does it snow in Arizona

DOES IT SNOW IN ARIZONA  – Arizona is known for its sunshine, high temperatures, and sunny days; however, it experiences extremely frigid winters. The quantity of snowfall that Arizona receives each year may surprise you. The state gets an impressive 260 inches of snow at the ski resorts and more than 75 inches in the northern parts yearly.

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Arizona is well known for its desert scenery and is located at a lower elevation. But we shouldn’t forget that the Grand Canyon and other northern and southern locations are adjacent to the Colorado Mountains, so they get a lot of snow every year.

The Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Arizona Snowbowl, and other fantastic locations are among the best spots in Arizona to spend a snowy winter. Do you want to know if it snows in Arizona? Here is a detailed guide that will take you through Arizona’s environment and various locations where you may play with these beautiful flurries.

Climate Overview for Arizona

Arizona, the sixth-biggest state in the US, has a reasonably vast surface area, measuring 113,990 square miles. It implies that Arizona has a diverse range of weather and climate.

One-third of the state has an arid climate, one-third a semi-arid environment, and the rest area is humid. Arid & semiarid subtropical climates can be found in the Range & Basin region of the state. The high Mountains, the state of Colorado or flat-topped mesa hills, & the Colorado plateau also significantly impact Arizona’s climate.

Low-elevation areas of the state are characterized by pleasant winters and sweltering summers. At the same time, the environment is noticeably cooler in the upper regions throughout the year.

Arizona has experienced temperatures as high as 128 degrees Fahrenheit in Lake Havasu City and as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit in Hawley Lake. Arizona participates in a cold, chilly breeze that originates in northern states and Canada.

Where In Arizona Does It Snow?

Do you know where in Arizona it snows but are hoping to experience some snowflakes? Visitors can see snowfalls in this US state’s northern region regularly. Flagstaff, Williams, the Grand Canyon, the Arizona Snowbowl, and other well-known locations are some of the best in Arizona for experiencing snowy weather.

These cities are a true attraction for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world and feature a variety of winter adventures. Arizona also has several fantastic ski resorts and stunning snow parks. While the northern part has heavy snowfall, other areas of the state can also see minor remnants.

Are you wondering when it snows in Arizona?

By scrolling down the page, find out how much snow falls on average in Arizona cities each year.


One of the best areas in Arizona to enjoy the snow is in the lovely city of Flagstaff. Due to its elevation of 7000 feet, this location has significant snowfall every year. You’ll be relieved to learn that there are times of the year when snow falls every day. One of the snowiest communities in the country, Flagstaff receives over 100 inches of snow annually.

Flagstaff experiences at least one inch of snowfall throughout most of the winter, which then accumulates in January and February. Snowfall occurs in the city from October through December and from January to May.

The three months of December, January, and February are very popular with winter sports fans. This city has various ski resorts where you can go on winter adventures. Annual snowfall at Flagstaff Snow Parks in Fortress Tuthill County Park is guaranteed.

The best skiing options are said to be available in this city for tourists. So, Flagstaff has you covered if you want to hit slopes while on vacation in Arizona. Do you wonder when it stops snowing in Flagstaff? Typically, the final snowfall of the season occurs in May or April.


Williams is Arizona’s second-best winter wonderland for beginning winter sports. It gets about 74.3 inches of snow on average. Snowfall varies a lot from season to season in Williams.

From November to April, 5.8 months of the year, there will likely be at least 1.0 inches of snowfall over a sliding 31-day period. With a standard snowfall of 5.3 inches, January is the snowiest month. Numerous winter activities are practised there, such as ice hockey, squash, & skiing.

The coldest month in Williams is December, with an average lowest temperature of 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold season lasts for a period of 3.5 months between November to March. Williams experiences extremely cold, snowy, and overcast winters.

Big Canyon

Where in Arizona can I see snow, you ask? The best solution turned out to be a spot in the Grand Canyon. This location is lovely and remarkable any time of year, but it transforms into a charming Winterland between December and April. It experiences spectacular snowfall & winter storms every year due to its elevation of 7000 feet.

Grand Canyon, the village of Arizona, receives about 49.6 inches of snow on average. Between November and March, there is a lot of cloud cover here, with December becoming the coldest month. In Grand Canyon, at least an inch of new snow is usually present after a snowfall day. In this location, the cold season lasts for 3.5 months.

The first snowfall in the Grand Canyon typically occurs in November, while the final snowfall of the season might occur between March and May.


Payson experiences especially chilly winters, similar to Flagstaff. Add Payson to your schedule if you’re wondering if it snows in Arizona, and take advantage of the most significant snowfall of the year. Payson typically receives 14.6 inches of snow each year.

From November to March, 3.5 months known as the “cold season,” sees an average everyday maximum temperature below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. December is the chilly month in Payson, and February has the most snowfall, with an average of 5.51 inches.

When will snow in Arizona during the year? The winter months, from the beginning of December to the end of March, are the greatest for experiencing snow in Arizona. In Arizona’s eastern and northern regions, you can mostly take advantage of winter activities and snowfalls. The finest places to enjoy substantial snowfalls are Flagstaff & Coconino County.

In December, Does it snow in Arizona? Absolutely, yes. From the middle of December through the end of March, you can enjoy snow in Arizona. You have lots of time to travel to this United States territory because winter is the ideal time to experience snow in Arizona. You should bring the proper clothing to enjoy snowfall because it gets extremely cold during the winter.

Final thoughts 

That’s all there is to it. With enough recommendations about when to travel, we believe the guide best responds to your question about whether it snows in Arizona.

Arizona’s natural colours are unquestionably best seen in the winter when most of the state has been covered in snow. This US state experiences winter from December through mid-April, providing plenty of time to take advantage of snowfall.

But if you want to enjoy winter to the fullest, book your trip to Arizona during February or January so you can participate in many winter sports and see some spectacular snowfall. Don’t forget to bring warm clothing and footwear because they are typically the coldest months.

Since Flagstaff receives the most snow in Arizona, you should include this lovely city on your schedule to fully appreciate the winter and its adrenaline-inducing activities. So stop waiting and start packing right away to record the snow-covered beauty that will undoubtedly take your breath away.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How often does snow fall in Arizona?

Ans. Flagstaff has been named one of the snowiest towns in the United States, with a standard annual snowfall of more than 100 inches and a height above sea level of 7,000 feet.

Q2) How much snow falls in Arizona each year?

Ans. Depending on snowfall, the snow season in Arizona lasts typically from mid-December until mid-April.

Q3) Does Arizona ever freeze?

Ans. In the lower-end desert valleys, nighttime temperatures frequently drop to freezing or slightly below during the winter months, with daily temperatures reaching an average of 70 degrees F.