5 Sustainable Jewelry Choices from Rare Carat



Consumers are becoming overly conscious to ensuring that consumer behavior does not lead to a negative impact on other people and the environment. Similarly, responsible companies in the diamond industry are renewing their commitment to enhancing the dignity of human beings and in protecting the environment. Responsible companies such as Rare Carat have made it an official policy to practice sustainability when they are trading in diamonds. This is in the spirit of increasing the level of accountability in the industry.

This article is going to explore 5 sustainable jewelry choices from Rare Carat that emphasize on sustainability.

5 Sustainability in the Jewelry Industry

Recycling of diamonds

Recycling of diamonds is one of the best practices that helps the diamond industry to be sustainable. In the diamond sector, individuals will always seek to dispose their diamonds for one reason or the other. Rare Carat has done an excellent job in making a match between those who want to dispose their diamonds and those who may want to buy a diamond. They deal with all kinds of diamonds including 1 ct loose diamond. This creates a win-win situation for everyone

Fair trade practices

Fair trade practices are values, principles, and laws, that ensure that the workers are protected, empowered, and most importantly, ensure that they are not exploited. At the center of this is to ensure that the workers receive a fair wage. Rare Carat ensures that the employees receive a very fair compensation and that they are given other incentives such as flexibility and job satisfaction. Rare Carat holds that the employees are its most important asset.

Avoiding conflict diamonds

Rare Carat has been very vocal in ensuring that it does not do business with players that deal with conflict diamonds. It does this by ensuring that all the suppliers are vetted, and that they do not do any business with suppliers that are not willing to fully disclose the source of the diamonds. The company is very careful to ensure that the earnings from the sale of diamonds do not fuel any way. This is done through following the Kimberley Process in order to increase transparency when dealing with diamonds. Rare Carat also ensures that the consumers are informed about this process.

The diamond industry and energy sustainability

The diamond industry is known to consume a lot of energy. This is more so when you are dealing with diamonds which are mined naturally. The question becomes how best to manage the issue of energy. What reputable companies are doing is to ensure that they use clean energy when they are processing diamonds. However, the process of the transition to clean energy will not come in a day, but it requires some time. The best transition is usually a gradual transition to clean energy.

The lab grown diamonds

Some consumers have some doubt about lab grown diamonds and whether they are as good as their natural counterparts. The fact is that the lab grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as the natural ones, and only an expert can tell a lab grown diamond from a natural one.

The mining of diamonds in some parts of the world was categorized as a human disaster that came with blood diamonds. Modern diamond dealers want to distance themselves from this past by making lab grown diamonds. Such lab grown diamonds are not tainted. The lab grown diamonds bring cheaper diamond alternatives.

Unlike the natural diamonds, the lab grown diamonds do not have a direct impact on planet earth. On their part, the natural diamonds can cause irreversible damage to the planet, something that the lab grown diamonds do not do. In addition to that, there are a number of illegal diamond mines that do not adhere to the best environmental management practices. Lab grown diamonds are made in the lab as the name says, and they are known to follow best practices in environmental protection.


The diamond industry has a lot of potential in the coming years, but this success must be celebrated within the context of sustainability. Reputable diamond companies such as Rare Carat will be committed to the issue of sustainability, and will budget for the same. Overall, sustainability in the diamond industry is not a choice but an ethical responsibility.