Getting No Medical Exam Life Insurance and Saving Money


Circumstances will always be taken care of when you know that you have purchased the appropriate life insurance policy for your immediate or distant family. Passing from this life is always a tragedy, but it can be mitigated by the right coverage for those that survive the deceased. 

Unfortunately, traditional policies can exclude many people by forcing them to acquire a medical screening. Before getting the lowest rates and highest payouts, the insurer who seeks to minimize their risk. Many times, these policies are not available when you have a previous condition, are of a greater age, or have other important health issues that lower approval. Still, you can get no exam life insurance quotes through’s easy online survey. 

Nevertheless, you may notice, if you have applied for life insurance before, that these policies come usually at slightly higher rates. That’s because insurers don’t see medical history or records. Ease of mind is still possible through life insurance. But, you probably want to still save money as you get coverage. So, we have prepared this post to help you decide which option is best for you. When it comes to getting life insurance at the best rate (and payout), consider your financial and life goals. Read on to learn about your options from trusted insurance providers like

Important Things to Consider Before Saving Money with a No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policy

You will not need to complete an exam to access the rates we discuss in the following sections. You will still need to answer certain questions that the insurer cares deeply about with regard to your wellness. We can only estimate the cost of your money-saving policy without knowing your specific and unique responses to these health-centric questions. There is variation for everybody when it comes to choosing and saving with a policy. 

See the example rates that you can get from Sproutt, an insurer that doesn’t require an exam for three possible policies. Discover how to save money with a competitive policy with ample payout. Sproutt hopes that it will illuminate how you can get a policy affordably. You can protect your family and honor your lifestyle needs in case of tragic accident. 

Life Insurance Coverage that Can Save You Money Overall

In the following sections, we contrast three popular options for life insurance policies that can save you money. They all are waiving the medical exam needs that most traditional insurers require. The following will be good examples of offerings that insurers (like Sproutt) can give. 

Each one suits a different lifestyle and set of life goals. But, you should always note that your rate and final payment amount will change depending on your specific answers and health responses from insurer surveys. 

The Simple Option

The “Simple” choice from Sproutt is not only affordable. It also comes at a competitive price compared to other insurers. The policy is a good fit if you can invest approximately $60 every month for coverage up to $250,000. It’s a highly decent amount for no required medical screening. It is a quick and truly simple option for getting official life insurance on a budget (and without a trip to the doctor). Complete Sproutt’s survey to find your rate and quote. 

The Intermediate Option

If the previous option is too low for your lifestyle and desires, you can get the most common option. It offers your family support and help in times of unfortunate death in the form of $500,000 through potential payouts to the beneficiaries you name. And, it comes at the price of just $100 every month. The survey from Sproutt can tell you more, but it’s a perfect policy for many people. 

The Advanced Option

You may believe it’s affordable to pay $150 per month in exchange for a $750,000 in beneficial payout through an advanced policy. There is no need for an exam in order to apply. You’ll get the feeling that you’re doing the right thing by your family when you choose this robust option for your life insurance coverage. 

Get Money-Saving Coverage through No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Policies from Sproutt help people save money by staying competitive with the life insurance market. It allows you to skip medical exams. And, they’re offering impressive payouts to beneficiaries that more than cover the cost of the policy. 

Discover which policy will be best for you, and seek quotes from You’ll easily see that they are affordable and helpful options for different budgets and financial goals.