Crafting Brilliance: The Art of Cutting 1-Carat Diamonds


Diamonds are now in demand because of their elegance and brilliance that you won’t find in any precious stones. Many people want to purchase diamond rings and are wearing these to show the world the beauty and unique features of these stones. Changes are also evident in diamonds as people and even industries are now shifting in using and producing lab-grown or lab-created diamonds from what is normal or common before which is naturally mined from the land’s surface. The adverse effects of natural diamonds make more people use lab diamonds as they are more economical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. But to have this kind of diamond, crafting its brilliance like having a well-defined cut is important. This article is all about the art of cutting 1-carat diamond that also features how much is a 1 carat diamond and how much is a 4 carat diamond.

Crafting Brilliance: The Art of Cutting 1-Carat Diamonds

What is the Cut Grade of a Diamond?

Some people especially beginners of diamonds are mostly confused with the diamond shape such as round, pear, princess, and pear with the diamond cut. It refers to the way or how the facets of a diamond naturally interact with light. More time is needed, skills and proper knowledge like having its well-defined cut go into fashioning a diamond so that its polish, proportions, and symmetry will all interact with each other in just the right and best way to provide amazing shine and sparkle of a diamond.

A cut grade level of a diamond represents how well the quality is being fashioned. A well-cut diamonds have an optimal light return that will add more to their sparkle. When a diamond is cut very well, aside from having overall beauty and elegance, it is also expected that it will have a higher price compared to those diamond cuts that are not well-defined. To know more about diamond cuts, kindly visit Rare Carat as they also feature informative blogs and helpful articles online from their diamond experts who want more diamond users to be more educated about diamonds like the 4 C’s factors or elements such as color, carat weight, cut, and clarity level.

Different Cut Grades Defined Based on GIA

These are the following GIA diamond cut grades

  • Excellent cut diamonds are very bright having even patterns of contrasting light and dark portions. The facets of these diamonds are well-aligned and crisp.
  • Very good diamonds are not as bright as excellent ones. Some of the facets of this kind are slightly misaligned.
  • Good diamonds have more darkness wherein they look more dull and have darker portions.
  • Fair. These diamonds have facets that are poorly shaped and are not well-aligned having dull and dark areas.
  • Poor-cut diamonds have very evident dark portions with minimal shine and much less sparkle.

What is the Average Price or How Much is a 1 carat Diamond?

The price of any diamond is a big factor to consider knowing that the bigger stone and having an almost perfect cut means a more expensive one. There are a ton of deviations and factors that can affect the diamond price. For a 1ct diamond weight having high clarity and color, expect a diamond average price from $1,200-$4,800. For those diamonds having midrange color and mid clarity, the average price is expected from $1,100-$3,200. For lower color and not-so-good clarity, the average price of a diamond is $700-$2,500. To also answer the question of how much is a 4 carat diamond, a well-cut and round brilliant 4 carat diamond has a starting price of more than $40,000 in the K/SI2 range level and the price goes up to more than $197,000 for a D/VVS2. Shop now at Rare Carat for you to have the best and top-quality diamonds in the world.

Characteristics of a Well-Cut Diamond

A ton of sparkle having a shining and more brightness is the characteristic of a well-cut diamond. The scientific characteristics are their brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Diamond brilliance is also known as brightness which is the effect created by the external and internal reflections of a white-light diamond. If the diamond has a higher brilliance, it is expected to have a higher grade as well. Fire is the spectral colors you can see from a diamond while scintillation is the combination of the light pattern and its sparkle.