5 Best Alkaline Alternatives for Popcorn

popcorn substitute

There are many best alkaline alternative for popcorn that can be better choices and may just change up your late-night snacks.

It is an extremely well-known nibble all over the planet. These popped corn pieces are normally popped in a high hotness oil, and prepared with salt and margarine. From ball games to film evenings, popcorn is viewed as a dearest custom. If you wish to lower your calories and increase nutritional content check out these amazing alkaline alternatives to popcorn.

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Popcorn Substitutes

The explanations behind needing sound popcorn substitutes can go from sans gluten diets to corn sensitivities, or simply fundamental well-being reasons. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives to this crunchy, pungent nibble food like cauliflower, amaranth, grain, sorghum, and quinoa among others. 


Amaranth isn’t really a grain, however a seed. These high-protein and low-carb seeds are more modest than quinoa and have a brilliant variety. Since it is a seed, amaranth is normally sans gluten. Popped or puffed amaranth is famous as a nibble all over, however, this is especially obvious in Mexico, where it is involved rather than puffed rice in treats. While popping amaranth, it’s critical to not utilize a cover on the pot or oil, to keep away from hazardous steam developing.

Popcorn in a bowl

Hand-crafted popcorns for a comfortable Netflix night.


Sorghum is an old grain, and that implies one has gotten away from the hereditary dabbling of industrialization. A superb alternative for individuals who are hypersensitive to popcorn, it is without gluten. Sorghum acts a lot like popcorn portions when you pop it. It detonates into a delicate, little popcorn-looking puff, with good and crunchy texture. Moreover, containing three times more calcium than traditional popcorn, it’s a marginally better alternative. 


One of the best alkaline alternatives for popcorn and individuals attempting to avoid grains, cauliflower popcorn is so much easier to make as oppose to its name. Simply cut up florets of cauliflower,season with salt, pepper, and handful of healthful yeast, and afterward get dried out the blend. You will get the crunchy and cheesy kind of popcorn, sans fat or calories.

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Quinoa is one more old grain known to be loaded with amino acids and protein. It is one more famous alternative to puffed rice. When popped, quinoa turns into a light, cushioned bite that can likewise be utilized as a morning meal oat with milk. Flush your quinoa first to eliminate leftover sharpness. While popping, utilize a high-sided pot and no cover, to keep away from the development of steam and consumption. No oil is required, and quinoa ought to be puffed dry.

A bowl of cooked quinoa in a white bowl with white foundation

The quinoa plant itself is more like beetroots and spinach. 


Grain is a grain that a great many people just use for good dishes like bread and soups. Be that as it may, it very well may be puffed up similar as sorghum or quinoa to turn into a light, crunchy nibble. Grain is known to be a magnificent wellspring of fiber, which further develops processing and assists support with weighting misfortune. In this manner, popped grain can be an ideal low-calorie alternative to popcorn for those late-night snacking.

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