Angela Lansbury Net Worth, Husband, Daughter, Death & More

Angela Lansbury Net Worth

Angela Lansbury Net Worth – Angela Lansbury, whose real name is Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, was a super-talented actress and singer. She did awesome stuff on TV and on stage, and people from all over the world loved her for it.

She even got many fancy awards and prizes for being so amazing in the entertainment industry. Let’s know more about the Angela Lansbury Net Worth.

What is Angela Lansbury Net Worth?

Angela Lansbury was an actress and singer from Britain and America. When she passed away in October 2022, she had much money, around $70 million. She had been in the movie and TV business for a super long time, going way back to the “Golden Age” of Hollywood. 

She was so cool that she was even nominated for an Academy Award, and she was the oldest person to get that nomination when she was still around.

Her career lasted for more than eight decades, which is a really long time. She was on a TV show called “Murder, She Wrote” for 12 whole seasons, and for each episode, she made about $300,000 back in 1984. 

So, whether you know her from when she was young, solving mysteries when she was older, or doing funny stuff when she was really old, Angela Lansbury worked as an actor for 70 years. She started her career when she was only seventeen, and she never stopped acting.

Early Life

NameDame Angela Brigid Lansbury
Alias/NameAngela Lansbury
WorkActress, Singer & Model
DOBOctober 16, 1925
HometownCentral London, Regent’s Park

Angela Brigid Lansbury was born in Regent’s Park, London, England on October 16, 1925. She came from a family that had enough money to live comfortably. Her dad had a company that worked with wood, and he also got into politics. Her mom, Moyna MacGill, was an actress from Ireland and acted in movies and fancy shows in London.

When Angela was nine, her dad got sick and passed away because of stomach cancer. This made her super sad, and to feel better, she started pretending to be different people in plays. Even when she got older, like in the 2010s, she still felt sad about her dad’s death.

During this time, Angela became totally crazy about movies and even learned to play the piano. She went to acting school in West London and started acting in her first plays. 

But then, when World War 2 started, and there were big bombing attacks in London, Angela’s mom decided it was safer to leave. They first went to Montreal in Canada and then to New York City in the United States.

While they were in New York, Angela kept learning about acting. She went to a school called the Feagin School of Drama and Radio. She kept acting in plays on the stage. Finally, in 1942, she finished drama school.

Angela Lansbury’s Education

Even though Angela Lansbury had some money problems when she was young, she still got to go to school. She went to a school called South Hampstead High School. After that, she went to a music school called the Rotman School of Dancing to learn more about music, which was something she really liked.

Then, she went to a school in Kensington, West London, where she learned acting. It was called the Webber Douglas School of Singing and Dramatic Art. So, she worked hard to learn about music and acting, and it helped her become a famous actress and singer.

Early Career

When Angela Lansbury was just 16, she started working as a singer in nightclubs, where she sang songs and earned $60 every week. She was pretty good at it. Later, she moved to Los Angeles with her mom because she wanted to become a movie star. 

In LA, she got a job at a store and had to support her whole family with the $28 she made each week. That was a big responsibility for a young person.


First husband of Angela Lansbury was an actor named Richard Cromwell. They got married when Angela was 19 years old. However, their marriage did not last long because they divorced in 1946, just a year after they got married. Angela later found out that Richard was gay, which meant he liked people of the same gender.

Her second husband was also an actor, and his name was Peter Shaw. They got married in 1949 and stayed together for 54 years. During that time, they had two kids together. Sadly, in 2003, Peter passed away.


Name Of Mother Moyna Macgill
Name of FatherEdgar Lansbury
SiblingsEdgar Lansbury (brother)Bruce Lansbury (brother)

In the 1960s, Angela found out that her kids were using drugs when they were teenagers. At first, Angela and her husband Peter started with something called marijuana, but then they got into illegal stuff like cocaine and heroin. Angela even said that her daughter Deidre was hanging out with people who followed a guy named Charles Manson, who did some really bad things.

To help her kids get better and stay away from drugs, Angela moved the whole family to County Cork in Ireland. It was a big change, but it worked because her kids stopped using drugs. Angela blamed herself for drug problems because she had been so focused on her acting career and not enough on her family.


Angela Lansbury had some fancy homes during her life. She had an apartment in New York City, really close to Central Park, which she bought in 2006 for $2 million. She also had a big house in a place called Brentwood in Los Angeles.

She bought the Brentwood mansion with Peter Shaw, for $925,000 in 1985. But in March 2023, after she passed away, her estate put the Brentwood mansion up for sale for almost $5 million. That is much money for a house.

Some Questions

How Angela Lansbury Passed Away?

Angela Lansbury said goodbye to the world on October 11, 2022. She was peacefully asleep at her home in Los Angeles, California, when she passed away. She did not suffer; she passed away naturally.

What is Angela Lansbury Net Worth?

When she passed away in October 2022, she had much money, around $70 million.

What Made Angela Lansbury Famous?

Angela Lansbury was famous for many things, but she became popular because she played the main character, Jessica Fletcher, in a TV show called “Murder.” Jessica Fletcher was a mystery author, and Angela did a fantastic job playing her.

What was Angela Lansbury’s Age When She Died?

Angela Lansbury was 96 years old when she passed away. Her family said she died of a “natural death,” which means her body just stopped working because of old age.