How do you eat Rillettes, and what can I serve with them?


You definitely remember the first time you tried rillettes. It could be at a friend’s housewarming, or a dinner party served as an appetizer before dinner. Eating them out of a small bowl, they were like little spoonful of paradise. But you might have since wondered how and what the best way to eat them with is. We did a little research and decided to share it in this post. So, how can you enjoy rillettes?

Rillettes are best eaten a few days after they have been cooked, when the flavors have had a chance to blend, but they are also delicious eaten immediately. They are often eaten with slices of bread, baguettes, sandwiches, crostini, and melba toast.

What are Rillettes?

Rillettes, pronounced “ree-yett,” is a rich meat spread, that can be prepared with various kinds of meat, like pork or duck. The rillettes duck cooks in its fat with a few herbs and seasonings. The duck rillettes that FoieGood offers is an amazing spreadable duck confit meat, a texture quite like pâté. It is made with duck meat, the most noble part of a duck, and simmered in a bath of extra virgin olive oil until they are reduced to being tender ribbons of meat.  

Types of Rillettes

Pork Rillettes

This is the most popular rillette recipe. It tastes great spread over toasted baguettes with fig jam and a sprinkle of freshly cracked black pepper and salt.

Duck Rillettes

Duck rillettes have a buttery flavor like duck butter. A creamy duck spread ecstasy; it is a great idea for tasty holiday gifts or housewarming gifts. It tastes great spread on toasted bread, steamed buns, or sandwiches. It goes great on tacos too.

Turkey Rillettes

This is a brilliant way to put leftover roasted turkey from Thanksgiving dinner to good use, though it is still worth it to make it from scratch with fresh turkey. The best parts of the turkeys are the thighs. They are savory and perfect for slow cooking.

Other types of rillettes include:

  • Rabbit rillettes
  • Goose rillettes
  • Chicken rillettes
  • Salmon rillettes
  • Sardine rillettes
  • Tuna rillettes
  • Trout rillettes

What can you serve with Rillettes?

Rillettes can be served with a variety of delicious side dishes. They go well with the savory delights of a charcuterie board. With appetizers like cheeses, olives, and nuts, as well as fresh and dried fruits, sweet jams or jelly, vegetables, dipping sauce, and your own culinary wild cards in between, you have got yourself a delicious supper.

Rillettes can also be enjoyed alone while watching a movie or sporting event, such as a basketball game or the Super Bowl, paired with a glass of wine or a cool bottle of beer. They are regarded as a high-class snack and provide an ideal substitute for popcorn on such occasions.

Cold beers pair nicely with pork rillettes, whereas wines complement duck rillettes.

Wine to Pair with Duck Rillettes:

  • Red Saint Estephe
  • Sparkling white champagne
  • Red Saint Julien
  • Red Coteaux Champenois


We hope these ideas have helped you figure out how to best serve and eat rillettes. You should try it out sometime, whether it is with friends or while resting with a good book on a hot summer day. Simply prepare a batch and enjoy!