Belly Bands and Belly Belts Explained….


The market has varied pregnancy support clothing for mamahood but the two must-haves during and after pregnancy are ‘belly belts’’ & ‘’belly bands’’. Apart from looking into why we need these maternity support bands and how to use them, let us also look into the other essential stuff so that you aren’t confused. 

What are belly bands? 

These bands are stretchable tube-like outfits that a woman can wear about the stomach to increase the prepregnancy clothing life by covering unzipped or unbuttoned pants. They even play the role of a protective layer by covering the skin that expands due to pregnancy. A few of them give modest compression and can provide the lower back and hips with the needed support. 

These are the most quintessential things in a pregnant woman’s wardrobe and they come in different shapes, sizes, designs and colors. They have a rubber or elastic trim to assist obstruct them from messing up.

These are also known as pregnancy or maternity bands or belly sleeves. 

Why wear them? 

First and foremost, the need to buy new clothes during pregnancy is largely reduced due to them. The design allows extension of the wardrobe as it covers the lower tummy. The other array of benefits includes: 

Go well during pregnancy and after pregnancy: Majority of the women usually wear these bands during the first months of pregnancy and also during the postnatal months. They are not only supportive of health but also improve your appearance. 

Often economical: A penny saved is a penny earned and this aptly applies with belly bands. They extend your pre-pregnancy clothes’ usage value besides there are also some highly affordable belly brands which you can buy without shelling out much. 

Reduces the necessity of purchasing new clothes: These bands not only extend the life of prepregnancy clothes but also save you from buying new clothes. A survey found that belly bands easily save women from the burden of buying additional maternity clothes. 

Now let us see belly belts….

What are belly belts?

These are tight belts that can be wrapped around the stomach to assist the pelvis, lower back, abdomen and hips at the time of carrying. They are even referred to as pregnancy or maternity straps or braces. 

They are usually worn above the clothing although a few women like to wear them beneath the clothing. Usually, they are strap-like and narrower in comparison to belly bands, this is more apt for the section of the belt that covers the front portion of the abdomen.  

Why wear them? 

The main reason or major purpose why doctors suggest compression tights to buy when pregnant, they aim to give pregnant women assistance by bearing some burden of the increasing tummy. 

The other potential benefits of maternity belts include:

Can aid in having appropriate posture: More than often maternity belts may aid in stabilizing a pregnant woman’s lower back and abdomen as they take off some weight of the stomach and also balance the center of gravity. About 90% of women who wear pregnancy support belt feel that their posture has been slightly enhanced after wearing the belt. 

Might lessen the chances of accidental falls: They drastically bring down the chances of falling which commonly happens with pregnant women. They lower the falls by improving balance and stabilizing the pelvis of pregnant ladies. About 89% of women in a study felt comfortable to walk with the help of belly belts.

Exercising is easier: They are not only highly useful in making a pregnant woman’s walk easy but are also highly useful in easing out the difficulties associated with exercising during pregnancy. As per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, sporting a maternity belt at the later days of pregnancy will help to do some activities with ease, especially walking and jogging. 

May aid in reducing a few pregnancy pains and aches: Belly belts can assist in alleviating some of the pains and aches that occur naturally during and after pregnancy. They stabilize the body besides sharing the additional weight of the body. 

A belly band and a belly belt are for sure useful maternity clothing accessories, however, before heading out to buy them talk to your doctor regarding their usage valve to you and make a smart move towards your motherhood.