5e Hold Person Guide: How Does It Work?

5e Hold Person

5e hold person – You may target one additional humanoid for each spell slot degree above the second when you use a spell slot of the third level or above to perform this curse. If you shoot at the humanoids, they must be within 20 meters of one another.

Could a wild form survive the Hold Person spell in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?

To use Wild Shape in the first place, as mentioned in another response, you first need the ability to behave properly. 5e Hold Person prevents you from executing simultaneously at the same moment.

Secondly, transforming a person being held into a monster wouldn’t liberate them either. The restriction that it must first target a humanoid only applies to the first casting of the spell.

Is the 5e DND spell Hold Person effective?

Among the most effective spells in the sport against human players is Hold Person 5e. Indeed, if they miss one escape throughout a one-on-one, you’ve wasted your sentence trying to stop an adversary from spending a turn, which isn’t helpful. However, DnD could be a cooperative game. All your teammates are fighting with an advantage during that single twist, and if they are nearby, they automatically receive critical hits. That might sabotage any boss battle with a humanoid foe.

Although held animals are immobile and mute, they can still use non-verbal abilities and are aware of their surroundings. Eternity does not halt when you’re imprisoned, thus causing persistent injuries and illnesses.

What in 5e is a Cyborg?

Since the language of this hex specifically mentions a humanoid, I interpreted it to refer to creatures of the humanoid kind. However, the beast in the cage refers to “a beast.” It states that it does not apply to the undead (which hold Person omitted to mention).

As a “making a decision right now and returning afterward to keep the competition going” at the dinner table. I decided that the sorcerer might try it, but as a concession, the monster would receive an edge on its defense attempt. The caster ultimately decided on quite a change course. Upon additional consideration, I suppose I was correct when I initially concluded that the text heavily uses the phrase “humanoid.”

It couldn’t function because demons also have the corpse variety (mostly since hold monster, the bigger-better version, does not work on undead at all). However, before I reach a final decision, I’m curious to hear from anyone else.

In the game’s early stages, the deceased have traditionally been impervious to “charm, hold, and sleep” spells. It makes sense that detaining a creature [or Person] wouldn’t function on corpses.

Dead folks don’t rest. They are either thoughtless, or their thoughts are filled with adverse experiences or toxic impulses. Not a “regular brain” that could be affected by some fundamental enchantment-type rituals, with sleep, enchantment, and hold all being present from the beginning.

In 5e, is it possible to hold a vampire?

In 5e, can a creature hold another person?

Except for walking dead, hold creatures operates on all types of monsters. Only humanoids can use Hold Person. Humanoids fall under animals; therefore, holding monsters also affects them.

Is a gigantic a 5e humanoid?

Summary. Giants are massive, human-like animals with exceptional abilities. Giants can see in low-light conditions. They share no additional unique traits or protections as a group.

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What creature in D&D 5e is the toughest?



The Tarrasque is among the most deadly creature in the newest edition of D&D, but it was even more effective in earlier versions.  When they were first killed, you had to use a desire or wonder spell to stop them from reviving, but that has since retconned.

The Ranger’s Preferred Enemy and Primordial Sight, the Oath of the Ancients Paladin’s twist, the Godless, and other character abilities, can attack fey entities.

You are vulnerable to several charms like Protection from Evil and Good, Magic Circle, and Devoid of life yet resistant against others such as Hold Person, which targets humanoids in particular.

I compiled the accompanying categories by searching for the books:

  • Animated Still, Dead Emotions
  • Charming Ceremony People
  • King of Insanity
  • dominant individual

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What are the abilities and class characteristics that affect fey but not humans?

  • An occult abjuration (Cleric of the Arcana Domain)
  • Connect to Nature
  • Fey Conjure
  • Call on Woodland Creatures
  • Recognize right and wrong
  • the Great Divine Sense and Evil (Paladin)
  • Sacred Word’s Favored Opponent* (Ranger, can impact humanoids)
  • Forbiddance\Hallow