Exciting Pranks To Do On Friends, Family, Or Relatives

pranks to do on friends

The word prank reminds many of us of our childhood. But you don’t need to be a kid to play exciting pranks to do on friends. 

Pranks are some fun tricks to fool your friends. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the prank must be hilarious instead of harmful. Avoid rudeness, childishness, harmful tricks, and damaging tricks and always keep your audience in mind. 

To be clear, many pranks are mean, and offensive too so whenever you prank anyone make sure that they do not find it offensive and rude. In this article, we have mentioned some of the best pranks to do on your friends without offending them. 

Best of all, we have divided some of the “harmless pranks” and “more hilarious pranks” for a customized prank experience. If you are planning to prank a person who has never been pranked before then you should go with harmless pranks. If you are planning to prank an experienced person you can go with the hilarious pranks. 

So, let’s discuss the list of some of the best pranks to do on friends:

Harmless food-related pranks:

When it comes to “how to prank someone” there are a lot of ways to do it. It can also include food and drinks. However, before trying these pranks make sure that the person you’re pranking does not have an allergy to any of the ingredients included in the food or does not have any health issues. As you don’t want silly pranks to turn out to be harmful pranks.

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Food eyes prank:

When it comes to adult pranks you can’t go wrong with googly eyes. To play this prank you need many sets of googly eyes. After this keep them with different stuff or keep them on the shelves in your refrigerator.

So, when they open the refrigerator they get a bit startled. However, make sure you laugh at the same time otherwise the prank won’t come out very funny. You can make this plan more fun by adding eyes to jars that already have printed faces or eyes on them.

Salted cookies:

Make a beautiful bag of homemade cookies and add salt instead of sugar. Keep the cookies in a very beautiful and attractive wrapper. After all this, leave the package in the kitchen or dining room, and do not forget to keep a camera with you to capture their facial expression when they take a bite.

Lemon water:

When you are serving a glass of water to your friends, mix a high amount of lemon in it or you can add vinegar or salt. However, make sure that your friend does not have an allergy to these ingredients. Record their expression as a response to the prank.

Household prank ideas:

Beyond just food, you can also play some household pranks on your friends. These pranks are perfect to play on roommates and family members. Make sure that when you’re pranking the person must not be in a hurry, since that can result in anger or hurt someone’s feelings. 

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Gooey phone:

Put a gooey product like on the phone or in the earbuds. Gooey products like toothpaste or peanut butter. However, don’t use gum, as it can damage the phone or the earbuds permanently. Also, it would be very hard to remove them all from the products. Other than this make sure that the person is not allergic to any of these products. 

Smaller shoe:

To play this prank put a cloth or socks inside the shoe of the person you’re pranking on. If you feel that this idea won’t come out funny then try it on another person and find out the reaction after that and play the same prank on your friend.

Balloons in the blanket:

Fill the bed of your friend with balloons and cover them with the mattress so that when your friend will sit on the bed the balloons will pop and your friend will get scared. It is one of the best ways to prank your friend with harmless ideas.

Door Trick:

While the victim is sleeping, open and close the door of their room and make them feel like it’s a ghost in their room. This trick always works when it comes to a harmless prank. However, if your friend or family mate is very scared of ghosts and stuff do not try this trick as it can lead to a fight. 

Lawn prank:

Who said that pranks can be done at home only? Let’s do something unique and go with the lawn prank ideas. 

Heart Attack prank:

When you are at a park with your friends pretend like you are having a heart attack and feeling pain in your chest and see their reaction to it. After 10-15 minutes, act normal in front of your friend and make them feel like they got fooled. Also, it is the best Valentine’s and Galentine prank.

Forking the front yard:

Poke hundred of forks in the front yard of your friend. The main thing is forking to destroy the yard as it aerates the ground when you remove them. Try to do this prank at midnight so in the morning when your friend goes to their yard they feel confused about who did this and after this when you meet to tell them that you did this prank to annoy them.

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Funny car pranks:

There are a lot of ways to perform harmless car pranks on your friends or family. Like: wrap the whole car with plastic paper, pasting printed paper on the car, putting a warning letter on the window, leaving food on the car, painting the car with washable paint, etc. however, before playing these pranks make sure that your friend is not very obsessed with their car. Otherwise, this prank will turn out in a bad condition.

Avoid Harmful pranks:

Whether your prank is very good or very bad. It doesn’t matter when the prank causes any type of harm to the victim. So, make sure when you prank someone you do the pranks as per their choices and preferences. Like if your friend is afraid of ghosts do not play scary pranks, or if your friend is obsessed with their stuff do not do any pranks that can damage those stuff because it can create some grudges between you guys.

After all, pranks are supposed to be fun for both people, not hurtful.

Facts about pranks:

Following are some of the best prank facts that you must have not heard before:

  • The word “prank” was founded in Dutch
  • American humor writer H. Aleen Smith wrote a book about a complete practical joker, this book got very popular and pranks came into the trend.
  • American painter Hugh Troy is best known for his legendary pranks.
  • The true date of April fool is still unclear
  • In Scotland, April Fools’ Day has been historically referred to as Huntigowk Day.
  • In Spanish-speaking countries, 28th December is considered the April fool day

Final words:

If you are willing to play some great pranks on your friends, family, or relatives, we have mentioned a bunch of Exciting pranks to do on Friends. Like: heart attack pranks, car pranks, door pranks, gooey phone, etc. All these pranks are harmless and fun to play. However, if your friend is a very serious person you should not annoy them by doing any pranks, as these silly pranks can hurt their feelings.

Hope you liked the article and found the best prank to play on your friends. If yes, hit the like button and mention which of the pranks you are going to play on your friends or family.

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