Sims 4 cheat codes: money, building, romance, and more!

sims 4 cheat codes

Sims 4 cheat codes – The Sims 4 is a social simulation game developed by Maxis and published under Electronic Arts. The game was released worldwide on demand on September 1, 2014. It is the fourth major title in The Sims franchise and the first to be released for consoles. The Sims 4 is also the first game in which seasons are a core gameplay component. Seasons change depending on the time of year and environmental conditions.

The game allows players to build up a realistic family by creating, customizing, and growing virtual people referred to as sims 4 cheat codes with various traits or interests such as cooking or writing music who live in a fully simulated neighborhood that changes over time with seasonal activities such as fishing at the lake or watching fireworks at nightfall. In addition, when players make a new sim, their appearance can be customized to some extent.

The game has generally received positive reviews from critics and was the bestselling PC game in the US for two consecutive years. As of January 2016, Sims 4 was the 8th highest-selling PC game. However, the sims 4 cheat codes have also been met with widespread criticism regarding its lack of significant updates since its release date, customer service and communication issues, and the game’s overall stability. 


In Sims 4, you manage your family’s life so they can have a well-rounded life. You can help your Sims develop their careers, select a career for yourself, and earn money. There are so many things to do in The Sims 4 that you will always have things to do. For example, you can install many different rooms (such as the kitchen). 

With more than 200 household items and over 300 objects created by artists, you will always enjoy building something. You can also create your own family, make friends, go to clubs, and go on adventures to some exciting places. You can even become a powerful political force and change how your city works. 


The Sims 4 is a strategic social simulation video game similar to the preceding titles in the series. However, there is no primary objective or goal to achieve, and instead of fulfilling objectives, the player is encouraged to make choices and engage fully in an interactive environment. The player controls their Sims in various activities and can form relationships. The game has expanded on the “freemium” model, first introduced in The Sims FreePlay, where most of the game is free-to-play, but reserved content can be purchased.

Aims and Aspirations

One of the new features that were added to the game is Aspirations. Every sim has aspirations in life that they want to fulfill. And they can fulfill them by doing specific actions and reaching certain levels. Their aspiration will also define their Lifetime Wish (a goal that a sim must achieve during their lifetime). They also have traits that are like dispositions or characteristics of your sims.

Climbing the Career Ladder

To climb the career ladder, you must build skills and work hard. The game has a lot of career opportunities, so you must decide which ones you want to follow and get promotions. To be an Architect or a Scientist, you must build up those skills by going to school and working well. If you want to be rich, then buy lots of houses and make money via buying houses or start some businesses in your own Sim city!

There are also other ways that people can make money. For example, some Sims have special abilities like painting or playing piano.

How to turn on cheats in sims 4?

Cheats and hacks are entirely legal in the Sims 4. These sims’ four cheat codes were initially found using the Sims 4 Debug Mode and then converted into their cheat format. Therefore, using any of these cheats will not ruin your game or save you at all.

At any time, enter “testingcheatsenabled true” in the console box (Command + Shift + C), and click on the mailbox (or “buy mode mailbox”) to receive free items for your household.

To make it appear, go in-game to buy mode and place it wherever you want it to be shown on the lot. Usually, in open-world games, you can type the cheat, and it works; however, in Sims4, you will have to type a special command which is (Command + Shift + C), and the command is entirely different on the ps4, which is L1 RI L2 R2. In this game, some famous cheats for money are rosebud and kaching; mother load gives you the maximum amount of simoleons. 

Build more tips:

The only way to get more money is by purchasing lots of houses and not paying taxes on the house so that the game thinks you need more money.

To get free items for your household, type “testingcheatsenabled true” in the console box (Command + Shift + C), then click on the mailbox to receive free stuff such as new dishes/dishes from NPC, new curtains from NPC, new clothes and much more. To install a cheats type in the console box (Command + Shift + C), testingcheatsenabled true.

This trick will let you build houses that your Sims can live in. Free real estate will correspondingly allow you to build a house anywhere for free; on the contrary, if you turn it off, you won’t be able to turn it off. 

Stats cheat:

The stats cheat an easy way to unlock some skills, which makes it easier for you to level up. It will give your Sim’s best traits; this works for all sims and only requires their first name. The cheat is: “stats.set_skill_level major_ [skill] [number]” e.g “stats. set_skill_level major_cooking 3.”

For example, typing “stats.set_skill_level major_painting 3” will unlock the painting skill. However, it is not a good idea to do this as your Sim will become too perfect, and it will be hard to complete challenges. This cheat lets you add android sims in your household. However, there is a bug where android sims don’t have social interactions like other sims. To make an android, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): bb. showhiddenobjects (alternatively, you can use caching). 

Pregnancy cheats:

Pregnancy cheats are handy if you want to speed up the growth of your sims. These cheats are much easier to use on android sims 4 cheat codes compared to normal sims, as pregnancy in an android does not require a man/woman.

To make an android or a standard Sim pregnant, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “cas. full edit mode” (alternatively, you can use caching or rosebud).

Once your Sim is pregnant, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “cheat pregnancy_pause 0” this will pause the pregnancy and let you keep your bloodline going. Once your Sim gives birth, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “cheat pregnancy_add_trait trait_infertility” this will make your Sim infertile, which means that they can’t get pregnant again. Once they don’t want to be pregnant anymore, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “cheat pregnancy_cycle [number],” e.g., “cheat pregnancy_cycle 10” this will make the cycle of pregnancies up to 10 pregnancies. If you want a male sim to impregnate another male or female by using an item, you must use a cheat, not an item.

Relationship cheats:

When you want a sim to become your boyfriend/girlfriend, then type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “setrelationshiprank [other sim’s name] [level].” For example: “setrelationshiprank husky_abby 2.”

Once you are at a sound relationship level with another sim, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “girlfriend_rivalries [other Sim’s name]’this will make them jealous, so this will bring the relationship down. To see if you have done something wrong and to fix it, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “debug. Console” This will display all the commands you have used in the game.

To find out why a sim is mad at you or wants to break up with you, type into the console box (Command + Shift + C): “debug. Console” This will tell you what Sim is mad at whom, who wants to break up with whom etc.

This cheat will let your Sims die without aging/going to heaven and prevent them from dying of old age/illness. 

Career Advancement Tips:

For promotion, you have to follow three simple steps: 

1) Create your own business or work in the city hall.

2) Improve the required skills, traits, and career levels.

3) Complete all of your tasks in time before the promotion expires. While working on these things, it is essential to keep interacting with co-workers. If you want a higher-level job, you can create a new sim using cheats and let them do all the work or let one of your Sims do it.


Create-a-Sim is the primary interface for creating Sims in The Sims 4 and is significantly changed compared to the previous. It features a simplified interface, allowing players to easily create Sims without overloading with unnecessary information.

In Create-a-Sim, players can choose their Sim’s race, gender, facial shape, and hairstyle. Players can also choose their sims 4 cheat codes name and age range.

It is where you can choose the traits that your Sim will have. However, you must refrain from selecting traits when creating your Sim, as this will change some of the Sim’s relationships with other people in the game. 

Once your Sim has been created, it will ask you if you want to add them to your family tree for easy access later in the game. To create a new sim, you must go to the Sims 4 icon on your computer and click on the ‘create a sim’ tab.

From here, you can add many features to your Sim’s life. These features include:

• Jobs in-game (such as firefighter)

• Household services (such as maid)

• Hobbies/hobbies in-game (such as Cooking, Music, etc…)

• Relationships with other sims in the game (friend/enemy etc….)

• Traits/stats (to help you level up)

• Age (to see how old a sim is or when they will die)

Selecting a trait will give your Sim one or two traits, depending on the trait. For example, if you choose the ‘Sporty’ trait for your Sim, it will give them an extra 1+2 skill points.