Rapper Eazy-E – 11 Children with 8 Different Women

Eazy-E children

Eazy-e children – Mike Klein, his employee, was among the many people who fought Wood’s claim to Eazy-E’s empire. In his lawsuit, Klein said the rapper was drugged in his final days, forcing him to sign over entire empire to Woods.

According to Klein, he was under heavy medication when he signed the marriage certificate. Klein believed he had a claim to half of the firm, as the rapper turned it over to him in 1992. However, Eazy-E’s attorneys Ronald Sweeney and Woods, quickly denied the claims.

The death of rap superstar Eazy-E in 1995 left just a small group of young fans to continue his work, and eazy-e children were shocked. Eight women, most unknown, are said to have contributed to the icon’s offspring. Eric Wright, better known by his stage name Eazy-E, was only married once, but their big blended family helped propel Wright’s music career to new heights. Numerous people think his numerous offspring are evidence that his multiple affairs caused his death in 2015 from AIDS with women.

 The artist’s offspring, some of whom have achieved similar levels of success as their father, have long since refuted this assertion. Even though it hasn’t been verified, it’s been said that Eazy-E had eleven kids with 8 different women. Remarkably, he accomplished so much for himself, his family, and his career before he was thirty. Let’s discuss everything you should know about eazy-e children in detail. 

Eazy- E Children’s Names

All of Eazy-E’s offspring are now successful adults in their chosen fields. The children have different mothers, but they all share a strong desire to carry on their father’s work. Famous people like  Erin Wright, Lil Eazy-E, ReeMarkable, Baby Eazy-E (E3), Marquise Wright and Daijah Wright, are the late icon’s children. David and Raven Wright, Dominick Wright,  Elijah and Erica Wright are some of his other children. Unfortunately, the several women who bore the eazy-e children remain primarily unknown outside of brief appearances on their children’s social media profiles.

Dominick Wright


Erin Wright (now officially known as Ebie Wright), the daughter of Eazy-E, was left in the care of her mother, Tracy Jernagin, after he went away when she was just four years old. Ebie thanked her dad for trusting the best person in the world with her life on Father’s Day. She spoke highly of her mother, saying she had done an excellent job of parenting in her absence. Ebie included a picture of her smiling parents holding her as a newborn in the post. According to her online profiles, Jernagin enjoys cooking, designing, and spending time with dogs, among other things. She decided to become a music executive.


Born in 1984, Lil Eazy-E is the eldest of eazy-e children. His parents divorced shortly after he was born, but the rapper never stopped trying to be the most incredible father he could be. Lil Eazy-E claims that his mother was his first love, first infatuation, and first lady. Their love continued to grow even after they broke up and his mother remarried.

In June, the artist remembered his mother’s request that he inquire from his father whether he still loved her on her 55th birthday. So when spending the weekend with Eazy-E, he posed the question to Eazy-E, and the rapper confirmed his suspicions. The birthday message included a picture of Lil Eazy-E’s mother, who was shown to be both youthful and attractive in a pink crocheted robe.

Mother of Remarkable

Successful musician and daughter of Eazy-E, ReeMarkable, has sometimes blogged about her famous father. The May posts featured the East Atlanta native’s mother in recognition of Mother’s Day. Among the photos were the musician’s mother, @iamdejavu_, holding her as an infant, and the two ladies, who seem to be twins, posing together as adults.

Artist describes her mother as “the pretty original gangsta” in the caption. However, she didn’t sugarcoat the fact that her mother was the one who instilled in her the value of hard work. The nurturing home environment helped shape Remarkable (Cherrin Wright) into the strong woman she is today.


Eazy-E’s sole wife was Tomica Woods, and they had two children together, Daijah and Dominick. Twelve days after their September 1995 wedding, the rapper died of complications from AIDS. Woods was expecting Daijah, her first child when the rapper tragically died. Surprisingly, not one of his children contracted the virus that causes AIDS after his death. Nevertheless, the names of the eazy- e children became highly famous after his death. 

Woods was saddened by the tragic end that had befallen the rap legend, mainly as his many lovers and business colleagues fought over who would inherit his empire. Astonished, the 26-year-old widow said many people who admitted to knowing Wright had never really lived with him. Woods went on to say that despite what he was taught, his life was about more than money. Several lengthy battles ensued when Woods inherited her late husband’s record label, Ruthless Records.


Wood’s employee Mike Klein was one of several persons who disputed Wood’s claim to Eazy-E’s enterprise. Klein said in his complaint that the rapper signed over his business to Woods because he was under the influence of heavy medication in his dying days.

Klein claims that the marriage certificate signature was likewise collected when the signer was under the influence of drugs. Since the rapper had given Klein half of the company in 1992, Klein felt he had a right to it. However, Woods and Eazy-E’s lawyer Ronald Sweeney strongly refuted the allegations.

Eazy-E children


How many children does eazy e have?

He has 11 children.

What do eazy e children look like today?

Every child of Eazy e is fully grown up and doing exceptionally well. 

How did eazy-e die?

It is speculated that Wright’s sexual relationship was the source of his illness. During the week of March 20, having reconciled with Ice Cube, he sent a farewell letter to his followers. Eazy-E passed away on March 26, 1995, one month after being diagnosed with AIDS due to pneumonia.

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