This New Mist Will Save Your Facial Skin From Harmful Blue Rays

Screen Time Hydra Face Mist

This post is based on the new Screen Time Hydra Face Mist that protect your skin from screen blue rays.

Blue Light Energy is all around us, whether it is emitted from Sun or our digital devices. Blue rays are the high energy lights that potentially increases stressors in the skin, result in photo-ageing. Most of the time we spent our day in front of the screen. It can be a smartphone, tablets, computers, laptops or TVs, most of the time we find ourselves looking at the displays of these gadgets.

Digital devices has been become a part of our daily life and are the keys to our career and social life. However, blue rays emitting from these devices are the main cause serious damages to facial skin. These rays are responsible for the cause of pigmentation, inflammation, under-eye patches, stress, wrinkles and photo-ageing.

Thanks to Tezza, an influencer and entrepreneur, who introduces a new revolutionary skin protection mist that will save facial skin from harmful blue rays. Brand Volition Beauty has introduces Screen Time Hydra Mist, a super effective facial mist that only protects skin from blue rays but also keeps it hydrated throughout the day.

Brandy Hoffman, the co-founder of Volition Beauty, says about the formulation of the mist, “it contains 12 oils and extracts which give the mist its nourishing and hydrating properties while providing the skin with its needed protection.” Some of the super active and effective ingredients in the mist are Marigold extract and Lutein, these are capable of absorbing the HEV lights like blue rays naturally.

The mist also contains Vitamin B5, sunflower extract, Safflower extract and  Indian Ginseng flower extract that replenish, moisturize and make the skin super glowy and healthy.

Applying the hydra mist in every hour or whenever the skin requires refreshment, can do the miracle and keep your face skin damage-free from such harmful Blue rays.

Buy this screen time hydra face mist and use it before sitting on a computer screen.