Understanding over 3.5 betting


Sports betting includes a lot of different kinds of sports, which have different markets and matches to choose and place your bets. One of the most popular sports for betting around the world is football and, between the most famous markets for it, is the goal line.

In football, it is necessary to make goals to win the game and many bettors use this as an opportunity to make money. Today, we will talk a little about over 3.5 goals predictions and what it is.

Goals over and under

In the goal market, we have the option to bet on over and under chances. In order to see which one has more probability to happen, it is necessary to analyze the match, both teams and the special conditions of the confrontation, if there is any.

Sometimes, one of the teams is in a great moment, scoring a lot of goals and winning all their matches. However, the game will be a derby. This can make things really different from the usual.

Both over and under markets will count with options from 0.5 to 6.5 in pre-match bets. Of course more options may appear, as well as some disappear, as the game goes on.

What actually means 3.5 goals?

It may be confusing for many people, especially the ones who are new to sports betting, what exactly is the 3.5 goals market in a match. However, it is quite simple to understand.

In a football match, goals may or may not happen, for both sides. So, in this market, you will analyze how many goals may be scored in a certain game, counting with both clubs who are playing.

Of course there is no way 3.5 goals will happen in a match, as it is impossible to score half a goal. That is why you have to pay attention to this market.

When you make an over 3.5 prediction for goals in a match, you have to think about the next number. So, more than 3.5 goals is, actually, 4 goals or more.

If a game ends with 3 goals, for example a 2-1 victory to the hosts, and you have placed a bet in the over 3.5 goals market, your bet will be considered lost. However, in this same condition, a under 3.5 goals bet would be victorious, as only 3 goals have been scored.

How to choose the matches for over 3.5 goals?

It is not that difficult to make an over 3.5 prediction, honestly. However, it will be necessary to make analyses of both teams and also about the specific confrontation you have chosen.

One good way of making these analyses is calculating the goal average of the clubs. Some sites even show these statistics already, making the life of bettors a little easier. Remember to pay attention not only on the goals scored by the club, but also the number of goals they have conceded. Apart from that, seeing their performance at home and away may also be interesting.

Analyzing this, you can find a probable number of goals for a certain match and choose the ones which have a higher probability of having a lot of goals to bet on this market.

If you still don’t feel too confident to start betting on the goal line, you can find some over 3.5 goals tips online to help you. They make all the necessary analyzes, from matches from the most different leagues around the world, in order to give bettors not only the best options to bet but also the best odds.


As we saw in the beginning of this article, the over 3.5 market is a part of the goal line market. In it, 4 or more goals need to happen in a match in order for your bet to be victorious.

If we think about it, it is not difficult to have a match with over 3.5 goals, especially when both teams are able to find the back of the net. If you think in a 3-1 victory, or a 2-2 draw, for example, you have 4 goals and a victorious over 3.5 goals bet.

We also saw how important the analyses are in order to choose which matches are interesting to this market and how to make them. Remember to analyze each match by itself, paying attention to all the circumstances the confrontation may involve. However, don’t forget that football can be a little tricky and may surprise us all.

With all that information, you are ready to start placing your bet in any goal line market. And, as we said before, if it is your first time betting on this market, you can also find over 3.5 tips around the internet to help you choose the best matches.

Title: Understanding the basics of over 3.5 goals predictions
Description: When it comes to online betting, there is always something new to learn. Over 3.5 goals’ concept is simple, but some important details must be analyzed.