Delsey Paris Helium Titanium Review

Delsey Paris Helium Titanium Review

Delsey Paris is a highly well-known brand. As a result, many folks who cannot afford the more costly luggage may opt for these instead. But is there more to them than their low price? Here’s a quick look at the Delsey Paris Titanium review.

Don’t forget, they don’t all cost the same. However, they are composed of high-quality materials and contain a variety of functions. So, let’s look at what these French suitcases have to offer!

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Delsey Paris Helium Titanium

The Titanium luggage range is quite similar to the Aero collection. These are likewise composed of 100% Polycarbonate, which gives them outstanding impact resistance and longevity. The Delsey bags feature a matte appearance instead of the metallic shine of the Aero baggage. 

They’re also a little heavier, but it’s not a huge difference.

The Delsey Paris Helium Titanium review is favourable to the product. It provides a lighter but equally robust alternative as a substitute for the Delsey Helium Aero series. A significant update to the now-defunct Aero line.

This baggage has two spinning wheels and a telescopic wheel handle that locks into place when extended. These characteristics improve your suitcase’s agility and allow you to go from point A to point B with the Titanium. They also include a TSA lock, which ensures that your possessions are completely secure.

Most miniature suitcases incorporate an exterior electronics section with a cushioned laptop sleeve. The more giant bags lack this feature, although they include two completely lined storage sections with extensible space.

 Tie-down straps and a zipped pocket are included in the bottom compartment, while a complete zippered divider with a mesh pocket is included in the top box. This luggage has cushioned, and soft carry handles on the top and sides. 

Also, the Titanium suitcases are significantly less expensive than the Aero bags, particularly the smaller sizes.

Delsey luggage has long been regarded as one of the top travel baggage brands. They have been producing baggage for seven decades.

Their baggage is inventive, elegant, dependable, and well-liked by travellers. However, its style may be influenced by its Parisian heritage.

Delsey’s products come with warranties covering material and workmanship up to 2, 5, or 10 years.

If you have any difficulties with your luggage, they have repair locations worldwide. Please refer to the warranty certificate inside your baggage to determine the length of time the warranty is valid.

Delsey Paris titanium review is to give you a gist of the suitcase and if you’re still sceptical, you can always visit the store to check them out!

Delsey has a solid reputation for providing exceptional customer service and support.

Product Details

• A lightweight and sturdy polycarbonate shell that is resistant to cracking or breaking, with an included cushioned sleeve for up to a 15.6-inch laptop.

• Four spinner wheels ensure a sturdy foundation with multi-directional rolling and minimal weight on your hand for effortless travel; built with a scratch-resistant matte surface • Integrated 3-dial TSA certified combination lock for security; suitcase stretches up to 2 inches for more packing space

• Two big fully-lined pockets and web straps keep goods safe and wrinkle-free; zipped pocket for sensitive articles and accessories

• Recessed “one-button” locking handle mechanism for easy movement; 19″ carry on size is ideal for weekend vacations and short business flights.

• A significant, practical front pocket with an integrated cushioned sleeve for a 156-inch laptop and two zipped mesh pockets are included. The main compartment extends by 2 inches.

• The fully lined inside has two packing compartments featuring a  tie-down straps on a side and a zipped divider on the other to prevent things from moving. A zipped pocket protects valuables and accessories.

• Contemporary design with a scratch-resistant matt finish and an exterior, completely integrated handle system with soft-touch top and side carry handles for optimal comfort

• Perfect roll double spinner wheels for smooth movement while keeping zero weight on your arm. Off-centre wheel axles create a broader and more sturdy foundation.

Delsey Paris’ Helium Titanium Collection is intended for the modern traveller. This lightweight and long-lasting collection is composed entirely of polycarbonate and has a matte metallic surface to avoid scratching. 

This international carry-on is designed to fit easily in the overhead bins of almost all international and domestic flights. It has a distinctive front laptop compartment that can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop. 

This carry-on bag stretches up to 2 inches, is completely lined, and has two packing compartments with tie-down straps and a zipped divider on the other to prevent contents from moving—a zipped pocket stores small things and accessories.

This bag’s four double spinner wheels are ergonomically built for a perfect roll, with off-centre wheel axels for a broader and more sturdy foundation. 

The bag features an effortless dual locking trolley handle, or top and side carry handles for simple lifting. A TSA-accepted lock is recessed into the suitcase’s side to allow the TSA officers to inspect it without damaging the lock. 

The warranty is valid for ten years worldwide. Unfortunately, there is no key supplied for any TSA-locked suitcase. Those keys are just for TSA personnel at the airport, who will use them to search the luggage at the airport. They are not available for customers to unlock.

There are a few things you should know while reading a delsey Paris titanium review. For one, it features a beautiful divided inside, which many people adore. Both sides may be strapped in, and there’s a zipper and an internal pocket.

There’s also a laptop sleeve, which is difficult to see in the photos, but you can slip your laptop here.

This bag has a tough exterior. But, it’s a sleek, glossy suitcase that rolls easily.


  • Polycarbonate is a lightweight, impact-resistant material with a matte appearance.
  • TSA-approved lock.
  • Double spinner wheels improve manoeuvrability.
  • The compartment may be expanded to provide additional room and packing flexibility.
  • Large front pocket with built-in cushioned laptop sleeve.
  • 7.9 lbs in weight


There are no corner guards, and the vehicle is too large for international travel.

What are some features essential for you?

 While reading a delsey Paris titanium review, consider the characteristics that you really must have on your bag and are unwilling to compromise. Is the capacity expandable? What are spinner wheels? Is it a TSA lock?

Whatever they are, you can typically find out if they are included in the pros/cons part of the baggage you are interested in.

Keep in mind that all of the hard side bags in our study feature spinning wheels, so that’s something you can cross off your list right away.

Wrap Up

Buying a suitcase might be difficult, so make sure you thoroughly read the reviews before purchasing.

This Delsey Paris Titanium review should assist you in understanding the bag you’re going to purchase.

After reading this review, please share your experience with our readers if you buy a suitcase.