5 Health Benefits Of Eating Avocado

health benefits of avocados

This post is based on the health benefits of eating avocados on skin, heart, eyes, weight loss, and overall body health. 

Avocados are one of the superfoods that are widely consumed by people all over the world. Avocado is obtained from the avocado tree, which has a scientific name called Persea Americana. This fruit is known for its tightly packed nutrients and its ability to add in the different types of dishes.

Avocados are the fruits that are included in the list of ingredients of so many dishes due to their rich texture and flavor. Avocados are the main ingredient in the Guacamole.

These days, avocados are on the buzz for those individuals who follow a healthy lifestyle. They are superfoods recommended by expert nutritionists to make them a part of their diet.

Avocados are known for their potential advantages to health like reducing depression, improve digestion, prevent the risk of cancer, anti-aging properties, and healthy fat content.

This article contains five proven health benefits of eating avocados supported by scientific facts and researched studies that you are looking for.

Health Benefits Of Eating Avocado

Avocados are the superfoods having numerous health benefits to your hairs, skin, weight loss, and overall health of the body. The health benefits that are mention below are all scientifically proven. Thus, avocados are the best fruits to include in your diet, especially for those who are health-conscious.

1.High In Nutritional Value

It is proven that avocados are high in nutritional value and contain a wide variety of nutrients, consist of 20 different types of minerals and vitamins.

Avocados come in different shapes and sizes, like pear shape, round, black and green peel, however, all have the same kind of nutritional value in it.

A 100 grams serving of avocado contain, 26% of Vitamin K DV, 17% of Vitamin C DV, 20% of Folate DV, 14% of Potassium DV, 10% of Vitamin E DV, 13% of Vitamin B5 DV, and 13% of Vitamin B6 DV. It is a fact that avocados contain more amounts of potassium than that of Bananas, thus help individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure issues.

Avocados also consist of small amounts of copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, and B3.

2.Contains Monounsaturated Fatty Acids

Avocados are rich in healthy fat content, and 77% of calories are derived from fat. Due to its high-fat content, avocados are one of the fattiest plant-based food on the planet.

Avocados not only contain fat, but its majority fat also contains Oleic Acid, a monounsaturated fat that has lots of health benefits.

Oleic Acid is known for its properties that may reduce the inflammation levels and risk associated with cancer.

3.High In Fiber

Avocados are also high in fiber, along with lots of nutrients. The fiber in avocados benefits to our body like in weight loss, reduce the blood sugar level as well as lower the risks of many chronic diseases.

Avocados contain both types of fiber soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers are known for gut-friendly bacteria which assist in the optimal functioning of the body organ.

A 100 grams of avocado contains 27% of RDA, which is about 7 grams of fiber per serving. Avocado contains 25% soluble fiber and 75% of the insoluble fiber.

4.Avocado Fat Help In Absorbing Nutrients

You are not only concerned about consuming plenty of nutrients, but you also want to absorb all the nutrients you eat properly.

This is the primary concern these days for all of the health-conscious individuals. Some nutrients also fat-soluble, thus it is important to intake good fat to utilize those nutrients.

Vitamins like A, E, D, and K are fat-soluble nutrients, along with carotenoids antioxidants.

Studies suggest that adding avocado and avocado oil to your meals can increase the absorption of antioxidants and nutrients up to 75%.

5.Help In Protecting Eyes

Avocados not only help in the absorption of antioxidants from other foods, but they also contain high amounts of antioxidants.

Avocados contain high amounts of antioxidants like zeaxanthin and carotenoids, which are essential for improving the health of the eyes.

Research studies show that carotenoids and zeaxanthin are associated with reduced risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Thus, consuming one avocado daily in your diet can have miraculous benefits in improving the health of your eye.

Bottom Line 

As you have come across some of the amazing benefits of eating avocados, you can try to include them in your diet. Avocados have great impacts on your overall health from gut to eyes.

Thus, Avocados are scientifically considered as an excellent plant-based source of nutrients, which are lacking in the modern diet. Avocados are also best for those who are looking for weight loss, improving heart health, skin texture, and also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. You can consume avocados in any way you want like making smoothies, adding in dishes, or making salad. You can find so many easy avocado recipe that can be prepared within 10 minutes and with fewer ingredients.