The Market for Lab-Grown Diamonds


Diamonds have always been one of the favorites for women and men. But because of its hefty price tag, many people cannot afford to buy them. However, the diamonds created in laboratories are quite affordable, even though they are real diamonds. In recent years, the market for lab created diamonds has increased rapidly and it is still expanding. Being physically, optically, and chemically identical to that of natural (mined) diamonds, people are more attracted to lab-created diamonds.

Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are more environment-friendly and ethically better because they are produced in laboratories using cutting-edge technologies. Just like a natural diamond, you can distinguish the lab-grown diamonds based on 4Cs i.e., color, carat weight, cut, and clarity. In this article, we will focus mainly on the clarity. Want to know more about the lab-grown diamond clarity chart. Read on.

Clarity Chart for Diamonds

Clarity of a diamond is one of the 4Cs and it is used for evaluating the quality as well as the price of a diamond. This characteristic determines the presence or absence of any flaws in a diamond. Based on clarity, diamonds are rated on a scale of Included to Flawless. Here is the detailed chart:

 Flawless or FL

This is the highest rating in the clarity chart of a diamond. FL refers to a diamond where no flaws i.e. blemished or inclusions are visible even when it is magnified 10 times.

 Internally Flawless or IF

This is the second-best rating which means there is no inclusion visible when magnified. But there are some blemishes present in the diamond.

Very, Very Slightly Included or VVS

Under this classification, there are two subdivisions – VVS1 and VVS2. Here, the inclusions are quite difficult to see even when it is magnified 10 times. But it can be visible to only a trained diamond grader.

Very Slightly Included or VS

This one can be further classified into VS1 and VS2. Diamonds that fall under this clarity classification have inclusions that are visible when magnified but very minor. They do not affect the appearance of the diamond.

 Slight Included or SI

Here, the inclusions are not only noticeable when the diamonds are under 10 times magnification but are also visible to the naked eye. However, these inclusions do not affect the beauty of the diamond.

Included or I1/I2/I3

This is the lowest rating in the diamond clarity chart. Here, the blemishes are quite visible to the naked eye and these can affect the beauty and durability of the diamond.

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