5 Benefits of CBD Massage Oil

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Legalization has been one of the significant motivators for the countrywide use of CBD and other cannabinoids. Only Nebraska, Idaho, and South Dakota have an existing ban on any cannabis products. Even though CBD is federally legal, within these states, it is hard to buy and sell any oils, tinctures, or edibles from cannabidiol. 

In the states where it is legal, it is no surprise to find a range of products from the mentioned oils to edibles. Seeing as nothing more relaxing than a deep tissue procedure, it makes sense that the CBD industry would have an infused oil. The only question is: does it do everything people say it does? 

How CBD Oil Affects Your Skin

Many people once believed that only ingesting or smoking marijuana was effective. The way the two methods work is that the cannabinoids get broken down in the liver. The excess compounds get redirected to the kidneys and are present in urine.

In addition to the two standard ingestion methods, there has been a growing hype about applying CBD body massage oil and other creams directly on the skin. The benefit of this application method is that the cannabidiol does not have to go through the liver. The skin absorbs the products and creams without any excesses getting ejected via the kidneys.

Buying CBD creams and oils is increasingly accessible. Since dispensaries and online stores stock them, all you need to do is look up CBD massage oil near me, and you will find numerous options. They come in different potency, flavors, and effectiveness. You can get CBD massage oil for pain relief and other problems.

Scientifically, CBD contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are effective against several skin conditions. The direct application ensures that your skin gets all the favorable properties of the compound. As a result of animal and human studies, there has been a concession on the value of CBD beauty products.

The effects of the discovered benefits have led to the development of infused creams and moisturizers. According to anecdotal evidence, CBD massage oil benefits are smoother, hydrated skin, reduced inflammation, and many others.

Despite the lauded benefits, it is essential to note that the FDA does not offer regulations on these CBD products. Their main concern has been the edibles sector, where they regulate the content of THC in the finished products. Edibles such as gummies need to have less than 0.3% THC for them to be legal.

This lack of regulation means it is up to you to pick up beauty merchandise from reputable companies. Avoid overly optimistic adverts claiming their creams and oils can do pretty much anything about beauty.

Five Benefits of Using CBD Massage Oil

Due to the mentioned antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD massage oil effects can be seen when used for specific conditions. Dermatologists and other professionals assent to using these oils for relaxation, pain, stress and other products. How exactly does an infused deep tissue massage help with these?

Reducing Anxiety and Stress

massages are a great way to do away with stress and anxiety. The side effects of CBD oil massage end in your body benefitting from the soothing and relaxing effects of the cannabidiol. As it penetrates through the skin, it reacts with your immune and Peripheral Nervous systems to significantly reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

 Despite the high potency of some oils, it is safe to know that there are no chances of getting high. The effects of the infused oil will go for up to 2 hours and, in some cases, 3 hours.

Relieve Body Tension

One of the main reasons for undergoing a deep tissue procedure is to ease the tension in your body. The toll of day-to-day activities leads to an accumulation of stress in your muscles and joints. A deep tissue massage targets this tension all over the body.

When paired with CBD massage oil for anxiety, the tension gets eased. The anti-inflammatory properties directly penetrate the skin and target joints and muscle tension. Afterward, the same compounds improve your general well-being by making you relaxed. Users who try the infused massage oil report that the same is effective in combatting tension and muscle and joint pains.

Boost Your Mood

Rarely does anyone leave a masseuse’s table in a sour mood. The mood elevation is due to the increased relaxation people feel during and after the session. The infused compound imparts soothing effects on your body and mind. As you leave the table, you will feel relaxed and generally giddy. There is a positive correlation between a peaceful and calm body and improved moods.

Help with Skin Problems

The product that gets used for your deep tissue session has an impact on your skin. With CBD oil, the effect is that your skin gets generally hydrated. Also, with the anti-inflammatory properties, any redness or inflammation gets reduced. Apart from feeling wholesomely relaxed, there is a high chance that your skin will also improve and look nicely smooth.

Stimulate Your Senses

Deep tissue sessions are one of the common ways people take a step back and connect with their minds. As your masseuse works on your body, they heighten your senses. You can take this time to relax and engage all your senses. After the session, you will likely feel like all your senses are in overdrive, a sign of your body relaxing. 

Difference Between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil

As you navigate the world of infused products, you will likely run into CBD and hemp being used interchangeably. When it comes to hemp and CBD oil, the two are practically the same. Cannabidiol gets derived from the hemp plant. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, which is as per federal regulations.

A confusing term that gets mistaken for infused oils is hemp seed oil. Some users think that one is the same as the other. The distinction between the two comes from the source and potency. Hemp seed oil, as the term alludes, is the result of infusion by the plant’s seeds. They do not contain as much CBD as the products from the hemp flower.

CBD oil results from an infusion from the plant’s flower. This flower is the same thing people use to make pre-rolls and edibles. It contains a higher potency and hence more effective. If you want the full benefits of infused massage oils, then hemp or CBD varieties are the way to go.

This factor does not mean that hemp seed oil has no benefits. When used alongside other oils and creams, it can soothe the skin, though not as effectively as the hemp version.

One of the ways to ensure you get the right product is by reading through the ingredients keenly. Please do not make any assumptions about the products they have on their packaging. Also, you can consult a professional to ensure you are not negatively affected by using the oils.

How to Use CBD Massage Oil?

Rather than visiting a professional massage, one of the ways to spice up your love life is by getting some massage oil and handling the session yourself. One of the common questions people ask is how to use the infused oils.

Depending on how much potency you want, there are two main ways. The first option is to practice caution with the oils. Here, you buy ordinary massage oil and add a few drops of CBD tinctures or oils into your main product. After that, all you have to do is mix it up well and proceed with the session. In this case, you can be sure that the oil is less potent.

The other option is more direct. You only need to buy infused oil and use it for the session. Different brands have them in various potencies and flavors. For instance, you can get one with lavender flavor, mint, peppermint, and much more. These infused oils are more effective because each drop is highly potent. This choice may be best if you seek pain, anxiety, and stress-relieving benefits.

The main thing to note is that you, as the buyer, can choose to buy whatever product you want in whichever potency and flavor.


The toll of day-to-day activities builds up in your muscles and joints. One of the best ways to get rid of the same is through a deep tissue session with your favorite massage. The expansion of CBD into almost all industries has seen the introduction of CBD massage oil. How effective are these products? They are very effective. With several benefits during and after the session, it is only understandable that more and more people are joining in on the fun. With the diversity of oils, there is a flavor and potency for everyone.