How Much Is Dre mcCray Net Worth?

Dre mcCray

Dre mcCray – Dre kept Von’s condition a secret from his friends and family and started posting about him as content online. The hashtag Justice For Von was created when Von’s mother discovered her son’s condition on social media after Dre revealed Von was in a coma.

What Do Dre and Von McCray Do? 

Over 8 years have passed since Dre McCray and Von McCray started dating.  Marvon McCray is the full name of Von. He was a Marine who, supposedly due to a knee injury, was honourably dismissed in 2018. Dre is his wife, on the other hand. Her complete name is Entrepreneur and online influencer Andrea McCray. Before expanding to other social media sites, she began making makeup lessons on Facebook. 

Currently, she boasts 637k Facebook fans and 36k TikTok subscribers. Dre started a YouTube channel called The Dre McCray Tribe in January 2022, where she regularly shared family news and makeup techniques. She runs a variety of sellers under a jewellery company called Bling By XYO and owns the company.

How Did Von Develop Brain Damage? 

Von Mccray attempted suicide one day, which resulted in a brain injury. The police report states that the pair frequently fought, argued, and had marital issues. On the day Dre found him and called 911, Von tried to take his own life and was taken to a local hospital. 

Von McCray’s family was not informed about his suicide attempt, according to Dre McCray and Von McCray. 

Von’s wife forgot to tell his family that a suicide attempt left him with a brain injury. Instead, she disseminated recordings of her husband having seizures. She also changed his diet to a vegan one. They found out about it through those videos. 

Von was on the vent because of his convulsions, according to Dre. Unfortunately, a restraining order set to expire on June 30, 2022, prevented Von’s mother from seeing her son.  Von’s union with Dre led to the restraining order.  Von’s mother used social media to trend the hashtag Justice for Von to achieve this.

Did Dre McCray assault Von McCray, her husband? 

Netizens are perplexed by the Von McCray drama since his wife, Dre McCray, is exploiting his tragic narrative for social media popularity. As a result of Von McCray’s health issues, he may have attempted suicide, which may have permanently damaged his brain. 

The wife of a person should be in mourning when her spouse attempts suicide, right? Dre McCray doesn’t seem discouraged, though; she continues to upload her typical content with Von prominently displayed so that she may draw attention to it. Dre hopes that sympathy for Von will garner attention on social media. 

  • Dre is now being accused of abusing her husband by internet users due to her carelessness with Von. Some even believe that demons possess her. Even a user suspected she had previously used an invisible poison to poison her husband. Most internet users are horrified because they think she is exploiting her husband’s misfortune to gain followers on social media.
  • She doesn’t seem to care as much about his well-being or safety. To look into the matter and find Von’s killer, several individuals phone the police.

4 hospitals have rejected Dre McCray and Von McCray’s request. I’ll Admit Von Von suffered a knee injury and was later released from the military. Due to brain damage from what appears to have been a suicide attempt, he is currently in a vegetative state.  Dre McCray, his wife, is posting social media updates about his miserable state of affairs.  Interestingly, four institutions have refused to continue treating Von because his wife disobeys medical advice and obstructs his care.

Dre McCray Salary

Their financial worth significantly influences a person’s successful career. Only a person’s net worth can define their success; thus, everyone seems keen to know how much worth is celebrities and other popular people. Therefore, one of the topics that people are eager to learn more about their favourite stars is their net worth. Check out Dre McCray’s net worth currently. As of 2022, Dre McCray’s net worth is around $285K. 


We hope that Von receives the appropriate medical care soon and that he also receives the justice he deserves soon.