5 Best Augmented Reality Applications For Android And IOS

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Not everyone is aware of what Augmented Reality (AR) means. The AR is an interactive way of experiencing environments found in real life. There are objects that you can see because of the enhanced and developed modifications that are computer-generated. Augmented reality can give an olfactory, visual, somatosensory, and auditory fun experience for all users.

Augmented reality is simple yet still fun at the same time. These applications are fun to experience in the real-world by using devices that you have. The AR uses your device’s cameras to capture, sensor, and project data that are processed. These AR technologies can be experienced through apps available to install on your Android and iOS devices.

The Civilizations AR

This application is considered one of the best AR apps that you could install or download on any of your mobile devices. This application is partnered with the documentary series of BBC, thus creating the name BBC’s Civilizations AR. This great application will allow users to be educated on historical artifacts by viewing them through mobile phones.

This is a fun way of experiencing the wonders of the world by looking at your phone. The civilization AR application is known for its clear and very informational features that can make people learn about things they have never seen before. This is a great and fun way to learn about ancient ruins and places that you can examine from places around the world.

Each of the artifacts that you see on these applications is rendered in a three-dimensional way to give you an experience similar to the real world. You can use extended features for examining objects or mummies by using the Civilizations AR’s x-ray feature. Through this, you can see what the past looked like and how it became the way it is now.


We all know what Instagram is because of its popularity. This platform is best known for its fun way of sharing photos and stories online. You might not know this, but Instagram placed tools that have augmented reality to make the stories that you post more fun and exciting. Nowadays, people use filters, and those filters AR is incorporated for a more cooling effect.

The Google Lens

If you are familiar with the Google Goggles, this application can do the same features that the Google Goggles did. Knowing that it has the same functionalities, the Google lens is said to be better and magical. This application can let users point to any objects by using their smartphones, and the Google lens will do wonders by the integrated augmented reality.

If you let the application identify the object you are pointing to, it will give you suggestions on places where you can find and purchase the item and give you alternatives that you should consider. This Google Lens can be suitable for people who want to shop efficiently and explore unfamiliar places because of its detailed landmarks.

The Pokemon Go

If you are a fan of pokemon and want to collect pokemon balls in a different but lifelike way, then Pokemon Go is one of the best-augmented reality introduced to people on a world scale. Using this application will allow you to go out and find the Pokeball you need to capture. It became a favorite of people since they find it fun to go around places looking for Pokeball.

The Machines

The Machines application is not freely accessible. This is a purchasing application that costs $4.99 for Android and iOS. This game is one of the best Augmented reality games you could ever find on mobile phones. This can make you play on a battlefield that is close to reality. A multiplayer game wherein you can think of tactics and strategies to win.


The augmented reality should not be mixed up or get confused with the Virtual reality (VR) because the virtual reality only takes place in a virtually sophisticated environment. This AR works well with its unique technology to transform the real world with added information digitally.  The VR, on the other hand, is somehow distinctive or far from real-word.