What Is Commercial Painting – Detailed Guide

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting – A wall is a wall, whether it comes to painting your living room or office building, right?

Want to improve the appearance and value of your commercial property simultaneously? Draw it! Many people could find this notion unexpected, yet it must be carried out occasionally. You’re wondering how frequently a commercial building should be painted and how often you should hire commercial painting services. Basically, it depends on your business property and the paint quality applied in the past. 

What Color Should Your Business Building Be?

It is necessary to consider a few key factors before deciding whether you are selecting the paint color for the interior walls or the external walls of your business building. Here are the four factors that commercial painters advise all companies to take into account:

Take Your Clients’ Desired Feelings Into Account

Every company sells a different good or service to a distinct consumer base; therefore, it’s critical to use color to appeal to the emotions you want your target audience to feel. Your odds of captivating customers enough to make a purchase increase in direct proportion to how closely the hue of your building matches the emotions you want them to experience.

Think About Where Your Building Is Located’s Style

Every city and neighborhood has a distinctive look and feels to its homes and structures. Consider the nearby buildings’ common colors and architectural styles to keep your commercial establishment from standing out like a sore thumb.

Take Your Business’s Logo and Branding Into Account

Consistency in color and design is essential for developing a unified brand image. Most companies already have a recognizable emblem informing clients of who they are and their services.

Consider building wall colors that complement or match your logos, social media platforms, and other marketing materials to make your physical facility feel cohesive with your company’s branding. 

Think About the Effects of an Accent Wall

Accent walls give a room a distinctive flair and creative sense. A simple method to make your company stand out from the neighboring structures is to paint a mural or add an accent wall in bright colors.

Knowledge Required Before Launching Your Business Project-

The paint may be flaking.

Peel-offs and grime are the first indicators that your commercial property needs to be painted anew. Each commercial space will succeed based on how it seems from the outside and feels within, both of which are influenced by the paint. It’s time to engage expert painters if the walls look drab, and you can notice paint chipping.

Is the light or the breeze too stern?

The majority of paints don’t like direct sunshine. The paint wears out too quickly if sunlight continually shines on your commercial property. The same holds if you employ cheap paint and a strong wind or heavy rain damages your building. In this scenario, as opposed to the typical five years, you could need to repaint the property in about three years. 

Was the surface cleaned and ready for painting?

The paint might stay longer if your contractor primed the walls before being painted. Ensure that the best painting procedures are being used by the companies you hire to do the painting. Request that they smooth the surface before repainting your company.

Which colors dominate your commercial property?

You may need to paint your commercial property more frequently if your brand demands bright or sparkling hues like reds or greens. Red and other darker hues tend to fade away quickly and stand out more. Pink and yellow, on the other hand, fade over time but are still usable because they have low contrast and don’t need to be painted right away.

Most individuals aren’t aware of all the distinctions between residential and commercial painting companies until they’re asked to choose the best contractor for the project.

Continue reading to ensure the residential or commercial job is done correctly.

Home vs. Commercial Painting company 

There are several logistics to think about when painting a business area. The list includes square footage, personnel, clients, stock, and safety regulations.

Home painting tasks are frequently more manageable and don’t need as many commercial painters or resources to finish.

Yet, deciding on the best paint for a residential project can take time based on various aspects, such as whether children or pets will live there. The kind of paint used and the color picked are equally crucial. Several factors are taken into account for residential and commercial projects.

Let’s explore the main distinctions between commercial and residential painting in more detail.

Materials and Tools

The most important distinctions ns between painting for businesses and homes are the supplies and tools needed.

Professional commercial painter frequently uses tools like pressure washers, sandblasters, paint sprayers, scaffolding, and aerial lifts, which are difficult or expensive for the typical individual to acquire. Commercial-grade paints, primers, and specialty coatings must be applied specifically, and their reactions to various materials must be understood.

On the other hand, residential painters employ equipment that isn’t dissimilar from that found at your neighborhood home improvement center. A house painter often carries the following items to a job: paint trays, rollers, drop cloths, step ladders, and paintbrushes. There is a reason why they are professionals. Skilled commercial painters will know exactly what to do before a task to keep costs down and guarantee lasting effects.

Task Size

Commercial projects will typically be far larger in scale than residential painting projects, even though work sizes within business or residential regions vary greatly.

Commercial painting tasks can be done in industrial structures, airports, retail stores, and shopping centers. Residential projects are often for homes, condominiums, townhouses, or other living areas.

Knowledge and Skills

Business painters’ first concern is safety. Ensuring their crew is safe and abiding by all rules is crucial because they may have to climb large structures or squeeze into tight spaces. 

Commercial painters must possess the knowledge and skills to apply paint to a wide range of surfaces, including wood, reinforced plastic, concrete, marble, metal, and more, due to the variety of materials that business interior and outdoor spaces frequently feature. Commercial painting jobs should never be DIY projects for various reasons, including this one.

Residential painters need to be proficient in design and communication in addition to painting. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, they collaborate with homeowners to select the ideal paint color, paint type, and application method. They are adept at safeguarding furniture, flooring, and other assets when working.

Members of the Team

The size of the team will typically correspond to the size of the project.

Contractors will hire more painters to finish tasks within their specified time limit because commercial properties have bigger square footage. Most of the time, residential painting projects are smaller in scope and don’t typically require as many painters. 2-3 painters, on average, can finish an easy home project.

Supplemental commercial painting Services

In order to ensure that your job runs as smoothly as possible and that your home or place of business looks its best, the majority of contractors will offer other pertinent services in addition to painting, which is their primary area of expertise.

Typical commercial painting services for commercial properties include

  • Waterproofing of Brick
  • Repair of Concrete Ceiling
  • Long-lasting Coatings
  • Masonry coating, line marking, and roof coatings
  • metal door murals
  • Expansion Joint Stenciling Waterproof Coatings’ Sealing

For residential properties, commercial painting services often include:

  • Cabinet refinishing and painting, interior and exterior painting, and plasterboard repair
  • Deck and fence staining and painting Vinyl and aluminum siding painting

Aquapainter:- a commercial painting company example 

Compared to painting homes, painting commercial painting service buildings is a greater effort for us. The rooms in home painting projects are compact and simple to paint. Yet, since commercial properties are larger, finishing the paintwork requires more than one painter. 

The project must be completed in a specific amount of time in commercial painting. Moreover, more paint is needed when painting commercially.

Commercial painting costs more than residential painting and requires larger pieces of equipment. 

Professional painters with focused and organized work from the very beginning are required for commercial painting services. Our team of professional painters at Aquapainter is dedicated to providing quality results on time. 

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PaintersINC: a trusted commercial painting company/commercial painting service-

We provide various commercial painting projects and buildings using the best available tools, labor, and service.

We hold required weekly safety briefings with our staff to uphold the finest practices in the industry as an EPA-certified lead-safe company. We are proud of our profession and place high importance on lifelong learning.

Painters Inc. offers services of the highest caliber and always promises dependability. The associations above and organizations have granted us certifications, licenses, or membership.

What distinguishes them as the top painter?

Licensed and insured fully

They possess the necessary authorizations and insurance protection to execute your business painting project.

  • Uses safe painting techniques
  • When working onsite, safety is always our top priority. Our staff members are OSHA-trained and adhere to the PDCA regulations.
  • Experienced & Qualified

Our expertise and excellent task-planning skills strengthen our ability to finish your projects on schedule and under budget.

  • Warranty

Get peace of mind and satisfactory results with an industry-leading (up to 5-year) warranty on most projects.

  • Full-Time Workers

Every one of our painters is a full-time employee, and we never use subcontractors.

  • Reputation

You can trust our high-quality services because we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a growing list of happy clients.

Estimating a commercial painting company and the project involves more thought and preparation than estimating regular home painting projects. Go no further if you want to learn how to submit a bid for commercial painting projects. Large-scale commercial painting projects demand a lot of personnel and work. Also, they employ other tools, like pressure washers.

Conclusively, Now that you know the distinctions between residential and commercial painting, you are prepared to choose your collaborator and finish the project. Whether you require residential or commercial painting services, it’s critical to work with experts who respect your property, your time, and your budget while being aware of the hazards and environmental obligations involved.

We check all these boxes at CertaPro Painters®, in addition to many more. We have the knowledge, imagination, and tools to make your painting ideas a reality. Check out our painting services for homes and businesses to see what we can do for you right now.

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how to bid on commercial painting jobs

There are the following steps to bid on commercial painting jobs – 

Step 1: Calculate the Area’s Size

Step 2: Calculate the total cost of the materials and paint.

Step 3: Determine the labor cost 

Step 4: Compile the results

how to get commercial painting jobs? 

Residential and commercial painting are the two main commercial painting services the painting business provides. Residential painting often enhances the appearance of a home’s interior and exterior, whereas commercial painting involves larger buildings like shops, office buildings, apartments, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. If you own a residential or commercial painting company, you might wonder about it. 

How much does commercial painting cost? 

The current hourly labor rate average from $55 to $65. If you want to break this down by square footage, you can estimate that the first coat of paint will cost between 28 and 33 cents per square foot. Most surfaces need two coats of paint, raising the price to 55 and 65 cents per square foot.