Additional Protein than Daily Recommendation May Not Be Beneficial For Everyone

Side-Effects of extra protein

The article reflects the harmful side-effects of extra protein.

Intake of extra protein than that of daily recommendation may not be healthy or beneficial for everyone except those who are losing their weight and performing heavy exercises.  One who is cutting their calories in the diet and performing strength training to build strong and lean muscles as per the recent study.

The study reveals that the recommended protein in the diet is 0.8 grams per kilogram weight of the body and is most apt for almost every person. For instance, a 60 kg adult can consume 48 grams of protein daily in his diet. For that, one can eat three cups of dairy, one ounce of nuts or seeds, can take fruits like banana, or a scoop of protein supplement.

There are numerous side-effects of extra protein and may not beneficial for everyone. The expert survey reveals that:

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Purdue University, Joshua L. Hudson, “This research was not designed to assess whether or not adults would benefit from consuming more protein than they usually consume. This distinction is important because the recommended dietary allowance is the standard against which to assess nutrition adequacy; however, most adults consume more protein than what is recommended.”

People with neutral metabolic body functioning, those who are not gaining or losing weight, have nil effects of eating extra protein. They can easily get a lean and strong body within the daily recommendation of protein suggest in the study.

Campbell gave her views on the people who are suffering from weight loss issues, suggested that “If you are going to start losing weight, don’t cut back across all foods you usually consume, because you’ll inadvertently cut back protein. Instead, work to maintain, or even moderately increase protein-rich foods. Then, cut back on the carbs and saturated fat-containing foods.”

The finding of the research is general and need some more specific evaluation in which age factors can also be measure. However, for ordinary working adults, the study gave some valuable ideas that one can adopt in their diet plans.