Centipede Tattoos That Can Scare You

Centipede Tattoo

Centipede tattoo – The idea for the centipede tattoo comes from the terrifying appearance of centipedes. Centipedes are insects with many legs that can be found worldwide. Different tribes have different names for centipedes.

Even in 2023, people are still curious about centipedes. In traditional beliefs, centipedes symbolize power and have various other meanings. People only get a centipede tattoo if it has a special meaning.

Let’s know the meaning and different designs of Centipede tattoos:

Centipede Tattoo Meaning:

In North America, the centipede symbolizes power because it does not fear anything and hides in its place. Its numerous legs give it a scary appearance that is not common.

In China, it is considered a sign of protection, and in Korea, it is believed to bring good luck. However, people who want to get a centipede tattoo are not only concerned about these beliefs. They want a tattoo that has meaning. A centipede tattoo means you display a symbol of power and good luck on your body.

Designs of Centipede Tattoo

Japanese Centipede Tattoo:

There is no specific style of Japanese centipede tattoo, but it is known that the Japanese use complex designs for their tattoos. One popular tattoo design is the same as a twisted black dragon, similar to how a centipede moves. Artists created this tattoo design inspired by the movement of centipedes. People love this design and want it inked on their bodies.

Japanese Centipede Tattoo

Tokyo Ghoul Centipede Tattoo:

Tokyo Ghoul is a popular Japanese anime series that many people adore. If you have watched the series, you might have fallen in love with it. Some tattoo artists have combined the concept of centipedes with Tokyo Ghoul characters to create unique tattoo designs. These designs have a creative and creepy appearance. Combining the character and the centipede gives this design a special and unique look. If you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, consider getting this design.

Human Centipede Tattoo:

Imagine a little monster with a human head and a centipede body. That is what this new tattoo design is all about. It features a lady with a big centipede body that has many legs. This design is perfect if you want to frighten people with your tattoo. It looks great in black, but you can change the colour. Just make sure to keep the details of the design unchanged.

Traditional Centipede Tattoo:

The best tattoo design for you depends on what you want. However, the traditional centipede design is loved by everyone. No one does not like it. It has a small and simple appearance. It looks great on your hand and gives you a cool look. You can also resize it and place it on your neck or shoulder. But personally, it looks adorable in a small size.

Traditional Centipede Tattoo

Centipede Tattoo on the Back:

This person got a tattoo that covers their entire back. In the middle, there’s something strange and creepy. Centipedes can move in both directions with their many legs. You do not always show your back to everyone, but you can get this tattoo for your own satisfaction. It might frighten the people who live with you. With its scary appearance, this design is suitable for getting inked on your back.

Centipede Arm Tattoo:

Have you ever considered getting a tattoo on your arm? Creative people do not prefer ordinary and simple designs. They need something new for themselves and their customers. Many tattoos are usually black, but this one is red colour, which looks even better. Also green and yellow colours can be used for this design.

Centipede Arm Tattoo

Kaneki Centipede Tattoo:

In the Tokyo Ghoul series, Kaneki is the main character we all know. Lately, combining him with a centipede in a tattoo has become popular. It is a pretty cool idea to get inked. This design features Kaneki’s face and a centipede body, making it a unique and special tattoo idea. Fans of Kaneki should consider trying this design.

Centipede Face Tattoo:

This tattoo design features a woman’s face within the segments of a centipede. The face looks beautiful, but the overall design can be scary for people unfamiliar with it. It is a small design that you can place on your face. Creating this design may take some time, but you will have a unique and extraordinary design once it is finished.

Centipede Hand Tattoo

Centipede Hand Tattoo:

Many tattoos are placed on hands. People who understand the meaning of centipedes have started getting centipede tattoos. It can make it feel like a real centipede is walking on your hand. This centipede design is a great choice if you want to follow the trend and get a hand tattoo.

Centipede Leg Tattoo:

Our legs are the largest body part, so getting a tattoo on your leg is a good idea. In this design, we can see a black-coloured tattoo on the leg. If you look closer, you will notice that the centipede has eyes on its back. Its legs also have fur, which sets it apart from other designs.

Small Centipede Tattoo

Small Centipede Tattoo:

If you are looking for a small tattoo, consider a centipede design. It will take up little space and can be easily placed anywhere you like. The centipede tattoo can be in black or any other colour you like. Its simple yet eye-catching design adds a unique touch to your body.

Realistic Centipede Tattoo:

A realistic centipede design is a great choice for those who want a lifelike tattoo. This type of tattoo aims to capture a centipede’s complex details, making it look as if the creature is crawling on your skin. The tattoo artist will focus on creating a highly detailed and correct representation of a centipede, which uses shading and texture to make it appear 3-D. If you want a tattoo resembling a real centipede, go for a realistic one.

Realistic Centipede Tattoo

Simple Centipede Tattoo:

This tattoo design focuses on the outer appearance of a centipede. It is a black-and-white design that many people find appealing. Even though some people may be scared of centipedes, they still like the simplicity of this design. If you were looking for a simple tattoo design for your hand or leg, this could be a great choice for you.

Tribal Centipede Tattoo:

A tribal centipede tattoo combines elements of traditional tribal art with the depiction of a centipede. This style typically features geometric patterns, bold lines, and abstract shapes. The tribal design adds a cultural and symbolic touch to the centipede tattoo. If you enjoy tribal art and want a centipede tattoo with a unique twist, the tribal centipede tattoo might be the perfect choice for you.

Tribal Centipede Tattoo

Hawaiian centipede tattoo:

A Hawaiian centipede tattoo can be a unique and meaningful design choice. Centipedes are awesome creatures and have various symbolic meanings in different cultures. In Hawaiian culture, the centipede, known as “kolohe,” is associated with strength, protection, and warrior spirit.