Ways To Cool Down A Room


At the end of the day, cool down a room is necessary in summer days. After a hectic schedule, a peaceful sleep is necessary. However, in summer it is quite difficult to maintain the temperature of the room. The unbalanced temperature led to a fitful sleep. Because we are sweating and not able to sleep, that’s horrible.

So, the question here is how to maintain the temperature affordably.

AC can be one of solutions, but it consumes a lot of energy and is costly as well.

Meanwhile, there can be various cooling methods (that take a very less time to frame), and strategies to avoid the fitful sleep or that awful glued body of summer nights.

Cover Up windows during day time

Hot temperature of the room can be maintained by blocking the direct heat from sunlight during the day.  A room cannot be without windows.

So the solution is:

  • You can install thermal curtain
  • You can use blinds
  • You can close down the drapes

Open the Windows at night

After the sun has set, the temperature outside become quite low. So in order to balance the inside temperature, you should open up the windows in night. And remove all the covers, curtains and open the window as far you can. It can be done every night, as it gives natural air.

By promoting a cross breeze

It is good if the air comes in the room but it would far better if the air keeps moving inside.

It is better if there are two windows in the room, because it is necessary to let the air move rather than keeping it inside the room. So, make sure both windows are open.

Or you can install fans on both the windows, one fan will let the air in and other will pass the air out of the room.

Avoid the excessive use of hot appliances

Hot appliances like Oven, Dryer, etc should be avoided in summer days. It is quite obvious but it enhances the temperature of house. It generate excessive amount of heat energies.

Like, Despite using dryer, use the outside rack for clothes.

For ovens, Microwave can be a better alternate but even that generate heat. So, you must explore something like no cook dinner.

Shut off the unwanted lights

While not using the lights, they must be shut down. Even lights produce a significant amount of heat that raise the temperature of room.

So, instead of Incandescent lights, CFL or LED lights can be used.

In many countries CFL and LED lights are favorable.

Sleep cooler

Sleeping in the humidity can be worst. It led awful in night and worst next day.

So there can be ways to cool down the bedroom

By using the cooling pillow, it can draw away the excess heat.

By putting a cold or freezed water bottle near the feet, which can help in maintaining the temperature of not only feet but also the whole body.

Find the lower place to sleep in house either on floor by putting the mattress.


We have discussed several ways to cool down a room. As sleep is necessary for our health, you must take care of it in every season. As in summer it is awful and irritating to maintain the temperature of the room. And that led to improper sleep, which results in worst morning.

So to get rid of all these factors, many approaches have been given to cool down the temperature of room or surrounding. We hope you like this article.