Where To Find Crystal Marrow Locations In Genshin Impact?

crystal marrow location

CRYSTAL MARROW LOCATIONS – You can find this in both Yashiori Island and Kannazuka. Find out their precise waypoints beneath. Among the genshin impact crystal marrow locations, the islands have 64 Crystal Marrow, as shown in the image below. To fully Ascend Sayu, you’ll need many of these, so start collecting them now. After two to three days, they regenerate!

Yet one of the many things we could gather in Genshin Impact is “Crystal Marrow locations” It is important to note that such a crystal is necessary for character advancement and crafting, making it essential to acquire. Additionally, it is part of Sayu’s accession preparation. They are, therefore, without a doubt important! 

What else does Genshin Impact do with Crystal Marrow? 

Out of all the crystal marrow locations, Only certain areas of Inazuma contain Crystal Marrow, a special mineral. Just a few characters in the games require this gemstone to advance. On the other hand, you don’t require Crystal Marrow to make anything. 

Although various forms of minerals are often harvested by breaking stones and crystals, Crystal Marrow could be directly harvested. It takes two days for it to revive as well.

Where can we locate Crystal Marrow for Sayu’s ascent in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact Inazuma, Sayu’s ascension substance, Crystal Marrow, has very few uses. Gamers will require 168 Crystal Marrows in totality to rank Sayu to her ultimate level of 90. Nevertheless, only 64 of the items above are present in the genshin impact crystal marrow location at once. A specialty of the Inazuma community is crystal marrow. First-time users of Genshin Impact should know that after farming a local specialty, it won’t respawn for 48 hours. Consequently, players must schedule their agriculture, set up a timer, and then return 48 hours later to finish their cultivation.

Destinations of Crystal Marrow in Genshin Impact.

  • Tatarasuna, Kannazuka- In Tatarasuna, Kannazuka, Genshin Quality players could locate 13 genshin impact crystal marrow locations. Because this site is the only one in Kannazuki containing Crystal Marrows, it is advised that travelers begin here. On Yashiori Island are indeed the remaining 51 crystals. Additionally, the Crystal Marrow all seem close to one another, making it easy to harvest all 13 crystals without making a large diversion. Gamers who haven’t finished the Tatara Tales Global Quest need to be cautious of Mikage Furnace’s ongoing electrical harm.
  • The southern end of Yashiori Island- Serpent’s Head and Jakotsu Mine are situated upon Yashiori Island. That is the best place to cultivate Crystal Marrows in Genshin Impact crystal marrow locations since it has most of them. Most Crystal Marrows are all in bulk, even though there are still sporadic locations for them on Yashiori Island. Players of Genshin Impact could begin traveling north from the Teleportation Spot on the map at Jakotsu Mine. They could then fly southwest until they reached Serpent’s Head. The skull’s head has the majority of Crystal Marrows, so customers won’t overlook them. The red arrow inside the illustration above points in this direction.
  • The northern end of Yashiori Island-  this is the last among genshin impact crystal marrow locations. Gamers in Genshin Impact could cultivate at Musoujin Gorge and Fort Fujitou after obtaining the Crystal Marrow via Serpent’s Head. One can travel to Momiji-Dyed Court first and proceed north to gather all the crystals there. In Musoujin Gorge, there ought to be 8 Crystal Marrows. Players can transfer to the Monument of the Seven on Yashiori Island upon gathering all the crystals in the old place, then travel north till they come to a skeleton. Just on the bone, there seem to be 5 Crystal Marrow locations. 


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you an idea about “genshin impact crystal marrow location”. Go through the locations given above for further information.


Q1)  where to find crystal marrow?

Ans- Inazuma’s regional specialty is crystal marrow. They are near Orobashi’s decomposing body.

Q2) What genshin characters need crystal marrow?

Ans- To advance, the following creatures require Crystal Marrow: 

  1. Aloy
  2. Sayu

Q3) Is crystal marrow only in Inazuma?

Ans- Only certain areas of Inazuma contain Crystal Marrow, a special mineral.

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