The Ultimate Guide to Planning Wedding Transportation


Whether you are looking to book a fleet of transportation for your guests or a limousine for your spouse, there is so much involved in booking wedding transportation. Here are some tips for booking the logistics and wedding transportation services in the most hassle-free way and ensuring you have a tension-free time at your wedding.

Read Vendor Reviews

Research different limo companies you like before you make an appointment to see the cars and talk to the company representative. Don’t waste time if a company has bad reviews and move on to the company with good customer reviews.

Visit in Person

Ask the company to see if the limousine is a person; beware if the company does not allow you to see the car. You might not get what you were promised, and some other car will show up on your wedding day; after all, nobody would want to ruin the big surprise.

Book Early

You should always book the limo early if you want it for your wedding day. If you have found what you were looking for and the company you trust, then wait no more and book the car. Many people might be getting married on the same day. You would not want to run out of your chance to book the limo.

Communication is Key

Provide the correct address of the venue to the transportation company and pick up and drop off locations, and also if you want to make any stops to take pictures on the way. Communicating and planning with the transportation company is the key to having successful arrangements and ensuring everything runs smoothly as planned on the wedding day.

Ask About Fees

Always make sure to ask about the charges and what is included in the fees, and the policy about if the things are getting delayed.

Never Fill a Vehicle to Capacity

Never I say to fill the limousine to its full capacity on the wedding day. If you have six people who need to be in the car, then book a ten-person limousine. The extra comfort and space will be worth the money.

Request a Post-Ceremony Time Buffer

If you want the vehicle to transport from the wedding location to the reception venue and the wedding is scheduled to end at 6.00, make sure you schedule the vehicle 15 minutes before the end time of the ceremony. This way, you will be assured that the vehicle is present at the location and ready to make the grand exit if the ceremony ends a bit early.

Consider a Guest Shuttle

If many wedding guests are coming from out of town, then booking a shuttle to the venue is a great option if there is limited parking. This also ensures the safety of people and prevents any drinking and driving situation from happening.

Start Your Return Shuttle Early

If the wedding reception ends at 12.00, you should start the shuttle after 10. pm for the older guests, because the chances are that they will like to depart earlier than the younger guest. Set the time for the last shuttle to depart for the young party guest and ensure their safe departure back to the hotel.

Designate a Shuttle Point Person

The shuttle driver should not take any ogre from the guests because this will create a chaotic situation. To avoid this mess, but one o two people you trust who will not be in the wedding party in charge of the wedding transportation and who will always be accountable, the driver will know who to listen to.

Think About Special Events and Traffic

Be careful of other events that might be happening in your area that week, like concerts, sports, or any special event. Such events require a heavy transportation facility, and you might face difficulty with availability.

Such events also cause a lot of traffic on the roads, which can create problems for your timeline. The distance traveled in 10 minutes might take an hour because of traffic jams. Take any such events into account when planning your wedding.