Glass-Only Replacement vs Whole Window Replacement

Glass-Only Replacement vs Whole Window Replacement

 When the windows turn foggy, cold, and leaky and not doing their job properly, you might wonder if you should replace or repair the window, which one to choose.

When windows are broken, traditionally, they are repaired. Then comes the trend of removing and replacing the old windows, especially the wood-frame ones with new fiberglass, vinyl, or metal window instead of repairing the old windows

This trend became popular because of the improvement in manufacturing methods and the mass production of fiberglass framed and vinyl windows, which lowered the prices and made them more affordable for the consumers.

During some instances, you can repair the window, and sometimes it’s not worth spending the money on repair; instead, you should replace it with a new window. Before deciding to do anything, you should check with your window manufacturer if the damaged window is in warranty period- you will end up violating the warranty by replacing the glass.

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  • Glass Only Replacement – replacing the glass is the simplest fix. The benefit is a low cost, and the window is kept in the same aesthetics just like others in the home and is also quick to install.if the glass broke due to golf ball striking the window or maybe some rock, glass only Replacement is the best option. If the pane your window glass has cracked, then you can replace the pane with an IGU. in this process, the broken pane is removed, and the frame is cleaned, then IGU is sealed in place with weatherstripping or caulking. You can replace the broken glass if you are short on budget, but it can be tricky; therefore, you should seek the help of glass replacement companies. There are many glass replacement options, but you should replace the broken pane with the same type. If you need a special glass type, then you will have to order it with the manufacturer.

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  • Whole Window Replacement- when you want a long term fix, the best solution is Complete window replacement. One main benefit of this is that you can add energy saving glass, and also the energy-saving frames. People usually do not realize that a little amount of efficiency in a quality window is as important as is the framing and glass of a window. The poor window frame material can be cold/heat transferable and can expand or contract, which can result in leakage. Usually, the whole window replacement cost is higher than the glass replacement. But window replacement comes with a warranty that will cover for any future damages. You can check about the warranty period with window installation companies. Check for options for window replacement in the Chicago area.


There are a number of factors that influence the choice between glass-only Replacement and whole window installation.

  • Water leakage- when you detect interior water near the window are this can be due to poor draining gutters, drainpipes that force the water toward the window. Window seals, in this case, hold back the water. Excessive water around the window can also point towards poor window casing. In this case, the window is not the issue, but if the water comes even after treating the exterior cause, that means its time for whole window replacement.
  • Foggy window- Foggy window is the result of condensing water in the window double or triple-paned or IGU. Nowadays, windows have self-sufficient IGU built in them. Unlike the window paned in the past, IGU is sealed and is more permanent.
  • Broken or cracked glass- safety and visual acuity both influence the decision making here. A single pane window can be inexpensively and effectively repaired by glazier or homeowner. Multiple paned glasses, when cracked or broken, can only be replaced. Look or glass Replacement near me online to find suitable service options.whole window replacement
  • Inoperatable sashes- one main problem of an older window is lower or upper sash do not work or move. This problem might be the result of multiple paint layers that are bridging the frame and the sash which holds them together. The chances are that the sash might be off track. When it is hard to move the sash, that is usually because of broken chords. These sashes can be fixed; you don’t need a new window.
  • Poor Casing – cracked, loose, or rotten exterior casing looks unattractive can cause damage to the window. But you do not need to replace the window only because of the damaged Casing. You can find a new window casing at the stores.
  • Rotten Drip Cap- the drip cap is an easy repair that people can do it themselves. Rust free, rot free aluminum drip caps can be found at home centers.