Who Is Babyjuicyfruit?


Babyjuicyfruit – Today, the Internet is like a small world where anyone can connect with others. People are becoming famous on social media, and it’s not as hard to be a star as it used to be.

Many people have become famous online. Babyjuicyfruit is popular online, and many people are curious about her. Even though finding her on social media is not easy, we have some information about her username.

Who is Babyjuicyfruit? 

Babyjuicyfruit is a person who is very active on Instagram. However, she is not very well-known there, and it is possible that she lost her original account due to some issues.

Even though we do not know much about her, based on her social media account, her real name seems to be Savannah J Airspe. She seems to be a big fan of music and content, and she shows much love for Eminem on her account.

She also gave a special shout-out to the assistant coach for men’s basketball, Joey Rodriguez, and Alyssa Irene Gonzalez, calling them angels and wishing them well.

You will not find her on other social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. Even on Instagram, she only has 253 followers and follows 180 accounts. This suggests that she may have lost her previous account or decided to close it, though we cannot be sure why.

You cannot find Mrs. Seductress on TikTok anymore. Some people say Babyjuicyfruit used to be on TikTok with that name, but it looks like her account may have been disabled.

However, after looking into it, it seems she has another account for her fans. This new account has 33,000 followers and more than 131,000 likes.

Even though her username on this new account is @babyjuicyfruit, she calls herself Mrs. Seductress. She mentioned that her previous accounts were deleted when she had around 80,000 followers and 100,000 likes.

Her content is usually for adults (18+), which might be why her TikTok account was deleted. She cannot get her old accounts back, but she is still doing well online.

Some FAQs

Who is Mrs. Seductress on TikTok?

Mrs. Seductress is someone on TikTok, but it seems like her account is no longer available.

Was Babyjuicyfruit on TikTok as Mrs. Seductress?

Some people think that Babyjuicyfruit used to have an account on TikTok with the name Mrs. Seductress.

Does Mrs. Seductress have a backup account?

Yes, Mrs. Seductress has another account for her fans with 33,000 followers and more than 131,000 likes.