How To Feel Better When You’re Stuck In A Rut

how to Feel Better When You’re Stuck in a Rut

We stay in an excited mood that can last for a day, week, month, or several months whenever something good happens to us. For instance, when we get promotions, vacations, good news, a wedding, or achieve our gym goals, we all become excited and feel fulfilled. There is a thrill like happy chemicals running throughout the body every time we hear the news of something exciting or fantastic. But when there are not many exciting things happening in our life, we become so dull, sad, and unhappy. Our regular errands become hard, like we feel bothering to do our daily chores and pay bills. 

It is a fact that we have more boring days than that exciting day in our life. Even those we see living a happy life also have such days. Moreover, what we think to be a normal day may not be a normal day for anybody else. So to feel exciting all through the year is in our hands. We can make ourselves happy by doing little things or being unhappy even after achieving a big goal. Everything depends on our mental state. 

Here below, we will discuss some effective ways to feel better even when you are stuck in your mind’s rut. 

Tips That Make You Feel Happy & Excited Everyday



  1. Do Things Funny Everyday

The Link Between Happiness and Health

We find our days boring, and there is no such fun in doing our daily chores. If you think the same way, you may be having a dull day. But have you ever watched children playing in the park? They are happy while playing and how funny they make their regular activities. You can also do things freely and in a fun way that makes you feel much better than any other thing. 

2. Make Yourself Look Amazing When You’re Feeling Bad

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Yes! Making yourself look better gives you a feeling of internal happiness. You may have seen or read about celebrities, and they keep themselves looking good even when they are taking their flight or upload a video of how they are working in their home. So to make yourself feel better, wear your sunglasses, put on your favorite lip shade, and grab your oversized handbag to buy your groceries from a nearby store. 

3. Stay Mindful

It is true that when we find ourselves stuck in a rut, we usually think about what wrong has happened in our life. If we think only about all the negative things, it’s never going to happen that we feel happy again. Instead, be mindful, forget about the past, and make exciting strategies for your next step. 

4. Do a Workout

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Studies show that exercising help in releasing the happy hormones called endorphins that make you feel happy. So whenever you feel bad, try to do some exercise that will boost your mood instantly and make you feel much better. 

5. Do Relaxation

When we do not achieve what we want, our body feels heavy, and our minds are like a stone. Our minds began to start thinking negatively and make us feel ashamed of ourselves. In such a case, it is better to relax your body so that your mind will shutter and negative thoughts stop coming into your mind.  

6. Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Happier One

From the start of the day, when we woke up, our mind starts making negative thoughts, and our whole day is then spent thinking about negativity all around us. You can take a deep breath and think about the positive ones, like the last time you help someone, the chirping of birds, and looking at the beauty of nature. This will make you feel happy and excited about the day again. 

7. It’s in giving when we receive

You may hear that when we give someone things and when we feel better. It is way better than anything we do to make ourselves feel happy. If someday you feel negative, try to give someone something you want for yourself. It can be anything like attention, advice, or a kind, loving gesture. You may get a positive vibe all along with you and a wind of happiness blown around you.