What is Madonna Lip Piercing? 

Madonna Lip Piercing

Generally, everyone likes to have a piercing that makes you look beautiful and more amazing. Lip and nose piercings are highly noticeable, and if you are wearing the right jewelry, they can add an amazing touch to your beauty. In this regard, Madonna piercing is one of the most popular piercings which can change your look in an awesome way. It is a lip piercing that was named after the famous pop diva Madonna. Here is all you need to know about the fascinating Madonna piercing.

What is Madonna Piercing?

Madonna piercing includes perforation that is located on the right side just above the upper lip. This piercing is a beauty mark imitation of the famous pop singer and diva Madonna. 

Some people often confuse Madonna piercing with Monroe; however, in Monroe, piercing perforation is located on the left side, and in this piercing, it is located on the right side. This piercing is becoming famous nowadays due to its unique location. 

Pros and Cons of Madonna Piercing

Like other piercing, Madonna piercing also has pros and cons. Below mentioned are some of the pros and cons of Madonna piercing.


  • Madonna piercing will change your look and will give you a trendy and unique look
  • The shiny jewelry that you wear above the upper lip after Madonna piercing helps in highlighting your smile
  • The procedure of madonna piercing include only one perforation
  • The procedure of Madonna piercing is quick and simple. The best part is that the procedure takes a little time
  • This piercing heals quickly as compared to the other lip piercings


  • If Madonna piercing is not done properly, it can cause loss of blood and irritation due to its ending in the nerve area
  • If you don’t take care of this piercing properly, it can get easily infected

Madonna Piercing cost

The procedure of Madonna Piercing

In order to get Madonna piercing, it is better to find an experienced and professional piercer to carry out the procedure. In addition to this also make sure that the equipment that is being used in the process of piercing is sterilized. 

The process of madonna piercing starts with making a mark on the upper lip at the ideal location of the piercing using a surgical pen. It will give an idea of how it will look after completion of the procedure. 

In the next step, the piercer will hold your upper lip using a surgical clamp and then will insert a hollow needle at the location in order to make perforation. After perforation, the final jewelry is inserted to finalize the process. 

How Much does Madonna Piercing Cost?

  • In the United States, Madonna piercing might cost between 20$ to 60$.
  • In Europe, it costs around €15 to €55.
  • In the UK, the cost Madonna piercing is approximately £20 to £50 

This price of Madonna piercing is just an estimation, and it might differ on the basis of the location of the piercer and many other factors. 

How Much Does the Madonna Piercing Hurt?

The pain level in Madonna piercing is defined as 4 out of 10 on the pain scale. The reason for the high pain in this piercing is the location of perforation. This piercing hurts because a lot of nerves end in this area of the lip, which contributes to the pain level experienced in this piercing. Nevertheless, the pain level also depends on the individual characteristic, so it can be decreased if you are in a happy and good mood before the piercing. 

Madonna Piercing hurt

How to Clean Madonna Piercing?

It is important to clean the area of piercing inside and outside. For inner cleaning, rinse the mouth properly after having a mean. You can use non-alcoholic antibacterial liquid to clean the mouth. 

To clean the outer side, your saline solution. In order to make a saline solution, mix 8 ounces of salt in a glass of boiled water. Soak the solution in the cotton ball and clean the pierced area with it twice a day.

Madonna Piercing Healing Process

The healing time of Madonna piercing is usually 6-10 weeks. However, the Madonna piercing can also take nine months to heal if you do not follow the aftercare rules properly. For quick healing of the Madonna piercing, you need to follow the aftercare rules properly. Below mentioned are some of the aftercare rules, which will help you in quick healing. 

Dos after Madonna piercing

  • Touch with Clean Hands Only – You should always clean your hand properly using an antibacterial soap before touching your piercing, It will help in avoiding any type of bacterial infection on your Madonna piercing. 
  • Follow Proper Hygiene – For quick healing, you should follow proper hygiene. It will also help in avoiding the piercing from getting infected.
  • Keep the Piercing Dry – Try to keep the Madonna piercing dry. It might be quite challenging to keep it dry all the time, but it is good piercing aftercare practice and will heal in quick healing.
  • Mouth wash – It would be better to use an antibacterial mouthwash. It is essential to keep the inner mouth clean as a part of oral hygiene. In Madonna piercing, you get the perforation through the upper lip. Hence, it is important to clean the mouth properly to keep the piercing clean.
  • Use Soft Brush – After Madonna piercing, you should use a soft toothbrush having soft bristles. It will help in avoiding irritation. 
  • Rinse Your Mouth – After having a meal, wales rinse your mouth. It is an important part of aftercare practice.
  • Gargle – Rinse your mouth at least 3-4 times every day using salt-water. It will help in keeping the piercing clean.
  • Consume Cold Food Items – In order to get quick relief, you should consume cold food items like ice cream. It will also help in reducing swelling and will make you feel better.
  • Wear Comfortable Jewelry – Initially, you should opt for wearing comfortable jewelry. In addition to this, wear jewelry that is made with hypoallergenic material. It will help in avoiding infection. 

Don’ts After Madonna Piercing

  • Say No to Alcohol – You should avoid alcohol in order to support quick healing. Alcohol acts as a blood thinner, which is not good for a fresh piercing. In addition to this, also avoid smoking until the piercing is healed. 
  • Do Not Change or Rotate the Jewelry – Until the piercing heals appropriately, do not change the jewelry. In addition to this, also avoid rotating the jewelry. If you will rotate it or change the jewelry, it might get irritated and increase the healing time. 
  • Do not Eat Spicy Foods – Spicy foods might cause irritation in your piercing. Therefore it is better to avoid spicy foods for popper healing.
  • Avoid Kissing – Until your Madonna piercing heals completely, you should avoid kissing. In addition to this, they also avoid oral activities as they might cause irritation. 
  • Do not Share – Avoid sharing cups as it might lead to transferring to the bacteria to your fresh piercing and might cause irritation or infection. In addition to this, do not share food items, glass, etc. 
  • Say No to Swimming in Public Pools – Until the piercing heals, avoiding using the public pools. It will help in avoiding infections. 

Madonna Piercing aftercare

Why Shouldn’t I get a Madonna Piercing?

If you like piercings, then you can have Madonna piercing. Nevertheless, if you do not take care of the piercing properly, you might have to deal with certain complications.

Tooth and Gum Erosion – The jewelry that you wear in the Madonna piercing will constantly scratch the teeth and gum, so you might face the issue of tooth erosion or gum recession in the future. You can avoid it by choosing the right jewelry to wear in the piercing.

Infection –  As you get an open wound after the piercing, it can easily get infected, and it can lead your lip to swell and sore. Hence, following a proper cleaning routine is important after piercing. In addition to this, you should opt for wearing jewelry made of hypoallergenic material.

Scars and Keloids – Large jewelry or infection might leave scars on your lip. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to proper aftercare. If you find something wrong, you should seek medical help immediately. 

Madonna Jewelry Styles

It is essential to be careful while choosing jewelry. If you choose the right jewelry, you can avoid the risk of infection, sarcasm, and tooth erosion. Opt for the jewelry of the right size and choose the one that is made of hypoallergenic material. You can also reduce the risks by wearing a soft Bioplast labret stud.

You can opt for wearing a tiny labret or stud in the Madonna piercing. Try to avoid wearing a ring. Instead, you can wear a mini stud, small curved barbell, or a tiny labret, which would look beautiful and will give you a unique and amazing look.

Madonna Piercing Variations

A famous variation of Madonna piercing is Angelbites piercing. It is a double version and a combination of Madonna and Monroe piercings that are worn on one side of the upper lip. It is also known as Angel bites, Anti Bites, Crayfish, or Beezy piercing.