Awesome Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

above ground pool deck ideas

Making above ground pool deck ideas, a reality can benefit your property in several ways.

For starters, they’re really useful. Every pool requires a nearby location for at least a couple of loungers, and a deck will give a stable basis that is ideal for the task. In addition, with a wider deck, you can transform your pool area into a social hub equipped with a BBQ, fire pit, and dining set – ideal for a summer pool party.

The visual attractiveness of putting a deck around your above ground pool is another significant advantage. The greatest above ground pool deck design ideas blend in with their surroundings, and a sleek deck will assist these features.

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Pros and Cons of above ground pool deck ideas

As convenient as they appear, above-ground pools offer advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the benefits and downsides of an above ground pool that you should be aware of to help you assess your options.


Simple to construct and disassemble: In-ground pools require the services of a specialist. It requires extensive excavating, insulation, and leveling. Above-ground pools require assembly. It would have little effect on the scenery, you could deconstruct it when the wet season or winter arrived, and you could carry it with you if you were to relocate unexpectedly.

Safety: Above-ground pools are 48-52 inches deep, which means they are shallower than in-ground pools. All of them are strengthened with encircling handles to avoid slipping.

Affordability: The cost difference between in-ground and above-ground pools can cost somewhere around tens of thousands of dollars. Again, you don’t need a lot of supplies or work, and because they aren’t permanent fixtures in the home, they are frequently non-taxable and don’t require construction permits.

Low maintenance: The elevation of the pool deck is beneficial as, insects and leaves cannot readily fall. Aside from that, you can easily add a pool cover for it, and if it becomes broken or damaged on the bottom or sides, patching it is less expensive than the damage cost of in-ground pools.


Lifespan: Above-ground pools may survive up to 15 years, comparable to the 20-year or longer lifespan of in-ground pools.

Above-ground pools are also more prone to harm from the weather. This covers storm and snow-related damage. Again, you’re looking at enormous spills.

Versatility: You can always improve your above ground pool, but your options are restricted. It cannot include, for example, a pool deck or a diving board. And, with a maximum depth of 52 inches, it can’t compete with in-ground pools for diving enjoyment.

Overall appearance: If you want an elegant poolside, don’t expect much from the above-ground pool grounds.

They appear to be hot baths. Some even go so far as to describe it as a bigger kiddie pool. As a result, above-ground pools do not raise the value of your home.

Best Above Ground Pool Ideas

Glowing Pool

Life is cool by the pool, and not only during the day! Install lights under the pool rim to increase the time spent in the pool. They serve as a method of enhancing the pool rather than emphasizing the light source.

The LED lights are placed beneath the pool liners, gazing down the decking.

They will illuminate the interior of the water, creating an enticing glow, as well as the decking that surrounds it. Additionally, entering and exiting the pool will be simple and enjoyable.

Above-Ground Pool with A Simple Deck

Are you looking for a low-cost deck for your stock style tank pool? Then make your own! As a result, you will not only save some bucks on the building process but also guarantee that the size is appropriate for the devoted area of your yard and your preferences.

The above-ground deck can be built with pallet slats. This is most likely the most cost-effective option. Next, build a stairway to reach the deck and raise it on rigid wooden posts.

Tiered Deck Above-Ground Pool

If you want a compact and effective pool area, build a tiered wood deck around it. The aboveground pool allows you to construct stages in the shape of wide and long stairs.

Typically, the steps are used to enter the pool cleanly, but when skillfully and intelligently planned, they may serve a variety of roles.

Use them for sunbathing and towel drying. Place flower pots in the corners to mix the pool with the surrounding landscape. This above-ground pool is a brilliant space-saving design.

Trampoline Above Ground Pool

This is a terrific above-ground pool with a deck concept for those who don’t have much room. It has several advantages. The elevated deck is large enough to sunbathe, install a seating set, and even a pergola.

With such a basic broad deck structure, the pool above ground eliminates installation complications that an inground pool would.

Second, this form of construction is cost-effective. For example, you may save money by using timber and coating it with a special wet-resistant liquid.

While the adults swim in the pool, the kids can bounce on the covered trampoline under parental supervision.

Above-Ground Pool with Acrylic Fencing

There are two types of authorized materials for pool fence guards, with PERSPEX Sheet, often known as acrylic, being the cheapest and most attractive.

It is several times stronger than glass, is UV-resistant, and best of all because it is flexible, it can be formed into any shape you choose. Use this inspirational design for an acrylic fence to divide the pool deck from the rest of your property. It will provide an elegant and sophisticated touch to your garden while also improving the curb appeal of your property.

 Above-Ground Pool with Auto-Cover

The elevated deck level also adds to the entertainment value by allowing you to leap into the pool from a great height.

Because all pool accessories are buried in the deck construction, above-ground pools are simple to maintain. If you want to reduce your time caring for your summer entertainment feature, you may install a cover to keep insects and debris out at night.

Invest in an automatic cover form rather than manually extending it, which may be an adventure.

 Above-Ground Pool with Composite Deck

Are you searching for a pool on a budget with the feel and beauty of real wood decking? You require a composite above-ground pool deck. Level your pool building with earth before installing it on the ground. 

Above-Ground Pool Design with Deck

This deck concept is similar to the home concept. The deck, made of solid wood planks and boards and held by white columns and lattice panels, is reminiscent of the inside of a traditional exquisite home. This concept has the benefit of having a design suitable for the concept of the nearby house.

Leftovers from the house may be reused to build the water feature deck on a budget.

 Above Ground Pool with Stone Deck 

Natural-looking pools are popular these days. On the other hand, making your pool appear like a natural pond needs a significant expenditure. Stone lining in neutral hues may be used to create a natural touch to your pool nook. You may choose the texture of the stones to complement the rustic look.

The flagstones, in particular, give the pool and deck a distinct appearance and offer a lifetime warranty. Flagstones are often used to cover the walls of a pool and the deck of an above-ground pool, while the deck landing is normally made of wood.

Above-Ground Pool with Decorative Lighting

The lighting concept for this pool above ground is quite straightforward. The same light sources that outline a route through your garden are repurposed as pool border lights. They are placed in a stone-covered garden bed. The spilled water will readily drain through this coating while incorporating an aspect from the neighboring backyard vegetation. Above-Ground Pool with Fencing

Above Ground Pool with Fencing

If you want to add privacy to your above-ground pool area, you may construct a sturdy fence to your deck. Then, depending on the deck’s material, you may continue the material and design concept to achieve a completed look.

This illustration shows a wooden deck with a blond wooden fence composed of slats. The backyard is large enough for a symmetrical deck with the pool in the center. Above-Ground Pool Surrounded by Flowers

 Above-Ground Pool Surrounded by Flowers

Make the pool nook an attractive extension of your backyard environment by using a repeating feature from the garden. But, of course, those are flowers. Design a plant bed around the pool deck. The garden may be planted with decorative plants that complement the exotic feel of having a water feature in your home, or it can be planted with seasonal flowers that add a splash of color and fragrance.

Swimming Pool with Ipa Wood Deck

This over-the-ground pool design aims to bring an artificial feature to a lovely setting. This is a challenging undertaking, especially if you dislike the aesthetic of natural-looking pond pools. However, a deck of IPA wood offers various advantages, including low cost, ease of care, and long life. Create a small garden close to the deck and plant species that seem similar to the current nature to integrate into.

Sum Up

So that’s it. I hope this post about above ground pool deck ideas was helpful and offered you some inspiration for your own space.

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