Is There a Difference Between Dewberries and Blackberries?

Dewberries vs Blackberries

dewberry vs blackberry – Even though dewberries and blackberries are both members of the same species, there are significant variations between the two. Even though the Dewberry and the Blackberry are technically related, you’re wondering what makes the Dewberry so unique and how Dewberry vs Blackberry is a legitimate comparison. 

In order to help you better comprehend both dewberries and blackberries, this essay will draw comparisons and contrasts between the two. We’ll talk about how they look and feel, what they’re used for, where they thrive, and how they taste. Now is the time to start studying these two types of berries. Let’s discuss everything you should know about Dewberry vs Blackberry. 

Distinctive Features of Blackberries and Dewberries

A dewberry is distinct from a blackberry in many important ways. Blackberries, on the other hand, grow on bushes, whereas dewberries prefer the ground. Blackberries, in comparison to dewberries, usually contain more seeds. Blackberries, in contrast to the common Dewberry, tend to have a glossier look. 

Let’s go further into these distinctions right now. 

Comparing Dewberries with Blackberries

The comparison between Dewberry and Blackberry includes both members of the same plant family; however, they are two distinct types of the same species. For instance, The black and blueberry are both members of the Rubus family, albeit they have distinct scientific names. Blackberries are called Rubus allegheniensis, while dewberries are called Rubus flagellaris. 

At first sight, blackberries and dewberries might seem extremely similar. They have eerily similar colouring, both being a shade of purple-black. On the other hand, blackberries often contain more drupelets and seeds than a typical dewberry. Similarly to blackberries, dewberries may be less glossy because of their waxy covering.

Also, the growth habits of dewberries and blackberries are distinct. Blackberries grow on bushes and are more erect, whereas dewberries grow on vines that trail down the ground. If you are not acquainted with these berries and their growth in the wild, it might be easier to determine the difference between the two plants. 

Benefits of Dewberries vs. Blackberries

Due to their appearance, taste, and texture similarities, blackberries and dewberries have numerous applications. The young leaves of several plants, including the Dewberry and the Blackberry, are used to make beverages and medicines. Depending on your geographic location, any of these berries may be used to make a delicious cobbler or pie. Depending on availability, many individuals use dewberries instead of blackberries. 

Hardiness Regions for Dewberries and Blackberries

Both dewberries and blackberries thrive in the same conditions and may be found in the same places. Blackberries and dewberries, for instance, may be grown in hardiness zones 5 through 10; thus, they are adaptable to a wide range of conditions. The European Dewberry, for example, is a kind that does particularly well in colder climates. Both of these plants are rare because of their adaptability to different environments and their resistance to drought and cold. 

Flavor and Texture of Dewberries and Blackberries

We’ve shown that dewberry flavour can stand in for blackberry flavour in several contexts. Many people say that dewberries have a more pronounced and sharp flavour than regular blackberries. Blackberries are more often seen in commercial settings, while dewberries are typically collected fresh by foragers. 


How delicious are dewberries compared to blackberries?

Blackberries have a somewhat higher sugar content and lower acidity than dewberries. There are over 200 species of the Rubus family, including blackberries. Dewberries are low-growing and purple. They’re a perennial subshrub that needs help growing up straight since they’re not fully shrubby.

What is a dewberry similar to?

Dewberries, a relative of the more familiar blackberry, may be found growing wild all throughout the United States but are particularly prevalent in the South.

Are dewberries really berries?

Both North America and northern Europe are home to dewberries. Fruits produced by these plants are not only delicious when eaten fresh but also work well in baked goods, jams, and preserves.


Both berries have benefits, so it comes down to personal taste. Keep in mind that blackberries, on average, contain more seeds than dewberries, yet picking any berry carelessly may stain your hands and clothing. If you want to cultivate something different in your yard, a good strategy is to diversify from the standard blackberry plant. The Dewberry may become your go-to berry. The above-listed portion has explained everything you should know about Dewberry vs Blackberry.