Adam Sandler Wife’s Jackie: Everything To Know


Adam Sandler wife’s, Jackie is often in news with her husband.. Although Adam Sandler is linked to the collaborators Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston, neither of these two actors nor anyone else is the actor’s love. He has been happily married for 18 years to Actress Jackie. The couple has two children, Sadie and Sunny, who are often seen together at events with their parents. Here is everything in this article you should know to understand the whole story of the rumor.

Who are Adam Sandler?

Who is Adam Sandler married to?

What happened to their married life?

There is a lot to know. In a very short space, you will know everything. Stay tuned until the end:

Who is Adam Sandler married to?

An actress and producer, Jackie, is Adam Sandler married to. He met Jackie in 1999 on the set of Big Daddy. Since then, Jackie moved forward towards an acting career and started her life in modeling, acting, and producing. She worked with her husband, Adam Sandler, in several films in Hollywood. Jackie is the one whom Adam Sandler had the pleasure to work with.

In June 2003, they got married at Ocean Malibu Home in the presence of some guests, including Brendan Fraser, Rob Schneider, and Jennifer. They welcomed Sandie, their first daughter, in May 2006 and later, Sunny, in November 2008.

In September 2019, at the premiere of Uncut Gems in International Films, Toronto, Adam shared a secret with their fans and the public “just getting time together.” To tell the truth, the couple doesn’t run off too long and hangs out together.

How did Adam Sandler and Jackie meet?

As the story goes, Adam and Jackie met on the set of Big Daddy in 1999, along with some other stars like Jon Stewart, Dylan, Leslie Mann, and Cole Sprouse. In the film, Jackie played the role of a waitress in the sports bar that took the order of Adam Sandler.

Since then, they both came into a relationship. Later, she made cameos in her husband’s series. Adam Sandler wife’s movies are: Go With It, Murder Mystery, Grown Ups, and Hubie Halloween. They both were an inspiration for each other, as Adam Sandler confessed in some events. He said that she convinced him to be a star.

Recent Moments Of Adam Sandler With Wife, Jackie

Adam Sandler revealed their love life in many shows and events.

In July 2021, the long-time couple celebrated their 22nd anniversary as a couple. On the eve of the anniversary, Adam Sandler posted a series of photos on Instagram and wrote many sweet captions. Like, 22 years ago on this day, we locked eyes and felt deeply. He added, “Look forward to the next 22 years, young lady. Love you, my forever girl.

In 2000, Jackie converted her religion to Judaism for Adam, her husband, as she was always proud of his Jewish roots. 

In 2003, when they tied a knot, Adam rocked a yarmulke and tuxedo and had a Jewish Wed Ceremony.

 The couple has a supportive marriage, as revealed by Adam Sandler in an interview that Jackie is undeterred by romantic scenes in the movie, and she advises him on the perfect romantic scenes.

Adam Sandler hilariously said that he gets tensed by the romantic scenes in the movie and feels awkward. His wife always encourages him to be nice and do good in movies. He also added that Jackie loves all his female co-stars. That’s why she supports me. 

In March 2022, on mother’s day, Adam shared some photos of his wife, Jackie, and expressed his love towards her and captioned, “Happy Mothers Day to this lady who makes life more sweet and fun for our girls,” You are our rock. Love you always, and be a happy birthday to your beautiful mom too.

Past relationships of Adam Sandler

In 1996, Adam Sandler reportedly dated Alicia Silverstone, an actress. She even attended the premiere of the actor’s film Happy Gilmore and rocked a baseball cap and a T-Shirt that had the title of the film on them.

Between 1992-93, Adam Sandler was also linked to a businesswoman named Margaret Ruden.

Life Of Couple

In several interviews, Adam Sandler revealed the relationship secrets of Adam and Jackie. Also, from the above stories and discussion, it is clear how happy, beautiful, and supportive relations are between them.

In 2014 in “The Huffington Post,” he talked about his wife and children and discussed how his life changed after their children. He admitted that there are certain adjustments and changes that come along with fatherhood. He said that he never went out of the house after 9 at night and had dinner at 6 or 7 pm, or if someone asked him to stay out until 10:30 at night, he used to get angry the entire next day.

In an interview with Ellen in April 2019, Adam revealed the newfound interest of her daughters in boys. He shared some hilarious talks of Sadie, his daughter, and her friends when he drove around with them and heard them talking about the boys.

Adam’s daughter also makes cameos like Jackie, his wife, in his films like Bedtime Stories, Grown Ups, Jack and Jil, Hubie Halloween, Hotel Transylvania, Murder Mystery, and more.

Adam Sandler occasionally shares pictures of his wife but does not share snaps of his kids. This way, the fans receive glimpses of their decade-long relationship.