Tired of Being Underweight? – Now Put on Weight Quickly and Safely

dangers of being under weight

Weighing too little can also lead to a wide range of health problems; hence doctors usually recommend people with low weight to gain weight. There are various dangers of being underweight. A person having a underweight BMI or lower weight is more likely to face health issues like osteoporosis, malnutrition, and infertility. There are various people who are not underweight clinically and are looking to put on weight. For some of the people adding muscle or gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight for others.

Nevertheless, adding certain foods to your meal and taking appropriate underweight treatment can be beneficial to enhance your efforts in gaining weight. There could be varied reasons of being underweight like lack of required nutrient to build healthy bones or muscles. Whether you are underweight clinically or struggling to increase muscle weight, the core principles are similar. Seeking how to gain weight quickly? This article contains overall information associated with being underweight and weight gain food list.

When is a Person Underweight?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to determine whether a person is underweight or obese. A person is said to be underweight if he or she has a BMI lower than 18.5. On the other hand, a person having BMI 25 is said to be overweight, and above 30 is obese. Hence underweight BMI is BMI lower than 18 and inn such situation you should take underweight treatment.

Nevertheless, it is essential to consider that the BMI index is not necessarily correct as it is related to height and weight. Many people are naturally skinny, but they do not have any health issues. Being underweight, according to BMI index, does not necessarily mean that you have any health issues.

Causes of  Being Underweight

There could be varied causes for being underweight. Various medical conditions can lead to unhealthy weight loss. Here is a list of primary causes of underweight.

  • High Metabolism: Having high metabolism does not allow people to gain weight even after consuming high energy foods. It is one of the common cause of being underweight.
  • Chronic Disease or Physical Illness: Some of the diseases like nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting on a regular basis make it difficult to put on weight. Other medical conditions include diabetes, digestive conditions, and thyroid disorders.
  • Family History: Some people have low BMI due to family history like physical characteristics that are present in their family.
  • Mental Illness: Inadequate mental health affects the ability of people to eat. Eating disorders such as bulimia and mental health issues like obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression impact the appetite of a person.

Dangers of being Underweight

Like being overweight leads to various issues, in a similar manner, being underweight cal also causes health problems. Not all people who are underweight experience adverse side effects. Nevertheless, there is wide range of dangers of being underweight. . Some of the risks of being underweight are as follows.

  • Skin, Hair, or Teeth Problems: Lack of appropriate nutrition in diet can lead to physical symptoms such as hair loss, thinning skin, dry skin, and inadequate dental health.
  • Fatigue all the time: Not getting sufficient food and a lack of adequate weight can make a person feel tired all the time. It is one of the most common risk of being underweight.
  • Irregular Periods: Women having the issue of being underweight may face the problem of irregular periods. They might have irregular or absent menstruation. It is one of the common dangers of being underweight.
  • Osteoporosis: Being underweight leads to an increase in the risk of osteoporosis in women. In this issue, the bone becomes more prone to breaking.
  • Getting Sick: If a person lacks healthy body weight, then he or she might get sick frequently due to a lack of required nutrients. Moreover, in such persons, common illnesses like cold and fever can last longer.

Methods to Gain Weight Quickly and Safely

If a person is facing the issue of being underweight, then there are various effective measures to put on weight safely. Here is a list of some effective measures and weight gain food list to gain weight quickly and safely.

  • Eating Varied Meals in a Day: Many people lack the capacity to tolerate large meals, which makes them underweight. So you can opt to eat several meals at different times throughout the day.
  • Including Extra Snacks: You can opt to add high-calorie food to your diet like you can consume yogurt, cereal, chia seeds, or slivered almonds. You can include these snack to your weight gain food list.
  • Ignore Empty Calories: Consuming foods rich in calories is good to put one weight but can also lead to heart issues. Hence a person should ignore eating foods high in salt and sugar.
  • Adding Snacks: Snack loaded with whole grain and high-protein carbohydrates are good to boost the process of gaining weight. You can add snacks like peanut butter crackers, protein bars, or almonds. Adding these snacks to your weight gain food list is perfect solution to the question how to gain weight quickly.

When to Visit a Doctor

A person should visit a doctor if he or she has tried gaining weight but could not succeed. If you are experiencing ill health due to lower weight or being under weight then you should visit a doctor and take appropriate underweight treatment. If you are facing eating disorders or mental illness; then it is necessary to seek expert help for underweight treatment.