Black Beauty: Benefits of Charcoal Based Beauty Items

charcoal benefits for skin

If you are updated about the trends, then you must be aware of the growing use of charcoal in beauty products. Charcoal in beauty products is amazing for removing impurities and drawing out toxins. Charcoal absorbs sebum and oil from the scalp and the skin and leaves the skin clearer. It gently exfoliates the skin.  There is wide range of charcoal benefits for skin. The use of charcoal in beauty products is continuously increasing, and here is a list of benefits associated with using charcoal beauty items.

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1. Beneficial for Oily Skin

When activated charcoal is used in masks and cleansers, it pulls out all the excess and unwanted oil from the skin, leaving the skin more smoother and matte looking. But don’t use it too much; otherwise, it would end up drying your skin. It is one of the best charcoal benefits for skin. 

2. Cleans Out Pores

Using activated charcoal in products like face masks and scrubs extracts dirt and oil from pores, which makes them look less visible. It will not only give your face a fresh look but will also brighten the complexion.

3. Stops Pimples

Stopping pimples is remarkable charcoal benefit for skin. If you feel like a pimple is coming on and you want to stop it from increasing, then use activated charcoal by making a paste and leaving it on the place for a few minutes. It will clear your skin. 

4. Whitens Teeth

Drinks and food often create stains on your teeth. Nevertheless, plaque, bacteria, and stains caused by them are all sucked up by the charcoal. All you need to do it brush it around the teeth for 3-5 minutes and then give a rinse. It will clean your teeth and leave you amazed.