosaline

In the current version of the game, what is the maximum number of friends a player can have?

  • 40

In the Defenders of the Forest Union, the heroes consist of Nemora – Nature’s Heart, Arden N- Nature’s Voice, and which other hero?

  • Ogi – Nature’s Strength

In the Dusk Patrollers Union, the heroes consist of Ira – Rogue of the Forest, Lyca – Keeper of the Glades, and which other hero?

  • Kaz – Hand of the Wood

In the Flame & Spear Union, the “Flame” and the “Spear” refer to which heroes?

  • Satrana – Flame Weaver & Antandra – Desert Fury

In the Gallant Three Union, the heroes consist of Hogan – Knight of the Kingdom, Morvus – The Far Stalker, and which other hero?

  • Angelo – Song of the Dawn

In the Wisdom & Hope Union, the “Wisdom” and the “Hope” refer to which heroes?

  • Tasi – Dreamhopper & Ulmus – Aldermarrow

Khazard – The Frozen Terror is which hero’s predecessor?

  • Seirus – Savior of the Sea

Orthros – The Seer of Origins considers who to be his nemesis?

  • Zolrath – Voidbinder

Raine – Death’s Denier, Mirael – The Burning Light and Fawkes – Death’s Defeat are together in which Union?

  • The Bounty Hunters

Rowan – The Roamer’s brother is devoted to what kind of work?

  • Song of Dawn

Safiya – Daughter of the Desert and Ankhira – Deceptive Beauty are together in which Union?

  • The Sisterhood

Shemira – Corpsemaker and Daimon – The Forsaken Child have what kind of relationship?

  • Mother and son

Shemira – Corpsemaker’s mood only gets better when she meets which particular hero at the Oak Inn?

  • Daimon – The Forsaken Child

Thane – The Exalted and Baden – The Abomination once had what kind of relationship?

  • Comrades

Theowyn – The Wailing Widow & Thoran – The Fallen King have what kind of relationship?

  • Brother and sister

What could Athalia – Harbinger of Justice be described as according to her story?

  • Weapon

What do Mishka – The Wild Child’s wolf companions do when she dies?

  • They run away with their tail between their legs

What does Lyca – Keeper of Glades’ Signature Item ‘Starfall’ not have?

  • Bowstring

What does Morael – Queen of Stars believe in?

  • Order

What does Shemira’s Ultimate release?

  • Soul

What effect does Rowan – The Roamer’s Signature Item Skill have?

  • Energy Recovery

What effect does Safiya – Daughter of the Desert’s Signature Item Skill have?

  • Increased Attributes

What effect does the Arcane Labyrinth’s Fountain of Vitality have?

  • Replenishes 50% Health

What happens when Estrilda – Knight of Valor moves into the inn?

  • She leads her horse in with her

What increases for a Dimensional Hero that undergoes Soul Fusion?

  • Ascension tier and level

What is Eironn – Stormsword’s Signature Item?

  • Elemental Blades

What is Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden’s Signature Item?

  • Shooting Star

What is Rosaline – The Kind’s Signature Item?

  • Broom of Life

What is Saurus – The Risen Warrior’s Signature Item?

  • Hope’s Edge

What is Shemira – Corpsemaker’s Signature Item?

  • The Spirit Orb

What is the highest level obtainable for Legendary Tier Heroes?

  • 160

What is the highest Perk Level of Twisted Bounties, Champions of Esperia, and Regal Rewards in the game?

  • 5

What is the max number of health potions that can be placed with Rowan – The Roamer’s Health Supplies skill each time?

  • 3

What is the maximum amount of Support Heroes you can set on the Library Union page?

  • 6

What is the maximum number of mercenaries that a player can hire simultaneously from their friends per week?

  • 3

What is the name of Drez – The Quicksand Recluse’s signature item?

  • Ivory Piercer

What is the name of the place located on the far left side of the world map?

  • The Island of the Banished

What is the name of Thesku’s red pet snake?

  • Szetzu

What kind of ally will Rosaline – The Kind follow?

  • The one with the highest Combat Rating

What kind of animal is Rowan – The Roamer’s faithful pet?

  • Duck

What kind of enemies will Lucretia skill ‘Deathwish” allow her to hunt down?

  • Enemy with the highest attack rating.

What was Orthros before he transformed into a god?

  • Clock

What was Raku – The Rascal’s birthday present to Peggy – The Precious Pearl?

  • A multicolored conch.

What was Talene before she transformed into a god?

  • Finch

When it comes to Dimensional Heroes, which is true?

  • Not affected by factional advantages or disadvantages / Dimensional Heroes can activate factional bonuses with other Dimensional Heroes.

Where can you buy hero skins?

  • Wardrobe

Which attribute affects hero casting and attack speed?

  • Haste

Which attribute reduces the Critical Strike damage received by a hero?

  • Crit Damage Resistance

Which Dimensional Hero was the first to arrive on Esperia?

Arthur Pendragon

Which faction is the Lightbearer heroes strongest against?

  • Maulers

Which faction is the Mauler heroes strongest against?

  • Wilders

Which hero hails from the same world as Ukyo Tachibana – Wandering Swordsman?

  • Nakoruru – Nature’s Guardian

Which hero is the student of Arden – Nature’s Voice?

  • Nemora – Nature’s Heart

Which of the following comes from the Legends’ Challenger Tournament?

  • Gladiator Coins

Which of the following stores has a refresh timer that is different from the other stores?

  • Barracks

Which of these currencies can be used in the Barracks?

  • Hero Coins

Which of these Hypogean heroes was once human?

  • Lucretia

Which of these is NOT a hero of ‘The Gallant Three’ union?

  • Rigby – Brewmaster

Which of these is NOT a way to gain VIP Experience?

  • Completing Daily Quests

Which of these is not an AFK Arena class?

  • Assassin

Which of these Twisted Realm Bosses will summon Dreafs to fight?

  • Demonic Entity

Which of these will increase the number of draws from the Hero Choice Pack?

  • Illuminating Starbursts in the Field of Stars

Which Graveborn hero used to be a tailor?

  • Shemira – Corpsemaker

Which heroes are not related by blood?

  • Hendrik – The Defender & Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden

Which king was Grezhul – The Corrupted loyal to?

  • Thoran – The Fallen King

Which season is all year round in the Peaks of Time’s Wondrous Pouch instance, Forest Mania?

  • Winter

Which two elements does Eironn – Stormsword’s Signature Item ‘Elemental Blades’ use?

  • Ice & Wind

Which of the following heroes cannot be found at the Labyrinth Store?

  • Skriath – The Wise One

Which of the following heroes is a Durri?

  • All of them

Which of the following heroes is not a Mage?

  • Thane – The Exalted, or Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden

Which of the following heroes is not a Ranger?

  • Daimon – The Forsaken Child, or Mezoth – The Abysmal Butcher

Which of the following heroes is not a Tank?

  • Isabella – The Taken Soul, or Lyca – Keeper of the Glades

Which of the following heroes is not a Warrior?

  • Athalia – Harbinger of Justice, or Raine – Death’s Denier

Which of the following is not a Strength-based hero?

  • Fawkes – Death’s Defeat or Skriath – The Wise One

Which of the following is not an Agility Based Hero?

  • Isabella – The Taken Soul, Arden – Nature’s Voice, or Mezoth – The Abysmal Butcher

Which of the following is not an Intelligence-based hero?

  • Cecilia – Purger of Sins

Which of the following structures is not in the Arcane Labyrinth?

  • Wall of Legends

Which of these things can Respen create?

  • Wind Swallows

Which of these ways can you get Flawless Droplets?

  • Ascending an Elite hero to a new tier.

Which two heroes comprise the Lightbringers Union?

  • Lucius – Lightbringer & Belinda – Beam of Hope

Which two heroes comprise The Young & Old Union?

  • Hendrik – The Defender & Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden

Who cut off the arm of Thane – The Exalted?

  • Brutus – The Blood Claw

Who did Thali – Maniacal Mage rescue through a prison heist?

  • Kren

Who does Ezizh – Hellborn regard as his natural enemy?

  • Tasi – Dreamhopper

Who is Anoki – The Blood Guard loyal to?

  • Skriath – The Wise One

Who is Brutus – The Blood Claw’s student?

  • Khasos – The Unruly

Who is Mehira – Mind Cager obsessed with?

  • Fawkes – Death’s Defeat

Who is Tidus – Shadowmane’s nemesis?

  • Warek – The Untamed

Who is the attendant at the Oak Inn?

  • Arkadios

Who is the carpenter at the Oak Inn?

  • Ulric

Who is the commander of the Dusk Patrollers?

  • Lyca – Keeper of Glades

Who raised Gwyneth – The Fair Maiden like a father?

  • Hendrik – The Defender

Who says the line, “May the light protect us“?

  • Belinda – Beam of Hope