5 Vacation Laundry Tips to Make Your Travels Easier


Laundry can be an issue even if you stay at home for most of the year. But when you add travels to the mix, things can get a bit tricky. Finding the place to do your laundry while traveling can be downright stressful, especially if you’re not familiar with your new destination. So here are some amazing vacation laundry tips that will make your travels so much easier from now on. 

1. Learn the art of handwashing 

If you’re traveling for short, and you have a few sensitive garments that need washing, then the sink is your safest bet. Hand-washing is also super convenient since it is quick and eco-friendly. Socks, underwear, and t-shirts are all easily washed in the sink, however, make sure to rinse them thoroughly and properly, so there won’t be remains of soap present. Hand-washing can also be done in a bathtub, however, that will also require you to stay at a place that has one. A sink is always the safest option, especially if you have only a few basic garments that need washing. 

2. Use the hotel/cruise ship laundry service

Regardless of whether you’re staying in a hotel, or you’re traveling on a cruise ship, one thing is likely certain: there’s got to be some type of laundry service available. This is easily checked beforehand, so make sure to contact the hotel and ask directly, mainly if there’s no info provided on their official website. Once you make sure there is a laundry service, your job is to package all your dirty clothes and give that to the hotel staff. However, this option might be a bit costly, so be sure to check the pricing in advance. 

3. Look for local laundry services

If you’re choosing to stay in private accommodation, that doesn’t have a laundry machine, then local laundry services are your best friend. In case you’re planning to travel to New Jersey or nearby, then check out services that do laundry in Hoboken, and you’ll have a carefree and fun-filled vacation. Once you take care of that, you won’t have to worry about staining your clothes anymore while traveling. Plus, using local laundry services is great as it helps the local economy. 

4. Bring your own laundry items 

Those who prefer to do their laundry while traveling should always bring their own laundry items, in order to avoid unnecessary costs. However, if you’re packing all the products seems like too much work, then it’s best to opt for travel-sized laundry items. There are brands that offer travel-sized versions of their regularly-sized products. Also, detergent pods are the most convenient option, if you want to do only two to three wash cycles. So it is up to you to choose whether you’ll repackage your laundry products at home or buy travel-sized laundry items. 

5. Use a laundry bag to keep things organized 

A laundry bag is a great product that you should pack whenever you’re traveling. Its primary use is to keep dirty laundry separate, so it won’t get mixed with clean garments. You don’t need to buy a specialized laundry bag, because a regular canvas bag will be more than enough. In case you want a different option, you can make your own, or choose storage-sized zipper-lock plastic bags, as they’ll also work. Besides, this way of organizing laundry will help you lose fewer garments that tend to get lost regularly, such as socks.


Traveling to a new place means you’ll have to make certain changes in your routine if you want to keep your laundry clean. These tips will help there, as long as you keep everything organized and neat.