Who Is Clara Chia Marti? After Becoming Single Again, Let’s Meet Gerard Pique’s Girlfriend.

Clara Chia Marti

Clara chia marti – After breaking up with his wife Shakira, Gerard Pique has been dating his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti. Learn more about this gorgeous student dating the former star of Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona after breaking up with his singer girlfriend he had been with for 12 years.

What Is the Real Story Behind When Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti Begin Dating?

Although they have been seen together on a number of occasions thus far, the suspected couple made it official on January 25th, posting this photo to their respective Instagram accounts. Not even giving hints. There was no caption to the photo, only Gerard next to his new girlfriend.

According to Spanish magazine Socialite, the pair was first caught getting hot and heavy in the Summerfest Cerdanya festival stands in Catalonia on August 19. It was not a performance by singer Dani Martín that sparked their PDA.

To that end, Gerard took Clara as his date to a friend’s wedding in Spain, Costa Brava on August 20 this year. The two were in costume together, touching hands and acting like a married couple. 

On the evening of November 16, they returned to the streets for a date in Barcelona. An athlete was also spotted carrying his girlfriend’s purse as she fiddled with her shoe.

Just What Is Clara Chia Marti Doing?

The Sun also reported that Clara currently works for a TV and movie production company run by Gerard called Kosmos, doing special events while she is still studying in the public relations program. On the company’s website, Gerard is credited with being the board’s founder, chief executive, president, and chairman.

Is Clara Chia Marti on Instagram?

Her Instagram is set to private, and she has only 27 contacts that the public cannot see. She already has almost 20,000 followers of her own.

You have got one listed post by Clara and appear to have scrubbed your page. To whom does the Instagram fan page with several pics of you looking gorgeous in all kinds of sexy swimsuits belong? On her fan page, she subscribes to just 108 accounts. Apart from Gerard, only the Kosmos and Kosmos Studios official page exists.

What is the Age of Gerard Pique’s Girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti?

She is 23 and he is 35, a sizeable difference of 12 years between these two soccer stars. There would certainly be many differences from his relationship with Shakira, who was ten years older than Gerard.

Why did Shakira and Gerard Pique split up?

They shot the video for “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), ” the song of the 2010 World Cup. She officially announced who she was dating in a lovey-dovey March 2011 post to her Instagram account. The couple have two sons, Milan, born on 22 January 2013, and Sasha, less than two years later, on February 5th, 2015. They lived as a family of four in the city of Barcelona, where their sons grew up playing soccer with Gerard.

On June 4 of this year, Shakira and Gerard shocked fans with the news that they were ending their relationship after twelve years. It is with sorrow that I write to you about the fact that we are breaking up. We ask the public to respect (our) privacy for our children, who are always our top concern.

However, while Gerard is already onto his next chapter with Clara, the “She Wolf ” star said she had found getting over this breakup most challenging.

Some Questions

Who is Clara Chia Marti?

They say he is 23 years old and a PR student at a private university in Spain. They met when she worked for her father’s sports and entertainment production company, Kosmos, helping organise events.

Are Pique and Clara together?

Magazine. Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti are still together! The retired star was caught Monday on a lunch date with his girlfriend Marti (right), 26. In matching navy blue outfits, the happy couple walked about on the streets of Barcelona at the beginning of their week.

Why did Pique choose Clara?

As a result, according to the publication, this is also one reason Pique’s girlfriend got chosen- Clara does not like monogamous relationships, and Gerard preferred that even more than returning to Colombia.

Does Shakira know Clara Chia?

A report recently stated that the Colombian star was acquainted with Clara Chia Marti before they separated. Her name is Chia Marti. By the time she was an intern, she had already established a good relationship with Pique. In addition, Shakira was also aware of her. If playback does not start quickly, power it off and on again.

So what does Clara Chia do?

The Sun reports that she works at the Pique’s movie and production company, Kosmos, supervising special events. In the newspaper, Pique is mentioned as being on the company’s web page, where he lists himself as chief executive officer, founder, president and chairman of the board.